Just like the original Adoption Center, it is a place where you can adopt "pets" so you can do things with them. To adopt a pet, please leave a comment BELOW, and an administrator will grant you adoption rights. You can also suggest adoptable pets, but unlike the main-line Adoption Centers, Adoption Center B exclusively allows any pet that the others will not accept. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Headpets and Bodypets (pets that are exclusively a head or a species rather than a combination of both)
  • Pets with unique Heads or Species that are not included in Head Names or Species Functions
  • Pets with Heads or Species altered drastically beyond their original shape
  • Pets that do not feature Heads or Species ("HQ Pets"/sprites not following Stick Ranger formats/styles)
  • Pets resized by unorthodox settings (0.5x, a 2x head on a 1x body, etc.)

As a general rule, pets from the Adoption Center B are not capable of breeding, evolving, or participating in any center that entails alteration or additional pet-acquiring. However, exceptions still exist and are quite common, so feel free to check with those managing any center beforehand.

Rules and Warnings, Whitelist, Blacklist

The limits affect the same way as in the Adoption Center.

For the rest, see here.

Just don't forget to include Name, Genotype, Taxonomy, etc.

Adopters for the month of February

_week_ __month__ username
/..... ./....... JWDD

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Caagr98's Mutated Tree pack

Mutated Family Tree

From left to right starting from the top:

Vec&Lee(♀,♂) (not accurate), Triplant(♀), Snowful(♂), Dica(♀)
Peridate(♀), Deplour&Glamour(♀,♂), Aristruk(♂♀♀)
Dolidas(♂), Flux&Noom(♀,♂), Gretchen, Zon, and Tretchen(♀,♂,♂), Gumat&Bumat(♂,♀)

You may take only one in this pack. Does not affect the limit.

David7015's Skater Family Tree pack

Skater Family Tree V.1.8

From left to right starting from the top:

Spikey(♂), Rider(♀), Feet(♀), Coco(♂), Nobi(♂), Voltezar(♀)
Cutiaso(♀), Orbular(♂), Soccez(♂), Solificas(♀) (not accurate), Zeb(♂)
Chaguam(♂), Simba(♀), Haviscus(♀), Leroy(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. If it has a spouse, you must adopt that too. If one wants to adopt a pet and another that has a spouse, then three pets can be adopted in one take (limits are affected normally).

David7015's Dimesat Family Tree pack

Dimesat Family Tree1

From left to right starting from the top:

Dimesat(♂), Wali(♀)
Cerubik(♂), Dicer(♂), Troborak(♂)

You may take up to two from this pack. Can adopt only one of their children.

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The Pets

Known codes:

Code -1 - "No pros" (implied to be adopted by newcomers, but this is more of a joke than a rule.)

Code 0 - Pet does not count towards weekly or monthly adoption totals.

Code 1 - Must be member of LDZX or have good history/rollback.

