• A, Mori

    A list of the currently decided skills used by Mori. Has three major iterations;

    • Kid Mori, referring to Mori's abilities used when s/he was a child
    • Teen Mori, referring to pre-Cat Mori young adult Mori's abilities
    • Cat Mori, referring to the abilities learned only after Mori underwent the transformation to an cat person

    • - Hits a single opponent with their equipped weapon, dealing normally low damage.
    • - Mori seems to have the natural ability to communicate telepathically.
      • - Has a 25% chance of inflicting on the target.
      • - Has a 33% chance of inflicting on the target.
    • - Used by Teen Mori and later forms. Greatly increases evasion for two turns.
    • - Used by Teen Mori and later forms. Removes all buffs held by opponent forces and temporarily nullifies th…

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  • ZoshiX

    ...and so space had been formed, and Gaia was pleased. Time had been formed, and pleased too, was Chronos. The fabric of the universe moved without wrinkle, without tear. All came together in a masterful work of law and order.

    For this, Chaos was not pleased, but rather bored with the current state of things.

    And so Chaos sent out a great light, which shined out through the stars of the universe. The light inhabited all matter, and gave it soul. With the power of this great light, the universe now had will. The light would form imperfections in the lawful fabric that had been sewn by Gaia and Chronos, in activity that could not be predicted by the laws of the universe, or even by the minds of the gods.

    For this, Chaos was then pleased.

    The gre…

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  • ZoshiX

    Nerd Stuff

    March 30, 2016 by ZoshiX

    According to Einstein's theory of relativity, the speed of light is a universal constant, and all other forces, such as the flow of time, will adjust themselves to ensure that the speed of light remains a constant value. Normally, due to the relatively weak gravitational impact of the world around us, we do not notice the effects of this phenomenon. There is one kind of place in the universe, however, where relativity is put to the test, black holes.

    The force of gravity stretches the fabric of space-time, depending on how massive the given object exerting gravitational forces is. The way graviy distorts space would make it to where light must adjust speed to cover the same distance in the same amount of time. However, because the speed of …

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  • A, Mori

    Character Page Template

    March 24, 2016 by A, Mori

    Description of the character's personality traits.

    Description of the character's physical appearance.

    Biography of the character in the numerous timelines.

    Relationships with other characters.

    Alternate forms that the character takes on in the stories, or potential ones.

    Battles Won

    • Battles the character has won

    Battles Lost

    • Battles the character has lost

    Inconclusive Battles

    • Battles the character has been involved in with inconclusive results (interrupted fight, draw, etc.)

    Battle Assists

    • Battles the character has assisted one or more characters with in winning


    • Characters that this character has killed on their own


    • Characters that this character has helped kill/had help killing


    • Times this character has died/been killed

    What their stats…

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  • A, Mori

    List of Transformations

    March 21, 2016 by A, Mori

    ((To be made into a mainspace page probably?

    Anyway, this is supposed to list the types of transformations that characters take on within the stories. Talks about instances of the transformations happening and the sort of effects (visual, powers, etc.) that they have usually.

    Also, WIP))

    The Ryus are Monsters that have unlocked a powerful form through training in special arts. These arts can be learned in a variety of ways, and they are often treated as the special or ultimate power of a monster. Utilizing the biological trait of a Ryu art can alter the form of a monster.

    There are a number of effects that are universal in Ryus. First of all, when a Ryu art is activated, the monster will nearly double in size, and previous visible "imperfectio…

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  • A, Mori

    Fusion Frenzy

    March 19, 2016 by A, Mori

    Improbable character fusion possibilities, partnered at random, with some specifically selected for being sort-of good ideas for design things. Made for fun I guess

