Bizarro World Map 4
This page is a comprehensive idea of what the Bizarro Fan-Ball World is like. This is the most accurate and up to date map we have so far.
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Regular World

Notable Locations

Valleyforge City

Well-populated city located at the foothills of the main mountain range. Home to Raptoco. City has a not-well-known of underground section, commonly referred to as the Undercity. Coherine, Gregor, Hunny, Neptunel, Toxicrebound, and Waldo live in this area.

Shinsetsu garden

At Hunny's house, he has his own personal garden, where he keeps his pets.

Castle Isthmus

Home to the C.E.O. of Raptoco. Raptor Isthmus. It is quite large and grandiose. It sits near the peak of the mountain, but not quite at the top.


Agriculture town near the northeastern foothills. Tends to experience problematic climate change due to conflicting cold western and hot eastern air. Home to Mavelus.

Pyramid Crash Site

A place where what appears to be an alien ship crashed into an ancient pyramid. Nobody really goes near here, and the area seems generally inactive from the outside.

Aormi Mountains

The place where Hunny's older relatives (including his grandmother) and other rich folks live. It's a large producer of apples.

Howling Peak

The very top of the main mountain range, this hard-frozen area is widely believed to be haunted by a sorrowful spirit. The extreme cold, wind, and steep terrain make it quite difficult to reach the peak.

Umibe Dojo

Located on a secluded island off of the beach area, the Dojo is a place of training for only the most skilled in martial arts. Sutikkusan trains and boards here.

Kingdom of Bros

Takes the majority of the western continent (including the lava lake and volcano). Only Codeam takes residence there, as only he could afford to have such big landmass, what with his wealth being bigger than every other Bizarro habitant combined.

Lucrum Tower

A large golden fortress built around an enormous clock tower. Owned by the very wealthy, but not as wealthy as Codeam, owner of the Aquarian Megamall.

Aquarian Megamall

A huge shopping destination that is nearly completely submerged under the eastern lake. 

Awe Forest

Located on the peninsula between the main continent and the Kingdom of Bros, this area is a densely populated forest which is known for strange happenings and exotic creatures.

Tree of Rememberance

Loacted in the northern section of the Awe Forest, the tree of rememberance allows those who eat of its fruit to see visions of the past, although during these visions the consumer is rendered unconscious. 


The building is located right above where the road from Valleyforge splits. It's the main base of operations for Raptor's employees.


The main base of operations for Raptorco.'s spin-off company, RAMINC. Neptunel runs the company, and Coherine and Tox work there as vice presidents.

DH Ind.

The main base of operations for Hunny's company. It's located directly in the middle of RAMINC. and Raptorco. (Hunny's office is right in the middle of those two points.) DH Ind. is associated with RAMINC. and Raptorco. as well.

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