Picture Name Taxonomy Genotype Special Adoption Requirements or Notes Creator Adopter
White troll bat Troller White Troll Bat Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Awesome smiley walker Awesome Yellow Awesome-Smiley Walker Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 DatDemo
Scoop da Whoop fish Scoop da Whoop Fish Scoop da Whoop Fish Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Grey rage dragon Raeg Grey Rage Dragon Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 NutikTehWolf
Rcopter R-Copter Red "R" Copter Is one of the "Roflcopter" sets. Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Ocopter O-Copter Red "O" Copter "Roflcopter" Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Fcopter F-Copter Red "F" Copter "Roflcopter" Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Lcopter L-Copter Red "L" Copter "Roflcopter" Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Testry Testry Grey Tiny Test Turtle (PS) Poisonshot Cowpocalypse
Green Big Lolwut Pear Tree Lolwut Green Big Lolwut Pear Tree Caagr98 Waddle D33
Chicky Chicky Yellow Chickenhead Chicken One of the 'Funnypets' TheFanMaster
Cowmoo Cowmoo Yellow Cowhead Tiger One of the 'Funnypets' TheFanMaster Cowpocalypse
Konga Konga Brown Monkeyhead Monkey One of the 'Funnypets' TheFanMaster
Reskull Reskull Grey Real Skull Bat One of the 'Funnypets'. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster Monopolator
Piggy Piggy Pink Pighead Tiger One of the 'Funnypets' TheFanMaster
SRnyan Nyan Cat Grey Demon Poptart ? Able to poop rainbows at will... HankGuideDude DatDemo
Fsjal Fsjal White Big Fsjal Stickman Caagr98 Look-a-troopa
Bactiria Bactiria Cyan Tiny Eye Bacteria "Plasma Pack" Poisonshot
Warpy Warpy Grey Tiny Box Warper Poisonshot
Spinach Spinach White Roundhead Multispecies Cannot breed Caagr98
Multisaur Multisaur Multi-head/species/color Multi Cannot breed Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
ForeverAlone Alone White Big Foreveralone Tree 0176 Monopolator
AoOniSRFix Ao Oni Blue Big Ao Oni Stickman WTF Ao Oni Army. Very common. DMSwordsmaster DMSwordsmaster
Dubbel Dubbel Double Rainbow Arrow Copter ♂ ♀ What does it mean? Lazro Ludicrine
Erroar Erroar Red Roundhead Unspecified He is a genetically-created Roundhead that has been detached from his body; Code 1 Ludicrine ZoshiX
Ao Interceptor SR Ao Interceptor ... WTF Ao Oni Army. Really fast. DMSwordsmaster
Ao Bat SR Ao Bat ... WTF Ao Oni Army. It can fly. DMSwordsmaster
Dan ball Dan Ball Ha55ii's creation Heart of all pets and DB Site, if killed the whole DB universe will be destroyed. Code 1. TheFanMaster/Ha55ii Look-a-troopa
Fsh Fsh Orange Fish She is very intelligent, having no physically limited space for the brain. Caagr98 Makarus13
Header Header Green Smiley Caagr98 Makarus13
Footer Footer Brown Walker Caagr98 Monopolator
The Pentagon The Pentagon Big Grey Nested Pentagon Headpet Better known as the largest office building in in the world. Lazro
Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Game Character (Orange Roundhead Walker) Upon Request From the Kirby series TheFanMaster Waddle D33
Kirby Kirby Game Character (Pink Roundhead Walker) From the Kirby series. DMSwordsmaster's mortal enemy. Simply having him will put you on his shit list. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster
Piranha Plant Piranha Plant Game Enemy (Red Piranha Tree) From the Mario Series TheFanMaster
Bowser Bowser Game Boss (Yellow Boss Roundhead Turtle) From the Mario series TheFanMaster Aeinstein
Big Skulltula Big Skulltula Game Enemy (Tan Mutated Big Skull Spider) From the Zelda series TheFanMaster
Red ChuChu Red Chuchu Game Enemy (Red Big Gel) From the Zelda series; Has a recovery heart inside TheFanMaster
Green ChuChu Green Chuchu Game Enemy (Green Big Gel) From the Zelda series; Has a magic bottle inside TheFanMaster
Blue ChuChu Blue Chuchu Game Enemy (Blue Big Gel) From the Zelda series; Has nothing inside TheFanMaster
Yellow ChuChu Yellow Chuchu Game Enemy (Yellow Big Gel) From the Zelda series; Has an arrow inside TheFanMaster
