• Fire InThe Hole

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    A bunch of other characters and how their lives (presumably) played out; some of them in the wake of Delinius, others leaving Delinius in their wake instead, or something like that. I might be using past and present tenses all over the place; please bear with me.

    -211, Serendipity 1

    Born as the first child of Caldeus and Mara, Ina grew up as a bit of an odd one out. She wasn't the brightest learner, despite her interest and best efforts, yet not particularly spirited to go out and fight dangerous wildlife. Caldeus was a little sad to see such an unusually mundane child grow up, but put himself to raising her as wise as he could anyway, and in time he came to love her regardless for her eagerness to learn.


    Ina wi…

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  • Cass delau


    June 10, 2019 by Cass delau

    I have an idea of stats that to below their normal level, I think it would be rare or special so I doubt to see it often, it will cost the same as a non minus stat so -50 will still cost 50 points, the same as a non minus. (Call them minus not nega, that sounds dumb, opposite is ok though) this is a list of some possible abilities they could have.

    1. The user can cast anti-magic of the void type or dark type.
    2. The user has an anti magic zone around themselves causing magic to weaken or disappear.

    1. The user goes in the complete opposite direction of time causing all of their movements to be in reverse.
    2. They are completely slowed compared to relative time (like doze for anyone who read homestuck).

    1. They are already a ghost.
    2. They are undead being resistant …

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  • Cass delau

    Do not listen to various advertisements and statements from certain users stating *ahem* "your honor, sneeze-burger man is not a legal entity but a fictitious being" DON'T LISTEN TO THE LIES, HE IS REAL, HE IS, HE IS, HE IS, HE IS, HE IS.

    Please voice your opinions in the comments unless you are:

    •A minor.
    •Currently under the influence (not counting psychic influence).
    •A troll (alternian or otherwise).
    •An automaton that HASN'T gained intelligence.
    •A slime.
    •Any being above 1400°f or 760°c or 396°h.
    •An alternate version of another user who has already voted.
    •A clone of another user who has already voted.
    •Someone who likes cheese and chocolate (it's disgusting, keep your fetishes away from us normal folk)

    If you fall under any of these…

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  • Keanu246

    My new wikis related to this community. If you want to help, you can help in other game wikis including my ones.

    We could not find the link for Businessman Simulator game. I found some links so you can play it online:

    • Add …

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  • Keanu246

    Our wiki is growing, but we need a Community page so we have this wiki improved!

    Our stickmen classes are great. We need a community page so the wiki gets better and better!

    Just ask the admins so they will contact Fandom Staff to add the community page.

    And visit contact page to ask them to add this community page to help make the wiki better!

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  • Cass delau


    May 25, 2019 by Cass delau

    Love is for the highest bidder, hearts dry up, sour and bitter, trust is a construct we take to our death beds, eternally struggling with concepts in our heads.

    Oracle of Slumber, come to thee, I plea, ground-shaker, bone-breaker, shall return to kinsman’s home, earth mother, life-giver, those two shall never go alone, dead-riser, heart of fire, shall gain what they desire, silver-winged, angelic child, slayer of the sinful wild, shall fall in love once again, twin stars shall petrify, while mouth of worlds devour, hidden one shall ring the chime upon the earthly tower

    They try to tame me, contain me, manipulate my brain, free, struggle to get out their grip, take the fall, all I do is trip

    Read between the lines, slip between my lips, to be …

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  • ZoshiX

    RPG Formula Sandbox

    May 24, 2019 by ZoshiX

    hit chance when x=
    attacker's DEX defender's AGI 2 4 8 16
    73 45 127% 113% 106% 103%
    37 91 64% 80% 89% 95%
    53 52 99% 100% 100% 100%
    178 216 91% 95% 98% 99%

    chance of defender being hit = 1 / (AGIdefender/DEXattacker)^(1/x)

    This formula is designed to create a hit chance that reflects the ratio between attacker and defender stats, regardless of how small or large those numbers may actually be. The value X can be adjusted to balance as needed - making X smaller will cause differences in stats to have more impact on the hit chance, and making it larger will do the opposite. 

