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Bizarro World

Recent Updates

Most recent found at the bottom for your convenience.

  • Map extension/start of additions
  • Alkate's Crop-field (South-West of the Desert Series)
  • Assorted big mushrooms (Scattered at the East and North side of the Mountain)
  • Iamlevel (Near Beach 2). He might leave though. If you ask nicely.
  • Uninhabited underwater tree (Near Submarine Shrine)
  • Steroid Tree (South-East of Cavern 1)
  • Onyx Portal (West of Ao Oni's Mansion)
  • The Fan-Ball hotel (In the Lake)
  • Giant mushroom forest
  • Map extension (with the addition of CV4)
  • The 'Fan Portal' (In the GIANT mushroom forest)
  • Seashore Base (Below right side of island)
  • Temple of the West
  • Factory (under the south coast)
  • Nuclear Power Plant (near Opening Street)
  • Future Sight for Mushroom Mountain (East or SW of Lake, not sure,)
  • New Hub City (Peninsula Northeast of SSh)
  • New Map Extension (Snowfield 9 Update)
  • Popetipap's house (East of Frozen Lake)
  • Route extension (ver13.7)
  • Major revision- see image description for details.
  • Greytown (East of Lake)



  • DMSwordsmaster's Crater/Pile of Rubble (Formerly his Castle)
  • DMSwordsmaster's Seashore Base (New home, base for army)
  • DMSwordsmaster's NEW castle
  • Soon to come- DMSwordsmaster's summer resort (Beach 3 island)


  • Zoshi's House (North-West of Seaside 3)
  • Commandant SixFour's Base (Snowfield Area)


  • Lazro's Shack (Near Forest 1)


  • HankGuideDude's Hive (On the island where the Village is)
  • The Great Mithril Isle (with a connecting chain)



  • David's Sunken Castle (Due to inactivity and swamp soil).


  • Samuel17's House/Semicastle (Right of Mountain 2)
  • Samuel17's Base (Northeast of the house)
  • Samuel17's Hidden Castle (right of ???, in the tree forest, well hidden)
  • Wheel Core (Roaming around, though mostly around the mountain)
  • Iamlevel (Right of Beach 1, tends to move around a bit but usually stays there)

Ao Oni's

  • Ao Oni's Mansion (At the peak of the mountain)


  • LD's Home (Right of Seaside 2)
  • LD's Inconspicuous Tree Cannon (Completely hidden, yup yup.)

Waddle D33's

  • Waddle D33's Castle (North-West of Ao Oni's Mansion)
  • Waddle D33's Silo (East of Zoshi's House)


  • Ivan247's House (Near the Oasis)



  • What steroid tree? What pumpkin?


  • Popetipap's house (East of Frozen Lake)


  • Volcano and Lava Lake

To be added

  • Drowsy Stumps (SOMEWHERE) (General)
  • Helicopter 1 (Drowsy Stumps <-> Town) (Transportation)
  • Helicopter 2 (Drowsy Stumps <-> Castle Gate) (Transportation)
  • Helicopter 3 (Drowsy Stumps <-> Cavern 1) (Transportation)
  • Helicopter 4 (Drowsy Stumps <-> Anywhere) (Expensive Transportation)
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