SweetBro Sweet Bro redd carpy wakler mael consicated feom caegt97 Lazro/Strider/Hussie
HellaJeff Hella Jeff bleu carpy wakler mael Lazro/Strider/Hussie Waddle D33
Reaman Reman White Roundhead Snowman Realistic Snowman David7015
Gooey Gooey Big Blue Gel Meant to add to the confusion at the Species functions page. From the KIRBY series. Caagr98
GEROMY GEROMY BLAPK CPRAYY GORGN mael Lazro/Strider/Hussie Look-a-troopa
Emerganx Emerganx Red Sixstar Ludicrine
Spekev Spekev Green Triangle Ludicrine Poisonshot
Drazques Drazques Royal Diamond Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
Portib Portib Blue-Orange UFO Ludicrine
Biu Biu Grey Warper Previous owner(s) here. Ludicrine
What Pumpkin What Pumpkin? Nonexistent Pumpkin Plant (PS) × DO YOU SEE IT?!?! I SURE DO!!!! Caagr98 Cowpocalypse
Freed Freed Orange Smiley Stickman Although now no longer invulnerable, he is now free to move, breed, etc. He also moved in with DMSwordsmaster as thanks for freeing him from the Trap. The Trap was thrown in the Giygas Dimension to be tortured. Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Spy Spy Blue-Teamed Skull Stickman TF2 Valve/DatDemo
Spenser (Di)Spenser Brown Bow Solid Previous owner(s) here. Notch/Caagr98 Lemurboy07
Demon Demon Red Box Multispecies Previous owner(s) here. Happyman2341
LiftingLifterLifted Lifting, Lifter, & Lifted Multicolored Mutated Roundhead Multispecies ♂♂♀ Can move in both the X and Y axis, but only one at a time. Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 Fire InThe Hole
AcrobatAcrotreants Acrobat and the Acrotreants Multicolored Mutated Roundhead Multispecies ♂♀♂♀♂♀ (Clockwise) Caagr98 DMSwordsmaster
Gloople Gloople Green Boulder × Gloople Pack InnocuousGames/LD
Stickie Stickle Yellow Boulder × Gloople Pack InnocuousGames/LD
Meltie Meltie Orange Mutated Boulder × Gloople Pack InnocuousGames/LD Fire InThe Hole
Biter Biter Blue/White Boulder × Gloople Pack InnocuousGames/LD Look-a-troopa
Clutter Clutter Purple Mutated Boulder × Gloople Pack InnocuousGames/LD
Neutronom Neutronom Cyan Roundhead Multispecies Can't breed, emits pulsars, and highly dense. Previous owner(s) here. HankGuideDude Makarus13
Messy Mega Mix
(Reduced by 50%. Click to zoom.)
Messy Mega Mix White Roundhead OMNI-SPECIES! Spinner - ♀
Rest - ♂
Can only be adopted if one has at least one of each of the following species (See full list) Caagr98
Marine Mini Mix Marine Mini Mix White Roundhead OMNI-MARINE-SPECIES! Coral - ♀
Rest - ♂
Can only be adopted if one has at least one of each of the following species (See full list) Caagr98
Fairy Fairy Blue Fairy Fairy An outcast, since FAERIES SHOULD NOT HAVE FAIRY HEADS. Also, the ancestor of Xzibit (because). TheFanMaster
FairyWarship Fairy Warship Red Fairy Warship × Created for a mini-contest on the Dan-Ball Wiki. DMSwordsmaster JWDD
PacmanplusAnim Pacman+ Yellow Banana/Roundhead (Alt.) Solid Pacman/Blinky ♂, Walls × Was supposed to be the 1010th pet, but did not fit qualifications. Lazro ZoshiX
Cyklision Cyklision Gray Cyclops Tree/Roller × Depending on his eye color, its eyesight changes. List here. Samuel17
Xzibit Xzibit Brown Fairy Fairy Yo dawg, we hear you like fairies, so we made a fairy fairy so you can fairy while you fairy. ZoshiX
Gaia Spawn Gaia Spawn Tiny Gaia Spawned from Gaia. Look-a-Troopa
Chronos Spawn Chronos Spawn Tiny Chronos Spawned from Chronos. Look-a-Troopa Ludicrine
Chaos Spawn Chaos Spawn Tiny Chaos Spawned from Chaos Look-a-Troopa A, Mori
DMS Spawn DMS Spawn Tiny DMS If, for some reason, DMS were a pet, this is what he would/could spawn. Look-a-Troopa
Missingno Missingno. White Mutated ??? Bird (Heavy-Winged) × Code 1 Poisonshot
Purple Ao Oni Boss Monkey Ao Monkey Purple Boss Ao Oni Monkey WTFH First experiment from an scientist trying to reboot the Ao Oni project. Has the tendency to hide in trees and jump at its prey. Look-a-troopa
Green Creeper Creeper Creeper Green Creeper Creeper ? Edited creeper head, custom creeper body. Look-a-troopa
Stickcraft Stickcraft Multicolored Creeper Multispecies × Poisonshot Cowpocalypse
