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List of (Fanon) Swords

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT BPC Creator
Grandus Sword 1 35-50 20-30 35 Fire Random 2 (Burn ?) ? Final508
Thunder 5 ?
Note: The magic attack depends on MP used. This is one of the rarest mythology weapons, given to a gladiator who was become a chosen one to defeat the forces of evil. The fire version lasts for 0.7s.
Poison Sword Poison Sword 1 5-10 20-30 30 Poison 10 1-1 (0.5s) 1x1 Francisco25
Note: Releases a poison cloud like the canon Fire/Thunder/Ice Sword 1. Peridot recommended.
Virus Sword Virus Sword 2 10-15 20-30 30 Virus 100 15-25 (1.0s) 1x5 Interdit
Note: Releases 5 virus spikes that turns the enemy purple to attack other enemies while active.
Poison Sabel Poison Sabel 3 12-18 20-30 30 Poison 25 2-2 (1s) 1x1 Francisco25
Note: Similar to fanon Poison Sword 1 but has more power. Peridot recommended.
Virus Sabel Virus Sabel 4 15-20 20-30 30 Virus 150 50-70 (1.2s) 1x8 Interdit
Note: Has the same effect as Virus Sword but shoots 8 waves.
Blade 5 1-1 20-30 20 Physical RedHardcore
RualStickR (image)
Note: Essentialy a Sword version of the Chakram 5.
Fire Blade (Fanon) Fire Blade 5 16-23 20-30 30 Fire 35 10-12 (Burn ?) 1x8 Ttttta (already canon)
Note: Similar to canon Fire Sword 1 and Fire Sabel 3, but shoots 8 flames.
French blade French Blade 5 70-75 20-30 30 Flag 30 Ludicrine?
Note: This is a special weapon that makes every enemy hit sing the "Marseillaise" and disabling them to attack.
Ice Blade (Fanon) Ice Blade 5 16-23 20-30 30 Ice 40 35-45 (Slow 30%) 1x10? Ttttta (already canon)
Note: Similar to canon Ice Sword 1 And Ice Sabel 3, but arrows last longer and has guide length of 15.
Katana 5 15-30 10-20 40 Physical Jabenero
Poison Blade Poison Blade 5 20-20 20-30 30 Poison 35 3-3 (0.7s) 1 ?
Note: Similar to fanon Poison Sword 1 and Poison Sabel. it is recommended to equip a Peridot.
Rainbow Katana 5 1-1234 10-20 45 Physical 300 ? Jabenero
Note: Cannot be bought due to its rarity.
Thunder Blade (Fanon)Thunder Blade 5 16-23 20-30 30 Thunder 35 1-49 1x10? Ttttta (already canon)
Note: Similar to canon Thunder Sword 1 and Thunder Sabel 3, but shoots bolts straight instead of falling to the ground.
Diamond Blade
Diamond Blade 6 70-200 30-70 55 Trinity ? ? 1x1 Poisonshot
RualStickR (image)
Note: On the first hit, a good monster (White Diamond Golem) appears.
Flame Blade 6 (Fanon) Flame Blade 6 20-25 20-30 30 Fire 120 3-9 (Burn ?) ? Ttttta (already canon)
Note: Similar to canon Flame Sword 2 and Flame Sabel 4 but ovals lasts longer and has a longer Guide Length of 40.
Frozen sword (Fanon) Frozen Blade 6 20-25 20-30 30 Freeze 120 30-40 (0.2s) 1x10 ThechosenOne (already canon)
Note: Similar to canon Frozen Sabel 4. Emits 10 freezing arrows with homing capabilities. It is recommended to use a Diamond to keep the enemy frozen for longer periods.
Poison Blade (Fanon) Lightsaber 6 20-25 20-30 30 Thunder 120 1-25 ? Ttttta (already canon)
Note: Similar to the canon Lightsaber 2 and 4 but lasts longer.
Long Blade (Fanon) Long Blade 6 50-100 20-30 45 Physical 0 Ttttta (already canon)
Note: With a Long Sword's Card 4, the range becomes 57, the length of almost 2 swords.
Red Thunder Blade
Red Thunder Blade 6 5-500 30-35 45 Red Thunder ? ? ? Poisonshot
RualStickR (image)
Resonating Blade 6 10-15 20-30 30 Physical 10-15 1x1 RadiantDarkBlaze
Note: Releases an X-shaped bolt covering 22 pixels with splashing capabilities on top of each enemy in range, similar to the Priest's staves. Therefore, the more enemies in range, the more damage each typically takes from each swing. The X-bolts and randomly oriented to give the illusion of light-speed slashes from random angles.
Would be dropped by Olive Boss Star Eel (Mountaintop).
TricolourBlade(Art) Tricoloured Blade 6 20-30 20-30 30 Thunder 130 1-29 1x5 Ivan247
Fire 8-10 (Burn ?) 1x3
Ice 20-30 (Slow 20%) 1x3
Note: The magic attacks per activation in order are Thunder, Fire, and Ice.
Virus Blade Virus Blade 6 20-25 20-30 30 Virus ? 100-150 (1.5s) 1x10 Interdit
Note: Like the previous Virus swords, but shoots 10 pellets upon activation.
Clip Edge
Clip Edge 7 50-100 20-30 30 Physical 60 300-400 1 Eenfeeneetee
Note: Bought from Resort after beating Hell 4. Releases a spark lasting 1s with properties of a normal sword, increasing the effective sword length to 45. Deals more damage than GreatSword 7, but it doesn't benefit as well from compo items such as Vampire's Card or Critical's Card. Also, Balancing MAG/LP with STR/DEX is more difficult.
Fire Machete 7 Fire Machete 7 22-33 20-30 30 Fire 40 15-22 1x10 Interdit
Note: Similar 2 canon Fire Sword 1, but it shoots 10 flames in a circle and slowly comes to the ground.
Machete Machete 7 100-170 20-30 30 Physical Interdit
Note: Over twice as powerful as the canon Blade 5. This sword is very dark grey.
Molten Blade Molten Blade 7 30-40 20-28 30 Fire 250 ? ? Cola160
Note: The bullets lasts for 2s.
Scimitar 7 Scimitar 7 80-85 30-40 10 Physical ?
Anarchy GreatSword 8 30-35 20-30 30 Antimatter 250 50-50 1x10 Eenfeeneetee
Note: Releases 10 lines of infinitely long antimatter zones in the direction of the sword at that moment.
Frozen Scimitar Frozen Scimitar 8 30-30 20-30 30 Freeze 140 20-30 1x5, constant ? Poisonshot
Note: Releases 5 harmless homing balls which produce freezing arrows like canon Ice Circle 3. The balls lasts for 5 seconds.
Zwiehander (general weapon type)-0
Zwiehander (general weapon type) 7-8 Varies 50-60 30 varies ? Sinez
RualStickR (image)
Note: All LV5 Zwiehanders have the same bonus strength, but the cost generally half as much as the previous edition of such weapons. looks the same as clouds sword without the cloth wrap.
Celestial Blade S 100-150 10-20 30 Physical 20 300-350 1x3 Wutisdyssh
Note: One of the Gladiator's most powerful weapons. A direct upgrade from the GreatSword 7; has a magic attack with a cost much lower than any other sword at this point. The magic attack calls down three shooting stars originating from the top of the screen directly above the Gladiator (given a few degrees for variability), aimed at the enemy that triggered the attack. These deal heavy damage, pierce terrain, and have homing capabilities that ensure they will always hit. The sword also swings twice as fast as a normal sword, and thus can easily hit enemies with a consistent stream of 300-damage stars-- while having the damage of the GreatSword, to boot. Deals around 1000-1200 per hit and 4000-4800 per second.
"Stick" S 0-0 20-30 30 Freeze 10000 9999 (10s) 1x128 Eenfeeneetee
Note: Summons 128 freeze spikes evenly across the top of the screen from left to right, which pierces terrain and deals splash damage. Each spike travels downward directly for 1s until it leaves the screen.
Spark Beam 90 Spark Beamsword S 50-100 30-40 Infinite Thunder ? ? ? Poisonshot
Ballistic Knife ? 50-100 5-10 15 Physical 20 ? ? ?
Note: Shoots the blade as a projectile (Range 200). The blade pierces enemies, but not terrain.