    • Raptaku (Raptor/Taku) - The president of Ludus
    • Baxuipter (Baxter/Kuipter) - Very technology oriented
    • Sanforit (Sanford/Croburit "")
    • Calerynis (Caledonia/Merynis)
    • Xaviazro (Xavier/Lazro)
    • Samainyu (Samuel/Mainyu)
    • PJ Mercex (Poxten/TJ Mercer) - Very dapper
    • Mercuraion (Mercuron/Zaion)
    • Mjurankvl (Mjura/Hankvl) - Aesthetic
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  • A, Mori
    • - The original version of Teteoh. Upon Ascending and becoming partially a deity, all timelines were retconned and altered by the influence from Teteoh's existence.
      • (Pre-Awakening)
      • (Post-Awakening)
      • (Post-Ascension)
      • (Post-Ascension, Missing Feathers) - The Original Teteoh was the one who gave life to Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl.
      • (Post-Ascension, Dead) - The Original Teteoh was quickly killed by Chronos due to being a fairly weak being.
      • (Post-Ascension, Inner Being) - The Original Teteoh later became an Inner Being of the Teteoh existing in the new timeline that Original Teteoh had created through the retcon of existence done upon ascension. This Teteoh is known as True Teteoh.
    • - This is the Teteoh that we know. They became the most powerful being in …
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  • A, Mori

    Suggestion dump for potential superboss battles that would be at the end of FB video games


    Imagining if TKF were a video game

    In the story(/stories), it's made clear that the Will Fragment is the most powerful thing, as it's essentially used to beat both Kuipter and Shenanigans with ease. So, at least in this little corner of a video game, the most difficult fight would logically be against someone who owns the Will Fragment. This would be a theoretical scenario as well as somewhat plot related for the story, in terms of how Revelian came to own the Will Fragment - So, Rev vs. TI

    The battle would probably play out like this:

    • Thristel-Immo doesn't have the Will Fragment activated at first, but after a short while, Thristel-Immo decides to us…

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  • A, Mori

    Cool link text effect??

    February 19, 2016 by A, Mori

    I was on the SU wiki and I saw the cool/weird effect thing they had when you hovered over/clicked the links. I think it's cool and I wondered if the admins here are up for the thing on this wiki, or nah if that's not our style I guess

    I copied it slightly and changed it to be with our link colours. apparently it's supposed to be posted in the Common.css for it to work the right way. Here's the text to copy if we want to do it:

    /* Links */ a:hover { text-shadow: 0 0 2.5px #00AA00, 0 0 2.5px #00AA00; color: #00AA00 !important;  text-decoration:none;  -webkit-transition: all .4s linear 0s;  -moz-transition: all .4s linear 0s;  -ms-transition: all .4s linear 0s;  -o-transition: all .4s linear 0s;  transition: all .4s linear 0s; } a {  c… Read more >
  • ZoshiX

    Things and Stuff

    February 18, 2016 by ZoshiX

    Don't mind me I'm just putting the Fan-Ball RPG idea shit that however unlikely to ever come into fruition, I want to record instead of have bumbling about inside only my brain.

    Battle Format Idea: Typical RPG battle format, but with action-commandy aspect for dodging, countering, and executing, most exemplary thing I can think of is the Mario & Luigi series of games.

    Game Progression Idea: Have a typical storyline for playthrough, but special offshoot lines for completing certain challenges, making certain decisions, etc. Perhaps even two "main" alternate storylines, where the player sides more with demonic aligned characters or angelic/god trio aligned characters.

    Each character's arc starts with them being alone, then eventually meeting up…

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  • A, Mori

    Changing the Lore

    February 18, 2016 by A, Mori


    So, for a while I've been sort of contemplating the whole lore of Ethereals and Soul Flames and junk like that and I've undergone a decision to reach to alterations in the whole species relation and stuff about that. I've been thinking about this more and more what with the involvement with aura going on

    As a notice, the retcon stuff here is going to conflict with Fire InThe Hole's characters' story's a bit (sorry about that), but I figure that he'll be smart and resourceful enough to adjust in turn with it

    Aether quantities create deposits of aura. Pure aura can be harmful to biological material and often disintegrates matter around it due to the energy it produces (i.e. imagine a character using an aura bolt or something of the like o…