Divasurface Divasurface Green Sun Multispecies Can dive under the surface, and is considered a god for the Green Gel Trees. Poisonshot
Thesun Thesun Orange Sun Can make it day when it's night. Rival of Twilask Twilask. Poisonshot Fire InThe Hole
Weegee Snake Weegee Snake Modified Green Boss Skull Snake Has obeyed to Weegee so mush he look like similar to Weegee. Poisonshot
Deimos Deimos Grey Human Uses a wide variety of guns. Look-a-troopa
Null Null ??? × A failed god. It had too little followers to ascend to godhood. Look-a-troopa A, Mori
Torah Torah Multicolored Antic Butterfly × Incarnation of the divine calm. Poisonshot
Uboa Pet Uboa Big Uboa Zombie NNNNN
Travels through the darkness, killing everyone who looks at it. Look-a-troopa Cowpocalypse
Archfiend Dracula Archfiend Dracula Lilac Archvampire Vampire Has a rivalry with Lycaon. Look-a-troopa
Archfiend Lycaon Archfiend Lycaon Brown Archwerewolf Werewolf Has a rivalry with Dracula. Look-a-troopa
-1 -1 Multicolored Glitched Fairy Snake × Can only be found via bit overflow (255 to 256, etc.) Poisonshot
Chief Chief Green Small Big-headed Imp Stickman Chief of the Goblin Warcamp. His attack is blue-colored. Look-a-troopa
Dies Horribly Dies Horribly White Small Big-headed Imp Stickman Member of the Goblin Warcamp. His attack is green-colored. Look-a-troopa
Irony(Seed) Irony Green Tiny Roundhead Tree Grown from Huge seed. Big Seed =/= Big pet. Can shoot poison pellets that deal 20 damage and have a 200 range. He has immunity to poison and has 100% damage weakness to Physical. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Seedalk 1 Seedalk Green Mutated Roundhead Walker Grown from Walker Seed. Can grow into a tree and back. Seedalk 2 By the time she's an adult, Seedalk 3 she will create another seed upon dying. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
PongitPongedPongat Pingit, Ponged & Pongat White Mutated Castle/Roundhead (dual)Rope ♂, ×, ♀ Grown from Pong Seed. They play ping-pong with themselves only, and if Ponged is away from the field or die, Pingit and Pongat die as well (do note that the bats have been evolved, the field size is varied, and only Ponged can attack (either directly or remotely)). Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse ZoshiX
PACMAN PACMAN Yellow Mutated Cyclops Boulder Grown from Pacman Seed. Unable to attack without consuming Onigiri, since he'll die if not... Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse Ludicrine
Dr. Octagonapus Dr. Octagonapus Red/Grey/White Boss Mutated Mask/Octagon Plant (TFM) Grown from Seed Packet 14. HOW UNEXPECTED!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse Ludicrine
Miranda Plant Mirandian Plant Grey Tiny Bar Seaweed Grown from Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Miranda Seed Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Haumea Hi'iaka Namaka Plants Haumean, Hi'ikian, and Namakian Plants White (Tiny) Mutated Cyclops Plant (TFM) ♂o♀ Grown from Haumea Haumea I Haumea II Seed. Haumea is the bottom most head. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Eris Dysnomia Plants Eridian and Dysnomian Plants Grey Creeper Mushroom and Grey Tiny Creeper Mushroom ♀,♀ Grown from Eris and Dysnomia Seed. They can't seem to be separated, due to Dysnomia's awe towards Eris. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse Cowpocalypse
Creeper-578 Creeper-578 Green Creeper(Minecraft) Creeper × Grown from Creeper Seed. A REAL CREEPER?! (not to be confused with this descendant Green Creeper Creeper) Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse/Notch
Bacteriamancer Bacteriamancer Tan Copy Stickman/Bacteria Previous owner(s) here. Caagr98 Lazro
Scorpio Scorpio Brown Boss Mutated Box Multispecies Grown from Pyramid Seed AKA, the King of Thorns. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Colorful Colorful Red/Green/Blue Mutated Roundhead Multispecies Upon Request. Used as a trade from Sssplosive under Dryfclr5's ownership, but failed. Caagr98