List of "Rare" Swords

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT BPC Creator
Dragon Sword 8 190-250 45-45 25 Fire 19-36 (15s) ? Final508
Note: This flaming sword has the ability to affect enemies with the Burn effect. In the Final508 scale, it is recorded Scale 9 (Rare).Citation needed
The Stick 8 20-30 20-30 70 Fire 70 10-20 1x10 swordfishninja37
Note: Longest sword in the game. Is a brown color and upon magic attack turns red. Magic attack spawns 10 flames at the end of the stick and they stay there for 2 seconds. Time can be improved with garnet.
Tri-Strike 8 45-50 20-30 30 Physical swordfishninja37
Note: Has 3 blades. Each blade has its own AGI striking at an equal rate. Each blade moves freely.
Sword of Darkness
Sword of Darkness V2
Sword of Darkness 9 350-500 45-45 15 Dark ? Final508
RualStickR (image)
Note: This is the rare darkness weapon, Nothing but the enemy Terra is able to drop this weapon. In the Final508 scale, it is recorded Scale 13 (Hyperly Rare).Citation needed
Maelstrom's Sword/Maelstrom's Great Mighty Sword S 10-30 35-35 25 Electrus ? ? Final508
Note: This was carved over electric arcs since 542 BC. It all began with its idea 5000 years before the war between Stickmen and Monsters began. It took 2000 more years to find the electric arcs. It took 1500 years to put them altogether. It took about 100,000 people to finish this whole project. In the process 99,997 people died, leaving 3 people who were now the only ones left to finish the project. This weapon was not forgotten for a long, long time.

Another note: Type Electrus weapons can stop enemies from moving for a large amount of time (Depending on its level). 1 to 3 gives 10 seconds. 4 to 6 is 30, 7 to 9 is 60, S is 80, However, they do weak damage when hitting (probably making it fair for the game to handle). The Electrus status does not stack with other Electrus statuses.

Vampire Sword/The Two Vampires of Death S 150-300 63-63 20 Steal Steal 30% 1x2? Final508
Note: The tip of the sword are 2 vampires with a gallon of blood. It is especially hidden unless you strike it with an enemy.

Another note: Type Steal weapons can heal the player by striking an enemy. The % shows the amount of life restored to the player (EX. 30% heals the player of 30% the damage dealt to the enemy).

Excalibur S 100-500 40-40 30 Physical 200-250 RualStickR
Note: 2nd best sword of Stick Ranger.
Gabriel's Sword S or X? 500-1000 20-20 30 Physical 100-400 RualStickR
Note: Best sword of the game.
if you thought that this sword is an exaggeration, please modify it. Sorry bad English...
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