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  • A, Mori

    Aura Info Junk

    February 16, 2016 by A, Mori

    One of these blogs again

    • [[Mori|]]
      • [[Mori/Delta Timeline|]]
    • [[Asmodeus|]]
    • [[Asterion|]]
    • [[Beelzebub|]]
    • [[Belphegor|]]
    • [[User:A, Mori/Biira|]]
    • [[Caledonia|]]
    • [[Chaos|]]
    • [[Chronos|]]
    • [[Corona|]]
    • [[Delinius|]]
    • [[Ellona|]]
    • [[Gaia|]]
    • [[Hankvi|]]
    • [[Hankvl|]]
    • [[Isevel|]]
    • [[Issus|]]
    • [[Ivan|]]
    • [[User:A, Mori/Jace-Rodney|]]
    • [[Dr. Sand|]]
    • [[Lazro|]]
    • [[Leviathan|]]
    • [[Linthe|]]
    • [[Loripathys|]]
    • [[Lucifer|]]
    • [[Ludicrine|]]
    • [[Mammon|]]
    • [[Mainyu|]]
    • [[Mercedes|]]
    • [[Mercuron|]]
    • [[Merynis|]]
    • [[User:A, Mori/Mjura|]]
    • [[Murtaw|]]
    • [[Poisonshot|]]
    • [[Poxten|]]
    • [[Radiant|]]
    • [[Revelian|]]
    • [[Samuel|]]
    • [[Satan|]]
    • [[Zero|]]
    • [[Seira|]]
    • [[Shane|]]
    • [[Shenanigans|]]
    • [[Taku|]]
    • [[Thristel-Immo|]]
    • [[Xavier|]]
    • [[Zoshi|]]

    Post suggestions/related info in the comments if you want to

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  • ZoshiX

    Aura Magic Effectiveness

    February 4, 2016 by ZoshiX

    A loose interpretation of aura in Fan-Ball terms is a light-like soul-ish energy thing which can be used to channel magic, in a nutshell. I was thinking about this concept and wondered, what if there's more to color of a character's aura than just style? I've conjured up an idea for a game-like mechanic that incorporates aura magic. 

    In this model, characters with very different aura colors' magic is more powerful against each other, and similar colors are weaker against each other (sort of in the sense that objects of a certain color actually absorb opposite colors and reflect their own). 

    Let's say that the best magic damage multiplier you can have is 2x, and the worst is 0.25x. If we use these values, a formula for aura magic damage would…

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  • HankGuideDude

    << Go back to main blog.

    RPG stuff goes here. N2S: Tabbers between timelines?

    • - Said to be crafted by his late and great lusus, and appears to be in a heavily used condition. Has base bleed chances of 10% and increases speed and evasion by +30% but decreases attack by -50%.
      • Exists in most timelines except for the Delta timeline.
    • - Originally owned by his ancestor Pensiver Axeswish. Has base bleed of 23% but speed is suffered by -10% due to the mass of the axe blade, as well as 10% chance of inflicting Art Seal for a single turn.
      • Exists in most timelines except for the Delta timeline in a different ownership, the Eta timeline, and Alpha-Fixed timeline under the ownership of the Alpha-Unaltered self, due to it becoming unusable in said timeline b…

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  • HankGuideDude

    [[User blog:HankGuideDude/Hia-logue 4(.13 for real): Hankvi Guidza and The Tipsy Timelines|

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  • A, Mori

    The Forged Fates/Epilogue

    January 21, 2016 by A, Mori

    Section Selection

    In a plane of white light, Kuipter's form slowly materialized.


    Kuipter found himself slowly drifting about in a state of near-consciousness. There was something all around him, and all within him, but he had no idea what it could be, or how exactly to make it out.

    He slowly opened his eye, and found himself in a strange realm. He was surrounded mostly by a pure white light, though, in some places, he saw beams and shapes that were of some magenta coloring. Every magenta object seemed to be flaming. Kuipter could see beyond the shapes, there was nothing but a space of strange, unidentifiable matter, that appeared somewhat light greyish-jade in colouring.

    "... where... am... I...?" Kuipter inadvertently asked, to no one in…

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  • A, Mori

    Section Selection

    "" Kuipter yelled, as he dropped a fist of light towards the duo.

    Zachary and Revelian quickly dodged, floating up away from the fist. It pounded with a mighty sound on the ever-changing ground, though it missed its intended targets.

    Zachary and Revelian then held their swords and flew close to one another, so as to slice at the wrist of the body of light. They had not cut deep, but still, the limb quickly jerked upward, as if in pain.