    Note that the chance of hit can exceed 100% - this means that the attacker's hit chance is improved upon from the base they started with depending on the ability used and …

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  • Cass delau

    Also known as AAA are any anomalous ability willingly cast by the user.

    Origin point?

    • Magic: very common for abilities, usually uses a transmutable material called arcana or magic of several other things, this material can be manipulated much like a computer and given simple instructions, such as "explode into flames once 120 ft away" or even "draw away heat energy from x point" to create fireballs and ice voids .
    • Psychic: similar to magic, it is produced in a different organ and thoughts are the means by which it is made, most creatures have their psychic abilities freely radiate from their mind as there is no way to collect and siphon it, this collects into a psychic barrier called the noonosphere.
    • Mechanical: not to be confused with any sor…
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  • Cass delau
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  • Cass delau

    Everyone's on my ass about naming files but how, I could create it and name it "cassy's files.fuck you" but it comes out as a random string of numbers when I upload, I assume a better method would be to upload then rename but idk how to do that either.

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    This is the 2018 section of the update archive of the WHAT UPDATE blog.

    Hello, three four months. Goodbye, three four months.

    Time's passing too damn fast and I can't do a thing about it. I feel like garbage and getting nothing done - applying both to these past 4 weeks and perhaps these past 4 years. Everything I add to my list of things I do only spreads it all thinner.

    Still writing. Still writing, in between things. I see a pattern where each thing I write goes through at least one generation of complete revision, then as it ages it sometimes gets another one. I'm absolutely doing it wrong but I'm just a failing idiot behind a keyboard. I don't have to do this right, but instead I also do a lot of things the wrong way, it would seem. No.

    I'm n…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    This is the 2017 section of the update archive of the WHAT UPDATE blog. While I disagree with how my past self did the links up, I'm keeping it the same across the new sections.

    There was a number 91 scheduled for October 29. Its contents will not go up here for multiple reasons, and you will not ask me what was actually in it. I'll at least give you a quick idea of what sort of post it was at the end. There was also a number 91 scheduled for November 11. It's a fairly mundane text, but I have some extra things and things I want to write differently. So yeah, this is revision three, and I just went through some more study-related home arguing. Excuse any excessive crude language.

    Blah blah, introduction title or paragraph goes here and I rea…

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  • Fire InThe Hole

    This is the 2016 section of the update archive of the WHAT UPDATE blog.

    Next year I will organise these as #, 17, Month/Day.

    Anyway, the year is coming to an end; I'll likely be partying at the moment itself but that doesn't matter too too much. After all, I've got a few hours' distance ahead of most of everyone else.

    The project thing went through a massive streamlining and it turned out I was actually closer to finishing than I thought. All that's left is checking whether or not it's all good and then that's done. Leaves me to focus on the exams part...

    A list of other news:

    • Mailpets are still planned but I will likely not be working that much on them until train travel starts again. (Reminder: BUY THE FUCKING STYLUS YOU GARBAGE)
    • Baxter portra…

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  • ZoshiX

    Inspired by the work of HGD on the Dan-Ball Wiki, which can be found here.

    Note that these are listed as I have personally classified them according to my system, not as they are identified on the Dan-Ball Wiki. This system classifies colors by their hue value on the HSL scale. Colors with no hue are marked as grey, those which fall in between hue categories are also identified.

    There seem to be a specific number of recurring values in the hex codes that ascend in a certain pattern, which is 00, (10?), 21, 32, 43, (54), 65, 76, (87), 98, a9, ba, cb, dc, ed, fe. Some of these do not occur, but fit in the pattern. Codes which do not fit this pattern are identified with an asterisk and may need to be reviewed to make sure this is not a mistake …

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  • HankGuideDude

    {{navigation bar

    number=5 width=100ex 1=[[File:Sspade.png|link=User talk:HankGuideDude|
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  • Cass delau

    Don't forget

    April 19, 2019 by Cass delau

    This Emp esp, cyber

    Magic fire/burn ice poison


    Spawn psychic    2-3 heal     1-2

    Light curse spawn





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  • HankGuideDude

    Written back in February 2019 and updated just recently - in *happier times* (see Hia-logue 5 in case you didn't already)

    The Prism (a.k.a., Prime-verse or simply Prime in-context of other universes) is the universe where the majority of the Fan-Ball stories take place in. It is one of the many universes alongside the Bizarro (referred by the locals as The Sphere) and the Doublizarro (ditto as The Pyramid) that make up the Fan-Ball Multiverse* as can be seen from .

