Lady Asmodeus

Asmodeus Redesign

The Prince of Lust, The Lady of Lust


Asmodeus is the Prince of Lust, otherwise the third of seven Princes of Hell.

In the infernal chaos of the Separ Dimension, Asmodeus was one of the seven souls that escaped from the dead husk of the Arca Mala. Prior to absorption, Asmodeus was one of the Martedian settlers on Proto-Eros. She, like five others, established factions of Epon sympathizers, most primarily within a third of the population of Proto-Eros. She killed an entire colony of Lovebugs and Gridmasks that refused to join in on their plan, awakening Gaia's revenge. As custom for the other Princes, she holds Gaia in higher disdain than most other deities, under the same vendetta.

When she settled in Hell, she, Leviathan and Belphegor allied together to lay siege on the plane. During the war, she betrayed the other two, and sided with Lucifer's legion. Due to this event, Leviathan still holds a grudge towards Asmodeus to this day.

Upon the creation of the Prism, she created the space known as Eros, as well as Eros-Prime, her planet. It became inhabited by Artondites and Lovebugs.

During her subsequent time in Hell, she had at least three children: Mercuron, Neptunel and Plutonias. She outfitted the three with artifacts that would enhance their capabilities and keep their demonic identities hidden. All of them had successfully blended in with their respective societies, though are known to have all migrated to the version of Ludus in their universes.


Asmodeus is shown to be a slightly perverted character, fantasizing vividly about multiple people. Despite this, she has a very shy and sheltered demeanor. She shows feelings for Lucifer, who is unaware and doesn't seem to return them.


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