Chart of all blowguns.

Blowguns are the Predator's weapon of choice. Their method of attack are similar to the Guns, as the projectiles are never affected by gravity.

There exists a similarity - as well as opposition, compared to the Priest:

  • The weapon list has no order at all and not in sync with levels, but still uses five different sprites.Citation needed
  • The theme is supposedly opposite to that of the Staves': Whereas there is some holy value to it (i.e. Staff of Light), some blowguns have horns on them, a winged eye of sorts, etc.
    • The Night Blowgun and its variations are complete opposite of the Staff of Light: Both in the homing prospect, and contrast, but not the type or LV decrease.
  • The Predator can support the rest of the team by increasing AT% and DF the same way as the Priest, but it is specific to the Scary Blowgun and all of its variations.
  • All 6 canon types are available for use.

All blowguns use the word Blowgun as their weapon titles, apart from the Resort weapon.

List of blowguns

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type Bonus AT WC MP Buy Sell
Blowgun 0 Blowgun 4-5 50-60 60 Physical 100 12
Note: Starting weapon.
Blowgun 1-1 Stone Blowgun 1 6-10 50-60 60 Physical 250 31
Blowgun 1-2 Poison Blowgun 1 6-10 50-60 60 Poison 1-2 (0.8s) 500 62
Note: Leaves a poison cloud after being hit from either the enemy or the terrain.
Blowgun 1-3 Sharp Blowgun 1 12-20 50-60 60 Physical 750 93
Blowgun 1-4 Fire Blowgun 1 6-10 50-60 60 Fire 2-5 (2.5s) 1000 125
Note: Creates a fire upon hitting an enemy or terrain. The flame obeys gravity.
Blowgun 2-1 Long Blowgun 2 20-50 70-80 110 Physical 1500 187
Note: It has higher AT, AGI and Range than most blowguns.
Blowgun 2-2 Ice Blowgun 2 10-15 50-60 60 Ice Slow 20% 2000 250
Note: Upon contact with terrain or enemy, creates a big cloud which stays for three seconds.
Blowgun 2-3 Scary Blowgun 2 10-15 50-60 60 Physical 8000 2500 312
Note: By wielding this, it enables the Predator to utilize the War Cry. Due to its requirement to activate it with a whopping 8000 MP, it is recommended to invest as much MAG as possible, or getting an upgraded version of this in later stages.
Blowgun 2-4 Long Flame Blowgun 2 12-25 80-100 90 Fire 4-6 *8 (1.6s) 3000 375
Note: Creates a ring of 8 fire clouds. It is also longer than what elemental blowguns normally are, but still shorter than the Long Blowgun.
Blowgun 3-1 Thunder Blowgun 3 1-66 50-60 60 Thunder 4000 500
Note: Shoots a fast-traveling laser beam.
Blowgun 3-2 Iron Blowgun 3 32-40 50-60 60 Physical 4500 562
Blowgun 3-3 Hunter Blowgun 3 5-10 20-30 30 Physical 5000 625
Note: A quick-firing blowgun, but suffers from low AT and Range. It shoots smaller pellets faster than normal even if the character invested enough DEX.
Blowgun 3-4 Blazing Blowgun 3 16-20 50-60 60 Fire 5-8 (3.6s) 5500 687
Note: Summons a terrain-piercing spear that drops flames every half-second. Lasts for 3 seconds (both spear and flame residue).
Blowgun 4-1 Long Stone Blowgun 4 30-42 90-100 190 Physical 6000 750
Blowgun 4-2 Venom Blowgun 4 24-30 50-60 60 Poison 3-4 (0.8s) 6500 812
Note: Leaves out falling pellets behind for the same poisoning effect.
Blowgun 4-3 Night Blowgun 2 1-243 80-90 60 Thunder 7000 875
Note: Shoots a dark violet two-arrow that travels relatively slow. It has high damage output and range, but as it closes into an enemy from range 20, it gets repelled away (which can be mitigated with Guide's card). It is also found two levels lower than average blowguns, with the selling value retained. As such, it could be considered the antithesis of the Priest's Staff of Light.
Blowgun 4-4 Bomb Blowgun 4 24-30 50-60 60 Fire 60-80 *10 7500 937
Note: Creates an explosion after being hit by enemy/terrain, taking shape of 10 ovals (a la Whipper's Explosion Whip). Covers up to 30 PiD (Pixels in Diameter).
Blowgun 5-1 Fright Blowgun 5 32-40 50-60 60 Physical 7000 8000 1000
Note: Provides the same AT and DF boost as the Scary Blowgun, but has cheaper MP requirement.
Blowgun 5-R Tranquillizer 5 16-16 105-130 60 Freeze Time 5s 8500/85000
(depends on no. of compo slots)
Note: Freezes (stuns) the enemy in place. Investing DEX will increase the chances that it will be kept frozen. It is the only blowgun that doesn't use the word blowgun in its name.
Blowgun 5-2 Icicle Blowgun 5 32-40 50-60 60 Ice Slow 30% 8500 1062
Blowgun 5-3 War Blowgun 5 10-20 20-30 30 Physical 9000 1125