    Prior to the Princes of Hells' involvement in the Prism, it originally consisted of a singular giant planet named Proto-Planet - mostly dubbed after its creator Gaia by the inhabitants pre-split (considering it was one of - if not the only inhabited places at the time.)

    The Prism is shape…

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  • Cass delau

    You're not invited

    March 28, 2019 by Cass delau

    Comment here to be virtually asked to leave. Thank you


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  • Liam Red

    March 27, 2010

    March 28, 2019 by Liam Red


    Liam Red (talk) 05:04, March 28, 2019 (UTC)Ice B. Cube








    -Recorded at_3:45PM

    We have found an Cyan Ice Cube Zombie today, we will look at it's properties and study it for more background.  

    -15 Minutes later

    CICZ: Yo, I'm Ice Cube.

    He seems to be trying to impersonate a man of the human world named "Ice Cube."  He is apparently a rapper, and this is unimportant, so let's start with the tests already!

    -Test 1_Flash Freeze

    Ice B. Cube: Hey man, that tickles!

    -Test 2_Heated Room

    Ice B. Cube: AAAAHHHH! GOOD HA55II!

    -Test 3_Usefullness in Combat

    Ice Cube generates some Frozen Spikes from the ground, as he tries to impale a Grey Boss Shield Digger.


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  • Cass delau

    Somatic shift

    March 27, 2019 by Cass delau

    Somatic shift in wording in the words themselves
    This is a way in which the sentence structure is fitted to the circumstance (this is a fanon class) in which other settings may misinterpret these sorts of wording choices. A way in which either new words are made to fit certain circumstance (eg: fanon, DEF, SP) or words are changed to mean something else in that circumstance (like STUB, QUALITYQUALITY).- Note: in anything there will always be ambiguity, use these terms semi-loosely Read more >
  • HankGuideDude

    Hello, people of Fan-Ball. How are all of you been since I left almost three years ago?

    I've wanted to come here to inform that I finished my service in the military since February and am not continuing an extended service, following a particularly stressful duty I've had yet. Meanwhile, I was enjoying that limelight that I had before by:

    • Drawing dotpict pictures of the Havresbent cast (in the Drawing Board but kind of discontinued)
    • Playing OFF and HOME (done as well as finding )
    • YouTube watching aimlessly
    • Playing Godville on my phone
    • Learning more programming
    • or what have you

    However, with that freedom come many tribulations and decisions to be made to find a job, a degree in education and potential happiness in life. Along the way thinking of so…

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  • Cass delau

    Some questions

    March 17, 2019 by Cass delau

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  • Cass delau

    Curse ideas listing

    March 16, 2019 by Cass delau

    Curse was a type created quite long ago but wasn't a type it was a prefix for gamble style weapons.

    But then something happened!

    This is just for curse items if you will

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  • Cass delau

    Weapons are divided into 2 categories: Arms and Charges. Arms provides primary attacks for characters, while Charges provides secondary attacks through an MP system similar to the original Stick Ranger. Arms and Charges can be used together even if they are not the same weapon type. Note that weapons in Stick Ranger 2 can only be dropped from enemies once; once the weapon is obtained it will no longer drop from enemies holding the weapon.

    • AT: Damage dealt by weapons
    • AGI: Time between successive attacks (in frames)
    • Range: Attack range (in pixels)
    • Charge: MP charged by each attack (Arms only)
    • Emit: MP required to unleash the attack (Charges only)
    • SML: Range Type of the Weapon
    • ATR: Attack Type of the Weapon
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  • Cass delau


    March 14, 2019 by Cass delau

    The conversations we have are fantastical.

    We whisper the gossip only platonic solids know.