Magnitator Magnitator Red/Yellow/Blue Multiheaded Multispecies × Has extreme magnetic power and attracts any metallic thing from up to 100 meters away. He can also lower and turn off his magnetic power. Samuel17
Knuckleheads Knuckleheads Pink/Green Mutated Mask Chain Upon request? Not to be confused with FiestaDiesta Deotiman122/Nitrome
E.T. E.T. Green Extraterrestrial Dino Code -1; Keep him away from telephones. HGD/Atari
Inception Inception Grey Square Square Square Square.... × Code 1; "We need to go deeper." HankGuideDude ZoshiX
Fan ball Fan Ball ZoshiX's creation Code 1; Entity created in the image of Dan Ball. It is somehow bonded with the FB universe. Look-a-troopa/ZX/LD DMSwordsmaster
Blanka Blanka Grey/White Oyster Poisonshot Ludicrine
Wierd Wierd White Mutated Roundhead Totem Intended to have "JPG artifacts". Poisonshot
John (Cleese) John Cleese Tan John Cleese Snake Tends to be a massive ass towards his friends. Look-a-troopa
Pipesy Pipesy ? ? Tree ? Grown from Snake Seed. Whatever it was, it's gone. It snaked up into the sky! Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Potato Plant Potato Plant A Potato Shrub × Grown from Potato seed. You can eat the potato. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
PoisonT PoisonT Green Cloud Plant (PS) Grown from Poison Seed. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Miracle Matter Pet Miracle Matter Red Dark Isocahedron You can adopt this pet by writing the best lore of the FB world. The winner will be determined by 1105-12 1205-12 whenever Lat has time (no pun int-*shot*) or when everyone who wishes to compete has finished their story. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Dibadib Dibadib Fenced dick-shaped cigarettes in a tunnel Code 1. RULE POISONSHOT Look-a-troopa ZoshiX
Bovion Bovion Floating Brown Cowhead Tiger An incorporeal being that can only be attacked with physical attacks when it gets tipped over. Look-a-troopa
Pyqq'zis Pyqq'zis Fish "Look, captain! Fireflies!" Look-a-troopa A, Mori
Newtronic Alpha Newtronic Alpha White Roundhead Superbot? ("Powerful Guardian Robot") × Normally set to attack enemy robots, but due to a massive glitch, it attacks any technology-based organisms. Poisonshot ZoshiX
MoriIcon Q-Bit Computer Chip He will try to bite you, and if he does, then you'll go on a serious trip. A, Mori
MoriCard Z-Bit Computer Chip Embodiment of being cool and opposite of Q-bit. Meant to be a reference to "not doing drugs is cool". A, Mori
Beast Beast Red Gel Based on the monsters from Monster Box. Poisonshot NutikTehWolf
Creature Creature Blue Gel Based on the monsters from Monster Box. Poisonshot
Ink Bush Kraken Ink Bush Kraken Boss Bush Jelyfish[sic] Rule Poisonshot, no exceptions. ZoshiX/Poisonshot A, Mori
Legicrine Legicrine Ludicrine's Legs (White LD Grasshopper) I WANT KILL ME!!!!NEVER NEVER NEVER DO THAT!!!! A, Mori/Ludicrine/ Poisonshot
Malkovich Malkovich Pink/Blue Big Wheel Wheel He has been awakened. Tremble in fear. Look-a-troopa/JonTronShow Ludicrine
Fury Fury Red Angry Mustached Walker NutikTehWolf
GHW GHW Multicolor Grodus/Heart (Alt)/Weed Hydra Grodus: ♂, Heart: ♀, Weed: ⚥ A misfit because it has varying heads. Despite this, the three heads get along extremely well. A, Mori
Phobos Plant Phobos Plant (Phobos) Brown Tiny Roundhead? Tree Grown from Phobos and Deimos Seed. The best of friends with Deimos Plant Deimos. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Deimos Plant Deimos Plant (Deimos) Gray Tiny Roundhead? Tree Grown from Phobos and Deimos Seed. The best of friends with Phobos Plant Phobos. Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Mush-O Mush-O White Big O Mushroom Grown from O Seed. This is incredibly silly Previous owner(s) here. The Greenhouse
Aquatree & Fiqurium Aquatree & Fiqurium Brown Big Copy Tree/Orange Roundhead Fish ♂/♀ "Grown" from Aquarium Seed. The fish swims around in the Tree. Previous owner(s) here. TheFanMaster A, Mori
Midnask Midnask Black Big ??? Oyster Related to Twilask Twilask. A, Mori
Sir Loneliness Sir Loneliness Blue LD Stickman Related to Sir Fetish. Xe's just so lonely... A, Mori