    "" Kuipter let out a pained sound. He then held out his hand, and shot wildly into the area. Kuipter fired bolts of yellow energy that were much larger than what Zachary and Revelian had seen before. The bolts he fired now appeared to have a diameter equal, if not greater, to their entire heigh…

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  • A, Mori

    Section Selection

    Zachary looked up at the ceiling. From above, a tall figure began to slowly levitate downwards to the ground. Zachary saw all the familiar features of Revelian. His messy hair was spiked upwards, appearing almost like a dark purple flame without movement. He was tall and thin, the same familiar shape of Revelian. He now wore the grey suit of a high-ranking military officer, with highlights of reds and blues, along with some gold accessories; reminiscent of the outfits he had worn before, but now with a more official and daunting appearance. Zachary noticed some differences about him. He was the same shape of Revelian, but he didn't appear the same size; it looked as if he was bigger than before. As well, his visor now seem…

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  • A, Mori

    Section Selection

    The aircraft's flight took a short time, and brought Zachary and Alden to a whole other continent after an hour or so. The land was known as Mavus, and wasn't very populated, other than by some foreign religious gridmasks. However, the Ludusian government under the Emporer had a base or two legally placed on parts of the land.

    There was a short travel through a more populated area, where some native gridmasks decided to encounter Zachary. As he passed by, they decided to throw some "fortune-telling" at him, saying some nonsense about a slayer killing his friend, and a yellow symbol of death and tyranny. Zachary told them all that he'd beware of it, though he mostly tried to forget about all that they said to him, secretly d…

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  • A, Mori

    Section Selection

    "Good news... I think we're pretty close to the factory by now." Zachary stated. "Maybe about fifteen minutes or a half-hour of walking, at most."

    "Whew!" Ludicrine let out an exhausted breath. "It's about time."

    "That thing is so big... we can see it even from here." Samuel gaped at the facility.

    "It's Dr. Sand's base of operations, apparently... can't believe that no one ever decided to check out that big place, though."

    "Well, the power plants in the nearby area had been destroyed at times, too. Probably for Sand to try and not draw attention to the area in particular." Zachary added. "We wouldn't really look anywhere in particular if we didn't have any leads on it, anyway."

    "I mean... this big, abandoned factory, though? Ho…

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  • A, Mori

    Section Selection

    Zachary's voice echoed through the speakers in the building.

    "Revelian Zeronius, report to my office, right now. This is urgent. I repeat, Revelian Zeronius, report to my office, right now."

    Zachary interlocked his fingers and placed them onto his desk.

    "... He sure is taking his time." Ludicrine commented.

    "I know. That's why I'm nervous."

    "You think maybe he didn't show up for work today?" Samuel asked.

    "He signed in, though."

    "But he never signed out. So we don't know when he left."

    Suddenly, the door to the office swung open with a load roar. Zachary immediately jumped out of his chair.


    "I came as fast as I could!" Lazro exclaimed, panting.

    Zachary slowly sat back down.

    "I... I didn't call for you."

    "But you called Reveli…

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  • A, Mori

    Section Selection

    "He's been going by the name of just "Dr. Sand", reportedly, but he's been identified as a man who used to work for the Ludusian government." Zachary explained. "The last that anyone heard from him was when he went on an extended vacation, and then packed up a lot of resources from his workshop. The next time the name was mentioned was the first time Dr. Sand started to attack..."

    "Doctor Sand..." Revelian looked down for a moment. "I... I feel like I've heard that name before. I mean, like, before the attacks."

    "I've heard of him, too." Samuel spoke up, with a bit of enthusiasm in his tone. "That was the guy who was made to work on Big Halley, after Cassiopeia roughed it up."

    "Wait a minute!" Revelian's eye widened. "I remem…

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  • A, Mori

    The Forged Fates/Prologue

    January 20, 2016 by A, Mori

    Section Selection

    "This prophecy has been obscured... and it appears as if it's going to be fulfilled very soon." A voice quietly spoke. "Damnit... that's no good."

    The figure attempted to activate their aura with the Telepathy Board.

    "Ugh... I can't bring it back unless another prophecy is obscured?!" The voice swore. "Ugh, and most of these are all about the near future... that's just great.

    The figure listened to a prophecy from the Telepathy Board.