    We breach knowledge known only to the bumble bloods.

    We share thoughts that only warm dogs see.

    We peer through the lens of Eldrich horrors who make cussing tea.

    We accrue ideas from the collapsible plaster from which we will not taste.

    We are intellectuals, you are a writhing hot coal singed into the unjust hearts of scum, and that is all you will ever be.

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  • Cass delau


    March 13, 2019 by Cass delau

    Some semi-rules for such

    Frames is a measure of time not distance ( X 20 frames away) ( V 20px away)

    A status ailment is different to an effect

    Add more if need be

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  • Cass delau

    This is a comprehensive guide on how to make speed a better stat:

    I hate the janky speed in video games being that it you have the highest speed you can go first but it gives you only 1 move per round like this.

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  • Cass delau


    March 1, 2019 by Cass delau

    I hope when I go absolutely insane from the constant torment of life I can trust one of you can murder me.

    Note: I have a piece of paper in my pocket stating "John did it" I don't know any johns but if you are/know a jonh he did it.

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  • Cass delau


    March 1, 2019 by Cass delau

    Nymphs: a fairy associated with water and ponds that feel gross to step in. Some nymphs have a tendency to flirt and seduce others giving them a bad reputation and unwanted attention. Most nymphs have strong magic related to ice and floods but rarely they have to use their abilities.

    Sylphs: fairies that strongly associat with air and that cold breeze that buzzes up your neck. They prefer to hide amongst clouds and high hills as they are the shyest of most fey. They have remarkable wind magic and an ability to stay hidden but they use their powers secretly and scarcely to not reveal their presence.

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  • Cass delau

    Lol this is now just a hotspot were me and fire can chat. If you are not any kind of fire begone (blue fire can stay but your on thin ice) or if you not in any kind of hole also begone.

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  • Cass delau

    Goes tiered for simplicity

    February 28, 2019 by Cass delau

    They are everything you expect as Well as everything.


    • Some sort of omni-sense (omnipotence, omnipresent, omnibenevolent kinda) even though lots of characters have some omnibenevolence
    • Eternal as they were, are and will be forever
    • Immunity to entropy (basically the 2nd one but entropy is destruction due to time)
    • Some rule/power over a domain/element/reality/aspect/whatever (self proclaimed or not)

    The heroes of acceptance fit 1/2 ish of these so they are not gods but not demigods either.

    Fragmented bits of ACTUAL gods (may or may not lead to the god's destruction)

    • Enhanced semi-omni-sense usually from their original God (omniscience = prophetic vision or maybe perfect memory, omnipotence = SUPER super strength of something)
    • IF the God t…

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  • Cass delau

    Used in measuring things curves: 90% sway: 80%

    Heat: 60%

    Naughty: no

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  • Ludicrine

    Japes Day Archive

    February 27, 2019 by Ludicrine

    Wow! It's joke!

    To avoid conflicting with the too-close holidays of Fan-Ball's Anniversary (April 2nd) and GhostCheese's birthday (also April 2nd), Japes Day was proposed to take place on February 25th. It would function entirely as April Fool's Day had in the past.

    The holiday was proposed, with the hopes that it would garner attention and be put to good use the following year.

    The story Playground: The Dark of Pluto was uploaded a day later than intended due to site complications.

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  • Cass delau

    Class ideals

    February 25, 2019 by Cass delau

    This is a list of class systems and structures. Criticism is happily welcomed. So is trolling. Basically anything as I want attention from people I will never meet in the real world.