Twilask Twilask Red Copy (Alt.) Related to Midnask Midnask. Turns light into darkness and is the rival of Thesun Thesun, refusing to be anywhere near him. A, Mori
Onigami Onigami Blue Oni Giant Seeks to destroy the ever-amazing Squato, though he refuses to go with the owner of said pet. A, Mori
Devil Koopa Devil Koopa Blue/Yellow/Red/Green Mutated Horse ♂, ♀, ♀, ♂, Found in a castle. Look-a-troopa/Vip4 Ludicrine
Parashot Parashot Green Poisonshot Parasite RULE POISONSHOT A, Mori Poisonshot
Zoopplankton Zoopplankton Brown Cosby Bacteria Cosby KOOKACHOO Ludicrine A, Mori
Cosbot Cosbot Brown Cosby Bot Cosby ZIP ZOP BOOPITY BOT A, Mori
Vista Vista Multicolor Windows Stickman Tends to lag a lot and throws numbers at her enemies. Does whatever numbers are thrown throws as damage (1-9). NutikTehWolf
EA EA Blue Big EA Copter He was owned by a famous game company, but he ran away since being treated poorly. NutikTehWolf
Embryo Unnamed Embryo Red Unborn Child Unknown and Unbreedable A self-explanatory being. A, Mori
Cosbaby Cosbaby Brown Cosby Embryo Cosby Is the combination of the embryo (As seen previously) and Cosby. ZIP ZOP BOOPITY BOP. A, Mori
Cosbouncer Cosbouncer Brown Cosby Bouncer Cosby ZIP ZOP BOOPITY BOP. A, Mori
Cosbasilisk Cosbasilisk Brown Cosby Basilisk Cosby ZIP ZOP BOOPITY BOP. A, Mori
Squiddy Squiddy White Copy Squiddybuddy 🌕 A happy squid buddy! :D Ludicrine
Happy Rock Happy Rock Pro art rock Yes NutikTehWolf Look-a-troopa
Supernova Supernova Red Mutated Roundhead Resembles the death of a star, presumably because it was born under a dying star Look-a-troopa Aeinstein
The Nazvan The Nazvan Green Mutated Box (Neutral) Car ⚥, ⚥, ⚥ A good way to get around Look-a-troopa A,Mori
Physical Boss Physical Boss Gray Big Ball Boss Resides in The Evil Castle Aeinstein
Thunder Boss Thunder Boss Yellow Big Shock Boss Resides in The Evil Castle Aeinstein
Fire Boss Fire Boss Orange Big Heat Boss Resides in The Evil Castle Aeinstein Fire InThe Hole
Ice Boss Ice Boss White Big Bolt Boss Resides in The Evil Castle Aeinstein Look-a-troopa
Poison Boss Poison Boss Green Big Poison-Cloud Boss Resides in The Evil Castle Aeinstein
Freeze Boss Freeze Boss White Big Flake Boss Resides in The Evil Castle Aeinstein Look-a-troopa
Final Boss Final Boss Multicolored Big Mutated Multiheaded Boss Resides in The Evil Castle Aeinstein
Livestockicus Livestockicus Green Giant Mutated Cow Cactus She has LOADS of HP. Her attack is spitting acid milk from her "arms". . Look-a-troopa/Poisonshot Ludicrine
Carmilla's Blade Carmilla Red Vampire Dragon & Magic Sword ♀/× Attacks: Wave; Spectral Sword KassiasGrandiel/Josewong Look-a-troopa
Carbon Diamond Carbon Diamond Cyan Diamond Walker Non Carbon Diamond Is The Exact Same Strength And Lightness As Carbon Fiber Yet Is 4 Times Harder Josewong/KassiasGrandiel
Polandball bouncer Polandballie Red/White Big Polandball Bouncer Rich, strong, works as a plumber. Makarus13
Vandelay Vandelay Green Smiley >implying Commemorative for 1223 Look-a-troopa
Monstrous Monstrous Green Monster Tree Though he does not possess a proper brain, he is so monstrous that he will attack and give no damn about the missing heads. To fuse this one properly you're going to need three heads instead of one. Fire InThe Hole
BillyMaze Billy Maze Blue Big Billy Stackers A strange maze made up of stackers. Seems to spell something... DMSwordsmaster/Ludicrine
Ninji Ninji Purple Star Upon request Can be adopted multiple times. Can breed as though it was a traditional Walker. Ludicrine Look-a-troopa
Fire InThe Hole
Billy Maynot Billy Maynot Red Billy Stacker "Hi, Billy Mays here with this special TV offer! You can get ten tons of Mighty Putty right up your asshole!" Ludicrine
Billy Maybe Billy Maybe Red Billy Bee "Billy Mays here with Zorbeez, the most absorbing material, I've ever used. " Look-a-troopa
Morshu Morshu Big Morshu Stickman Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? You want it? It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.