    A man's despair turns to rage, He enacts return; then engage. Sifting shadows have set the stage: On land of , the war will rage! Invite the clash of and ! The lords will die by a fated hand! Invite the clash of and ! Tears and blood will stain the throne! The time will come and bring , And f…
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  • A, Mori

    The Forged Fates

    January 20, 2016 by A, Mori

    This is a story based off of Dr. Sand: Twisted Fates. It's probably not "canon", in the sense that it's intended to replace the story it's based off of in whatever the current edition of our "new canon order official plot" thing is. There are a lot of changes made overall, as well as a number of changes to background plot surrounding the things. "Basically" the same story, in the end, I guess.

    NOTE: Currently needs Ludicrine to be replaced with Bax. Ludi's name is featured around a hundred times I think, and he's described in the beginning as a Serrangio. He also is portrayed as having the ability to fly more than once, which is something that a gridmask probably wouldn't have. Needs another explanation for that. Also his anchor/magic use m…

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  • Jumbods64

    It's literally just Cave Story. I don't think I'm ready for completely original premises yet...

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  • A, Mori


    January 11, 2016 by A, Mori

    Nemesis was a deity of indignation and retribution, brought forth from the darkness by Chaos, as the sibling of Eris. Chaos designated Nemesis as one of the dictating factors of reality, as the balanced counterpart of appreciation and forgiveness. The name Nemesis commonly became associated with rivals due to the nature of Nemesis. Nemesis more commonly came to associate with the universe and month Antagonist (by more commonly appearing in this universe, and more commonly appearing in that month).

    At some unknown period of time, on Ludus, Caledonia had come to truly develop her belief of hatred towards both the deities whom her sister hated and her sister/the demonkind whom her sister allied herself with. Taking note of such wrathful and an…

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  • HankGuideDude

    First the pets have held me, and now the stories - to have been keeping the integrity of this wiki. But first, an exposition that I didn't appear to have done in my OWN journal. This is only to be read by those who are to cope with my rants about past personal experiences.

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  • Samuel17


    January 3, 2016 by Samuel17

    From now on I'll be writing about how my life goes. Probably more convenient than userpage news.


    Midterms are very near. Not sure how I feel. I do not fear them, but I don't feel that ready as well. Huh.

    Anyhow, good news: Mum may have decided to let me use the laptop again. That, or she completely and totally forgot about my computer ban. But does it really matter? I can use laptop on weekdays again!

    I'd also like to congratulate Mori and Ivan for their newly found adminship.


    Oh boy, would you look at the date!

    It's the final day of vacations. Great.

    10th grade is, over here at least, often considered the most important scholar year, so I probably will tryhard through the various schoolwork. I'll try not to juggle last-minute h…

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  • A, Mori


    Kuipter and his brother were spiraling around in the air, their energies mingling upon each other, appearing as some sort of orange flame. Their forms became damaged by the force of one another... but Kuipter's energy proved dominant. Revelian was rocketed outwards from the auric pyro, and landed onto the ground.

    Kuipter's energy faded for a moment. His eye gave a confident gleam, and the dark yellow energy around him began to dissipate. He'd gotten the upper hand on his older brother now.

    But the dark matter smiled too quickly following his victory. There was a sudden flash of white, and Kuipter thought then that the image of an angel had appeared before him. Though, too late, Kuipter realized what he was seeing, as the wings…

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  • A, Mori


    December 21, 2015 by A, Mori

    Cortia is supposed to replace Hunny as a character. Hunny's page can probably be deleted, or its content replaced with this and renamed.

    Cortia Aexros is the Bizarro counterpart of Amygea Moriam. Cortia is a Class-A citizen. Cortia's pesterchum tag is .

    About half a century prior to modern times, Cortia Aexros was born as one of the three triplets of Larua Aexros, along with Malris and Sydria. Being of the same flesh as the body that Larua was reborn in, the three siblings were of equal adequacy for becoming the vessel of the demonic creature who originally owned the body.