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  • Cass delau

    Types of arcana

    February 19, 2019 by Cass delau

    No one asked but I'm doing it anyway

    fire: the red one, destructive force: scorch, creative force: warmth, matter: energy

    air: colored so because the sky is purple, destructive force: asphyxiation, creative force: breath, matter gas

    water: weird flex but ok, destructive force: freeze, creative force: blood, matter: liquid

    earth: green is not a creative color, destructive force: poison, creative force: mineral, matter: solid

    lightning: whoooooooo, destructive force: shock, creative force: power, matter: plasma

    life: the most underrated color, destruclive force: sentience, creative force: soul/heart, matter: magic

    light: kinda hard to read, destructive force: blindness, creative force: sight, matter: photons

    death: not as hard to see…

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  • Cass delau

    Misc files

    February 15, 2019 by Cass delau
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  • Cass delau

    The magic sword

    February 12, 2019 by Cass delau

    ZoshiX it is you who is worthy, you spend time flourishing this wiki with beautiful works and original ideas, only you can bring this greatness to the absolute limit or bringing it to its knees (not sexually) you are the arbiter of this grand catalyst and you will make the ultimatum for the good of many, please, please love this wiki as I do frivolous wingding translations.

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  • JWDD

    Wait Who Am I Again?

    January 30, 2019 by JWDD

    I return from the void of inactivity without any idea of what to do.

    No really, what do I even do here?

    As a return from my inactivity, I will make 10 pets, and take 10 requests.

    I will write/draw/create anything. just message me.

    I'd like to return from inactivity, but I do not know how.

    so yeah.

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  • StickRangerFan


    January 23, 2019 by StickRangerFan

    I'm not new to wikia but I'm very new to stick ranger 2

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  • ZoshiX

    Schools of Magic

    November 15, 2018 by ZoshiX

    Studies the material composition of objects, and ways in which the world's natural resources can be combined to create or invoke magical effects, often through consumption. Applications include the production of potions, elixirs, and capsules with varying properties.

    • Poxten Crucex - Primary Field of Scholarship

    Studies the magical properties of numbers, geometry, and arithmatic functions. One of the more abstract areas of study, but is an underlying foundation in many applications. 

    • Asterion - Religious Advocate

    Studies drawn and written symbols which can be used to channel magical properties from nature, or communicate with metaphysical beings. 

    Studies the art of channeling magical or divine properties into inanimate objects. Also includes th…

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  • GhostCheese

    Hi, back in late 2015 I created a blog post (X) that really took off and had a lot of people taking a personality test and comparing their answers. It's been almost 3 years and I'd love to see how people's results have changed!

    narcissism 27%
    unconventionality 66%
    empiricism 61%
    vitality 38%
    othercentrism 11%
    independence 38%
    integrity 16%
    intellect 100%
    stoicism 0%
    orderliness 38%
    dynamism 56%
    activity 5%
    romanticism 11%
    hedonism 66%

    MY NEW RESULTS (2018)
    narcissism 16%
    unconventionality 72%
    empiricism 50%
    vitality 55%
    othercentrism 61%
    independence 11%
    integrity 44%
    intellect 94%
    stoicism 22%
    orderliness 22%
    dynamism 89%
    activity 33%
    romanticism 33%
    hedonism 61%

    To summarize, a lot has stayed the same according to this test: I'm still a pe…

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  • A, Mori


    Incomplete probably and characters listed aren't all the key known characters, nor are they all definitely going to actually be in Saga

    Feel free to comment

    • Abyss Rentria
    • Alice
    • Alísceia
    • Amory
    • Amygea Moriam
    • Anicetus Gan/Stickbeard
    • Apelpisia/Jacques Tenebrae
    • Asmodeus
    • Baxter Ethos Quint
    • Beelzebub
    • Behemoth
    • Belphegor
    • Berengaria
    • Bianca Cocos
    • Biira
    • BlendeR/The Blender of Souls
    • Caledonia
    • Captium
    • Conquest
    • Delinius Rupert Langton
    • Detachment
    • Dilutus Agorite
    • Doccex
    • Dolce Anath
    • Edward Moody
    • Ego Orgnaul
    • Etherion Rentria
    • Fate
    • Giajya
    • Grylos
    • Hankvi Guidza
    • Hankvl Guldza
    • Havres
    • HOOTH/Houth
    • Ioanna
    • Indra
    • Ipull
    • Ira Lodinae
    • Ivan Tsarvon
    • Jack Penn Cherno
    • Jekyll Sand, Dr.
    • Kairos Ichorus
    • Kao
    • Kerrell
    • Kuipter Zeronius
    • Kwik
    • Lainn Irish
    • Larry
    • Leviathan
    • Livia Lodinae
    • Loriparil Cartifar
    • Lucifer
    • Luciras Embla
    • Mak'na …