Sorry Link! He doesn't give credit! Come back when you have a few mmmmore red-colored pets. (5)

Ao Onigiri Ao Onigiri Purple Big Ao Oni/Onigiri Hybrid Stickman WTFNo. Just no. Look-a-troopa
Waldo Waldo Red/White Waldo Warper where is he Look-a-troopa
Gerogy Gerogy Green Mutated Smiley Gorgon Your best friend, bringing much-needed racial diversity into the George Center. Created as part of Cancer Day on 2015. Ludicrine
Confirmed confirmed Multicolor Bec/Diamond Multispecies guys hear me out Look-a-troopa/Ludicrine A, Mori
Disco Disco Multicolor Shell Upon requestNot to be confused with DISCO. Can breed as though it was a Turtle, or can be fused together with a bodypet. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Odeot Odeot Heated Darkening Cloud Former Darkness Center pet; He's a broken up gas cloud that's fallen to the Darkening. He has fire and dark attacks, and his stats are relatively average. A, Mori Look-a-troopa
Ponatu Ponatu Heated Poison Cloud Former Darkness Center pet; A blue cloud of hot poisonous gas. He's infused with the Darkening, but he's not yet fallen to it. His stats are, as well, relatively average. A, Mori Ludicrine
Magistrime Magistrime Flying killer Former Darkness Center pet; Magistrime is, as the term is called, a Witch Familiar. She came off of a Witch, a much more powerful being. A, Mori
Tetokukani Tetokukani Butterfly Former Darkness Center pet; Tetokukani was once a noble and beautiful sentiment, but the darkening has made him evil. A, Mori
Sezzxor Sezzxor Floating head Former Darkness Center pet; Sezzxor is another Witch Familiar. A, Mori
No Shenanigans No Shenanigans (lack of a) Green/Orange Big Smiley Walker Like No Chilled No Chilled No Shenanigans is a communal pet owned by everyone and is the stopper of all shenanigans. Code 0 Josewong
Phedirus Phedirus Green Mutated Skull Snake × Ever wanted a snake flail before? I bet you do now. (Can be equipped as a weapon or can act freely as a pet.) Ludicrine
Regicarbon Regicarbon Green Mystic "Golem" - Possibly a mutation or cousin of the legendary Hoenn Golems, Regicarbon is composed entirely of Carbon Fiber, making it relatively lightweight yet incredibly durable. ZoshiX A, Mori
GargoyleIdle Gargoyle Guard Gray Copy Gargoyle × Remains stationary. Can fire stone shurikens to attack: GargoyleAT Ludicrine
Abyss Eel Abyss Eel Blue Copy Eel × Can survive outside of water briefly; great with other pets Ludicrine
Myco Myco Brown Cap Fighter × Comes with an unplanting (?) animation: MycoRise Ludicrine
Coral Sentry Coral Sentry Gray Rock Giant × Fights well alongside swift, aquatic pets Ludicrine
Gelman Gelman Gray Gel Multispecies × The ultimate fighting machine, but slightly radioactive Ludicrine
Oxigen Oxigen Billy Mays Ball GETS THE TOUGH STAINS OUT!! Ludicrine
Gilly Mays Gilly Mays Billy Mays Fish WOW!!! Ludicrine
Astroturf Astroturf Green Mutated Plantwalker * Used in bulk to make makeshift fields useful for Ballsport. Order now! Look-a-troopa
9cat 9cat ??? 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Look-a-troopa