    After the death of Larua, Malris made sure to wipe the memories that their other siblings had of the events that transpired of their death, and also acted to make Cortia bli…

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  • A, Mori


    December 14, 2015 by A, Mori
    • Liwiya Lanzer
    • Satan (Pre-ascension)
    • Teteoh Prismus Nordozar Separa Zeronius
    • Thristel-Immo Altari
    • The Dictator (?)
    • Reimai
    • Maynef
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  • GhostCheese

    personality quiz bs

    December 8, 2015 by GhostCheese

    hey so i really like personality quizzes that tell you your strengths and flaws but im often critical of them because they're biased as hell but i kinda like this one because no matter if u get high or low in a subject it still suggests a possible flaw (i mean like you should still take results with a grain of salt because of self-report bias)

    anyway im kinda curious about what other fanballers might score? so like if u wanna take it cool

    anyway my results are

    narcissism 27%
    unconventionality 66%
    empiricism 61%
    vitality 38%
    othercentrism 11%
    independence 38%
    integrity 16%
    intellect 100%
    stoicism 0%
    orderliness 38%
    dynamism 56%
    activity 5%
    romanticism 11%
    hedonism 66%

    if u take the quiz you can read what those mean but ba…

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  • A, Mori

    the blood thief

    December 7, 2015 by A, Mori



    Croburit Nefaskind was born as the child of Ipull, an oumeth warlord, and an Awakened gridmask named Hemmora Nefaskind. His oumeth parent had come to the planet Vestiba in a visit throughout time, and had come into contact with Hemmora, who had accidentally gotten lost and transported to Vestiba, when they formed a bond and eventually had a child.

    Croburit was born and raised on Vestiba alongside Itwonel, another Facade (who was the child of Doccex) who he could relate with. The two came to be close and regarded one another as adoptive brothers, more commonly known in the non-Vestiban culture of their roots.

    Croburit eventually rose up through the ranks of Vestiba to become one of the major contributors to the black market system that the…

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  • GhostCheese

    please send me memes

    December 4, 2015 by GhostCheese

    hi, i recently made a pet and i wasn't sure what to do with it but i had a memetacular idea

    this is the pet

    anyway this is a meme contest. link an image. whichever user sends the meme i like the best gets the pet


    1. this contest is beginning at 12:35 PM Central Time for me. you have 24 hours to send a meme

    2. memes are an art form, and art is subjective. i am the judge of the meme quality. keep this in mind

    3. it can be any kind of meme, new or old, but it MUST be a meme. if you're questioning if it's a meme, it probably isn't

    4. you can make the meme yourself, or you can scour the internet for memes

    5. however, no two users can submit the exact same meme submission

    have fun

    mori wins by default and gets the pet congratz

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  • A, Mori

    So imagine this thing

    December 4, 2015 by A, Mori

    About a month after WTU:2 would have happened I think?

    Mori is suspected for having involvement with previous terrorist attacks that have befallen the planet Ludus over the past year and a half now. So, s/he is taken in for investigation by the Ludusian government. During this, Mori is arrested merely under suspicion, but then s/he is busted out by Caledonia, who destroys much of the facility in the process, thus pretty much confirming it.

    So, Mori and Cale then start to head out to the island where Hankvi's hive is, and there's a ship owned by Hankvl waiting for them. But, along the way, Ludi, Zach, Rev, and Hank start following after them, knowing that they are criminals, and that Mori's betrayed them. Rev specifically wants to kill Mori.


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  • A, Mori

    Character Groups

    December 2, 2015 by A, Mori

    In lieu of Protagonist/Antagonist categories, perhaps there could be lists of groups that characters are present in, instead, as has been suggested

    Here's a list of the major groups in canon, in hopes that we can make such a format at some point:

    • Creation Trio
      • Chaos
      • Gaia
      • Chronos
    • Negalife Harbingers
      • Teteoh
      • Houth/HOOTH
      • Quanivore/quan
      • The Blender of Souls/BlendeR
    • Night Terrors
      • Jaraah
      • Salbok
      • Daekush
    • Golems
      • Hankvl
      • Josedong
      • Clownmud
      • Ludicrime
    • Princes of Hell
      • Lucifer
      • Mammon
      • Asmodeus
      • Satan
      • Beelzebub
      • Leviathan
      • Belphegor
      • Apelpisia
    • Everspring Ancients
      • Atsa'an
      • Illustrio
      • Nativa
      • Arkaelo
      • Morrtum
    • Warstorm Trio
      • Melinoe
      • Indra
      • Minerva
    • Elder Dragon Trio
      • Calimet
      • Valkis
      • Galatha
    • Grey Agents
      • Caledonia
      • Hankvl
      • Mori
      • Mainyu (former)
      • Luciras
    • Ludusian Witches
      • etc.
    • Manic Witches
      • Mori
      • Jericho
      • etc.
    • SGRUB Beta2 Players
      • Ellona
      • Ar…
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  • Josewong

