Belphegor Head

Demon (Formerly Gridmask)
Female/Male (Genderfluid)
Unknown (Liekly over 3,000 years old)
The Seven, Mainyu
Alternate Aliases
The Prince of Sloth/The Lady of Sloth


Alpha-Unsplit Timeline

Belphegor was originally a simple Gridmask who lived on Proto-Storge. They are known to have had a facade child, Mainyu, with a currently unknown Oumeth. They are one of the six people who led factions of Epon sympathizers, before Gaia enacted her wrath by having Belphegor, the other five, and Satan be absorbed by the Arca Mala.

After escaping from the Arca Mala in the plane of Hell, Belphegor teamed up with Leviathan and Asmodeus in an attempt to conquer the entirety of the plane for themselves. However, as Asmodeus betrayed the two of them for Lucifer's legion, their plan began to fail. Though it is unknown how Belphegor feels about Asmodeus now, Belphegor does still commonly keep contact with Leviathan.

Along with the other Princes, they created a Prism Planet, which was Storge-Prime, in the Storge section of the Prism.

At some point after Minerva's death, their soul wandered into Hell and was captured by Belphegor, who then made Minerva loyal to them.

Later, when Mainyu, sent from the future by Issus, arrived in the relative past, and was later killed by Sanford, Belphegor recovered their child, though barred them from contact with the living for some time. Mainyu instead contacted Luciras via having Minerva be a messenger.

They also later "appeared" in Heaven to claim Thristel-Immo to be in Hell, due to their having Minerva as an Inner Being.

Due to having a low resistance to corruption, the planet Storge-Prime was victim to Zalgo attacks after the creation of the OKTE by Apelpisia/Jacques Tenebrae and the Demon Shape. The residents (Gridmasks and Splationians) of this planet were later relocated to Ludus, which had all of its residents killed in the Dark Matter invasions, and Splationia, which was inhabitable but not yet inhabited by any species.

They later allowed their child, Mainyu, to join the other Ludusian Witches as a member, though knowing that this would lead to its death in the past.


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