Advanced Toy Horse Advanced Toy Horse ??? A great playmate. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Archane Gel Archane Gel (Ozaiah, Scramble) Mutated Ring/Gel Archane/Slime 🌕, ✝⚘ At some point, a Walserand by the name of Ozaiah was roaming through the underground Ludusian caverns. In their travels, they stepped on a juvenile Slime Mold known as Scramble that would rapidly grow around their torso. The two ended up not minding each other's company terribly, so they stuck together ever since then. Look-a-troopa
Bharani Bharani ??? An overseer for Astra Regulus' Ϝ-Mine, of the Crystalline Range in the Nexus. She has come to Ludus in pursuit of what she understands to be a stolen subject. Look-a-troopa
CASIOpeia CASIOpeia ??? ☉ (Both heads) Look-a-troopa
Chicken Farm Chicken Farm (Spenser Jr.; Fuck, Shit, [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]) Grey Mutated Bow Solid; Cream/Black/Orange Knight (DMS) Chickens ☽, ♂, ♂, ♂ Originally a fully functioning chicken farm, Spenser Jr. took after their parent (who isn't really their parent but hey) by dispensing chicken eggs they found. The 41 collected eggs yielded three chickens, Fuck, Shit and [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]. Production came to a halt at that point, as all three hatchlings are unable to lay any further eggs. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Cirnocast Cirnocast ??? ⚥⚙ Look-a-troopa
Maa'rx 43 Maa'rx 43 ??? Look-a-troopa
Vrix-4 Vrix-4 ??? Look-a-troopa
Conman Fox Conman Fox ??? Look-a-troopa
SOV-JET SOV-JET ??? ⛢⚙ Look-a-troopa
Staller Staller ??? ⛢⚙ Look-a-troopa
Decoration Core Decoration Core ??? Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Dominate Dominate ??? A mechanical colossus of the ancients. Originally intended to mimic the great power of KAISER, the Dominate did not fulfill its purpose and was put to rest for aeons. The exceptionally responsible workers of LDZX decided that it would be way cool to reactivate this ancient robot, apparently. Comes with a prototype. Look-a-troopa JWDD
KeyBoss Key Boss ??? dang that key boss Look-a-troopa
Cathulhu Cathulhu ??? It's a c'ly'koh! Look-a-troopa
LATvia LATvia Red/White Big Latvia Turtle × Look-a-troopa
Luts Luts ??? Look-a-troopa
Megaman Megaman Blue Megaman Stickman Look-a-troopa
Orochi Orochi ??? 🌕 An ancient Chi-spirit, Orochi is a many-headed dragon involved with the RYUs somehow. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Pichurin Pichurin ??? * Take it to the Evolution Center to evolve. Look-a-troopa
Pipe Snake Pipe Snake ??? * Look-a-troopa
Poor Execution Poor Execution ??? Being part of a line of Guillotine-bots, Poor Execution has gone rogue and adopted a pacifist lifestyle. Look-a-troopa
Prazilly Prazilly ??? Zillium Look-a-troopa
Regifrigerator Regifriferator ??? ☉/☽ Look-a-troopa ZoshiX
Serac Serac ??? 🌕 spin around, in circles, in memoriam Look-a-troopa A, Mori
Starseeker Starseeker ??? Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Masa (Pet) Masa Tan Big Roundhead Angel Original sprite of AC10's Masa. Same descriptions apply. A, Mori
Dark Star Core Dark Star Core Heavily Mutated Star/Whirl A fused being of intense dark power. Inspired by M&L:BiS. ZoshiX
Trans Bus Trans Bus Heavily Mutated Spades I was there Look-a-troopa Ludicrine
Black Opal Black Opal Big Jewel The colours shift wildly when light shines into them from different angles. Look-a-troopa Ludicrine

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