    Portable Infobox Question

    December 1, 2015 by Josewong
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  • A, Mori

    Power Scale V2

    December 1, 2015 by A, Mori


    1. Onestone
    2. [[Zalgo|]]
    3. [[Teteoh|]]
    4. [[Chaos|]]
    5. [[Gaia|]]
    6. [[Chronos|]]
    7. [[Lucifer|]]
    8. [[Leviathan|]]
    9. [[Satan|]]
    10. [[Belphegor|]]
    11. [[Asmodeus|]]
    12. [[Mammon|]]
    13. [[Beelzebub|]]
    14. Halvak
    15. Groy
    16. [[Atsa'an|]]
    17. [[Caledonia|]]
    18. [[Ellona|]]
    19. [[Taku|]]
    20. [[Mura|]]
    21. [[Revelian|]] (sans Kaiser)
    22. [[Thristel-Immo|]]
    23. [[Loripathys|]]
    24. ""
    25. [[Kuipter|]]
    26. [[Merynis|]]
    27. [[Zero|]]
    28. [[Zaion|]] (sans Teteoh, sans Subconscious Fragment)
    29. [[Ivan|]]
    30. [[Ludicrine|]]
    31. [[Mori|]]
    32. [[Makina|]]
    33. [[Xavier|]]
    34. [[Zoshi|]]
    35. [[Sanford|]]
    36. [[Shenanigans|]]
    37. [[Seira|]]
    38. [[Mercuron|]]
    39. [[Delinius|]]
    40. [[Radiant|]]
    41. [[Hankvi|]]
    42. [[Hankvl|]]
    43. [[Mainyu|]]
    44. [[Stickbeard|]]
    45. [[Lazro|]]
    46. [[Masa|]]
    47. [[Samuel|]]
    48. [[Iala|]]
    49. [[Nazca Colony Drone Nr. 1288|]]
    50. [[Shane|]]
    51. [[Dr. Sand|]]
    52. [[Poxten|]]
    53. [[Poisonshot|]]
    54. Everyone else
    55. Speddos
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  • A, Mori

    Timeline thingies

    November 30, 2015 by A, Mori
    See also: User blog:ZoshiX/Timelines (and comments)
    Mori's page also has almost all of the defined timelines that I can think of in there

    Credits to User:HankGuideDude for making the table, which I slightly altered

    Thing Alpha-Unsplit}} Alpha-Doomed/Alpha-Unaltered}} Alpha-Saved/Alpha-Fixed}} |Alpha-Unified}} Alpha-Offshoot}} Beta}} Gamma/Anothertime}} Delta/ZedEx}} |Eta/Tyrant Trio}} Theta/Teteoh Takeover}} Iota/The Finity}} Mu/Moo}} Nu/Nazcan}} Rho/Splation-Ludus}} |Sigma/SFANB}} Phi/Holiday}} Omega/Ultrasona}}
    • Timeline: What is the "main" timeline, from which all other timelines are compared by. See Fan-Ball Timeline for a detailed list of events from which there can be put a comparison to. The Alpha Timeline is a name given to the Alpha-Unsplit…

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  • TheFanMaster

    Heyy guyzz!! Its my 6th year of dan ball today... And nothings the same like before... We all are lost in our lives... This wiki is dying... So are we getting seperated from each other... So let's connect on facebook to be friends till the end... My facebook ID is: "Rifaqat Islam Tasin".... Search it, and you'll find a kid wearin' a sunglass... Yep, that's me... Comment your fb ID below so that I could find you... (currently db is banned in our country due to security reasons... bt whn its ovr, ill find u guys) Please guys comment!

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  • Look-a-troopa

    Or, rather, the more obscure categories.

    Denizens of Heaven. Their bodies can always regenerate from any harm, lest their "core" gets damaged to a breaking point.