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  • A, Mori

    Edward Moody

    July 26, 2018 by A, Mori

    victim of an experiment that turned him into a big skeleton man who gets angry and punches stuff

    does not like the gobermend

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  • A, Mori


    July 12, 2018 by A, Mori

    Meno is a Gridmask woman who looks somewhere in her 30s or 40s. She has grey eyes and her brown hair is tied in a ponytail and goes a bit beyond shoulder-length. She wears simple hoop earrings and small brown amber glasses. She wears a white blazer on top of a button-down shirt with a purple bow-tie and grey shorts.

    She is proud of her talents in dental work, to the point where she started her own clinic because she didn't want to be seen as an equal to her other dentist co-workers. She is fairly stoic most of the time, but when treating a patient she becomes talkative with them because droning on "helps her focus."

    Meno Flaus was a successful dentist on the planet Ludus, until one day when she was kidnapped by Kuipter's forces and subjected…

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  • Monopolator

    i wish i was funky3000 but i can never be that funky im barely even funky300 im so fuckng sorry

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  • JWDD

    So, I've been screwing around, and well..

    First of all here is a SR Map-Gen grid pre-made for lazy people.

    Second, What happened to badges? There used to be a bunch of them, they gave me reachable goals.

    Third, infof return of people who left the wikia? What is happening with Lazro and Hank. Also DMS has done some edits, and has talked a bit, is he coming back any time soon? 

    Feel free to edit this page and reply with signature.


    13:33, May 8, 2018 (UTC)

    Just adding images for some stages.

    14:02, May 18, 2018 (UTC) Read more >
  • A, Mori

    Limit Seeing

    April 23, 2018 by A, Mori

    new canon concept idea thing

    Limit Seeing is an ability that exists within all mortals. Since mortals have limits on their power, it is possible for those limits to be discovered-- but, normally, it may be impossible for that limit to be reached naturally within a mortal’s lifespan.

    While it is possible for a mortal to discover the limit of their power, it is also possible to speed up the process by gaining the power to perceive one’s own limits. When one’s limits are known, then they will gain access to the form of their limits, also known as the Limit Seeing Mode.

    Based on how a person enters a Mode of Limit Seeing, their form may be different-- their hair, eyes, and blood will all change to a certain color based on their Mode of Limit Seei…

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  • A, Mori

    rpg & combat stuff

    April 19, 2018 by A, Mori


    stick with me here. sometimes i write this in a way that conveys full awareness of the RPG-ness of what I'm saying and sometimes I go into Lore Mode and write it as if this were a magic book that one of the characters would pick up and read.

    Statistics, commonly shortened to Stats, are the numbers that dictate a character’s prowess in combat situations. Each Stat has its own purpose-- though some Stats hidden or determined by other Stats.

    Let’s go over the Basic Stats:

    • Health - Determines the maximum Health Points of a character.
    • Attack - Determines the damage that will result from a physical attack; higher Attack means more damage done.
    • Magic - Determines the damage that will result from a magical attack as well as Magic Points; h…

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  • A, Mori


    April 6, 2018 by A, Mori

    Tha is the anthro-conceptual of sitting. It is believed Tha is as old as the concept of sitting itself.

    Tha is known to have a special ability known as , which has been responsible for the in history.

    • - Creates a chair.
    • - Makes all of creation sit down.
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  • A, Mori

    Notice: Rough draft. This is the “outline” for the Saga Timeline, AKA the community timeline. Most events you’ll see here (at first) will be the things that the community loved (or at least agreed upon) in the Alpha Timeline that are now carried over into this one because of the fact that the community loved them. Also things might migrate from the Alpha Timeline if they were worked on by multiple different people and have stuck for a long time, or if they’re important to a character’s concept. Soon, however, the Saga Timeline is (probably) going to differentiate from the Alpha Timeline with new ideas suggested and approved by the community. Or maybe without some of the ideas of the Alpha Timeline. And maybe even some ideas from other time…

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