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Section Pets Limited to Add more?
Adoption Center Pt.1 1-250 Simple/Mutated pets (refer to AC B) No
Adoption Center Pt.2 251-500 No
Adoption Center Pt.3 501-750 No
Adoption Center Pt.4 751-1000 No
Adoption Center Pt.5 1001-1250 No
Adoption Center Pt.6 1251-1500 No
Adoption Center Pt.7 1501-1750 No
Adoption Center Pt.8 1751-2000 No
Adoption Center Pt.9 2001-2250 No
Adoption Center Pt.10 2251-2500 Yes
Adoption Center B - Meme pets, head/body pets, mini pets, multispecies, and more. Yes
The Greenhouse - Seeds; Certain species Yes
Cell Center - Cells; Including heads/species unique only to this Yes
The Hatchery - Eggs; Certain species Yes

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