Blowgun 5-4 Long Lightning Blowgun 5 1-74 100-120 130 Thunder 9500 1187
Note: Shoots a horizontal laser beam as long as the screen (similar to the Forest 5 Grey Big Box Snake), damaging every enemy in it.
Blowgun 6-1 Toxic Blowgun 6 40-50 50-60 60 Poison 5-6 (0.8s) 10000 1250
Note: The shot needle leaves about 5 clouds per second, travelling for about 50 pixels then halting and disappearing, for a total of 3 seconds.
Blowgun 6-2 Crystal Blowgun 6 80-100 50-60 60 Physical 11000 1375
Note: Due to its structure of the projectile, it will shoot a needle instead of a pellet.
Blowgun 6-3 Explosive Blowgun 6 40-50 50-60 60 Fire 180-300 12000 1500
Note: A single ball spanning 60 PiD appears where the projectile was hit.
Blowgun 6-4 Long Iron Blowgun 6 60-90 110-120 270 Physical 13000 1625
Blowgun 7-1 Magma Blowgun 7 52-60 50-60 60 Fire 16-16 *n (4s) 14000 1750
Note: As long as the shot bolt exists, for every 0.2 seconds it will drop a one-arrow and slide on the ground for 4s. With a Catapult's Card, potentially a Garnet and a flat terrain, the entire screen can be covered in one arrows!
Blowgun 7-2 Creepy Blowgun 7 52-60 50-60 60 Physical 6000 15000 1875
Blowgun 7-3 Shadow Blowgun 5 1-729 80-90 60 Thunder 16000 2000
Blowgun 7-4 Long Arctic Blowgun 7 50-75 120-140 170 Ice Slow 40% 17000 2125
Note: Summons a very long and thin icicle (length of 80 pixels) that acts similarly to the Magician's Big Icicle. Considered as an upgraded version of the Icicle Blowgun.
Blowgun 8-1 Skirmish Blowgun 8 20-30 20-30 60 Physical 18000 2250
Blowgun 8-2 Thor Blowgun 8 64-80 50-60 60 Thunder 1-333 19000 2375
Note: Shoots a mine, in which a lightning (broken line) will be created on top of the enemy, as well as hitting every enemy within the ray (with splash damage capabilities). Could be considered as an upgraded version of the Long Lightning Blowgun. Named after Thor from Norse mythology.
Blowgun 8-3 Long Gem Blowgun 8 140-200 130-140 350 Physical 20000 2500
Note: Shoots a needle instead of a pellet like most long blowguns. Has the highest range for any blowgun.
Blowgun 8-4 Tainted Blowgun 8 64-80 50-60 60 Poison 7-8 (0.8s) 21000 2625
Note: After contact of the one-arrow with an enemy, it drops "beams" onto the ground and slide slowly for 3 seconds, kind of like the Ice Whip - where it will not affect the enemy for about 1.5 seconds after creation.
Blowgun 9-1 Sand Blowgun 9 1-1 50-60 60 Freeze 0.2s *32 22000 2750
Note: Fires out 32 small pellets that each freezes for 0.2 seconds. A diamond will increase its potency. It is a reference to The Sandman from European folklore, in which its sands could make people sleep. Besides the Tranquillizer, it is the only blowgun to have the type Freeze on it. It is also the only blowgun to shoot more than one projectile at a time, and by extension, the only blowgun to accept the Bullet's Card compo item.
Blowgun 9-2 Nitro Blowgun 9 80-100 50-60 60 Fire 300-420 *12 23000 2875
Note: The explosion being delivered covers up to 90 PiD, creating balls of 30 PiD 12 times, with each appearing between 0.2s.
Blowgun 9-3 Dense Blowgun 9 160-200 50-60 60 Physical 24000 3000
Blowgun 9-4 Frigid Blowgun 9 80-100 50-60 60 Ice 72-81 (Slow 50%) 25000 3125
Note: Shoots a long needle and leaves homing flakes along the path, with the initial directions being: 90 degrees clockwise its traveling trajectory, and one opposite that.
Blowgun S-1 Star Blowgun S 96-120 50-60 60 Fire 24-40 *12 (2.4s) 26000 3250
Note: Shoots out a red mine. The name is being referenced that it will explode into a "supernova", by creating 12 spheres of flames, each creating from the center of the attack a sphere bigger by 10 PiD, reaching up to 120 PiD. Each layer is created in a 0.4 second succession, and each layer will last for 2.4s. In total, the magic attack will last for about 40 seconds, leading to devastation against mobs.
Blowgun S-2 Horror Blowgun S 96-120 50-60 60 Physical 5000 27000 3375
Note: By investing about 100 MAG, the War Cry effect will become permanent as it'll refresh when the effect is over regardless of DEX, provided that the Predator wasn't dragged or interrupted.
Blowgun S-3 Long Blight Blowgun S 75-100 140-160 210 Poison 9-10 (0.8s) 28000 3500
Note: The needle being shot creates a ball of poison covering 60 PiD, with intense poisoning capabilities, similarly to the Explosive blowgun.
Blowgun S-4 Dark Blowgun 8 1-2187 80-90 60 Thunder 29000 3625
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