    • Theriel - Half-angel of Martedian ancestry.

    Eldritch beings that walk among the living but display severe anomalous behaviour.

    • - Voidspawn with many siblings, all taking on a goat-like form to different degrees of success. She only moves when not perceived.
    • - One of Sadie's siblings. Can only slide across the surface, in any of four directions. Emits constant bleating sounds.

    Beings literally born from the psyche of the living. Can be taken out of their captor's mind by outer forces. Some are mundane, almost like regular living, but some display massively anomalous behaviour because of…

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  • Look-a-troopa


    November 21, 2015 by Look-a-troopa






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  • A, Mori

    Ludusian Witches pet pack

    November 20, 2015 by A, Mori
    • Issus: Big Red ? Fairy
      • Note: Has red gears behind their head
    • Canzona: Big Bronze ? ?
    • Viguiera: Big Gold ? ?
    • Ishtar: Big Lime ? Tree
    • Caledonia: Big Green Demon (LAT) Serpent
      • Note: Will probably be heavily mutated, with perhaps similar features to . Possibly, some parts of it will have the Space head behind them
    • Teapa: Big Jade Vampire Basilisk
    • Raskova: Big Teal Mystic ?
    • Goneion: Big Cerulean Amanita Tarantula
      • Note: Rectangular arms will have Lightning and Bomb heads in them
    • Mainyu: Big Blue ? Forcefield
      • Note: Head will have a Void Head behind it
    • Siegler: Big Purple ?/Flame Cordyceps (?)
      • Note: Smaller heads will be flame head
    • Trewinnard: Big Violet ? Trout
      • Note: Head and body will have Wyvern (LD) wings as a mutation
    • Cocytus: Big Fuchsia ? ?
    • Zaion: Big Grey/B…
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  • Fire InThe Hole

    This is an archive for the "WHAT UPDATE " blog.

    Year sections are sorted downwards, while the posts are sorted newest first.

    • 2014 -  2014 was a year of generally stupid edits in my case. Almost no story material from this time, if any at all, has any sort of significance now. 
    • 2015 - 2015 was... interesting. October was everything but pleasant, but there was also a lot of positive activity in this time. A lot of story elements originating from this time have been altered a lot and some have been retconned to some extent, though base elements that remain now are still here. 
    • 2016 - 2016 I can't put my finger on just yet. It's been too short ago to really look back on properly. All I can say is that I regard all conflicts from this time as reall…
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  • A, Mori

    The Grey Agents

    November 19, 2015 by A, Mori

    Originally, the organization known as the Grey Agents was formed by a man named Nicholas Flammel, who wished for a world in which mortals were seen as the greatest beings, unaltered by the will of the gods. In his seeing the ways of the gods to be flawed, his views are often attributed more to the morality shared by the Archdemon and demonkind, despite the specification of mortals contradicting this. Nicholas Flammel was believed to have created a Stone which would extend the longevity of mortals to potentially infinite reaches, though, as he went into hiding long ago, the truth behind this is unknown.

    The Grey Agents as a grouped were later revived by Caledonia, who held morality different from the gods and the demons, something kept secre…

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  • Look-a-troopa

    The Zones

    November 18, 2015 by Look-a-troopa

    Zones are diversions of the "main" set of universes (′) accessed through . They are metaphysically located in "bubbles" linked to key locations within ′, though "Subzones" exist within the diversions themselves as well. A zone located in a zone (Zone^2) is called a "Subzone once removed"; a zone in a zone in a zone (Zone^3) is called a "Subzone thrice removed", etc. Zones, much like the Bizarro Sequence Universes (Ƅ), may contain "Subversed Characterisations", conceptual counterparts of "Characters" within the canon. However, unlike with Ƅ, "Outsiders" (Demons, Angels, Deities, Voidspawn, Terrorborn, Anthro-conceptuals, etc.) are not exempt from subversed characterisation. It is because of this reason that is an ability reserved for the f…

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  • A, Mori

    Mu Timeline

    November 16, 2015 by A, Mori

    A page for informationalisms on Mu. This timeline is going to be mostly owned by me, kind of like Beta to Ludi, so it would be preferred if no one went crazy with character-establishments in this timeline just yet, but I am open to ideas as to whatever your character(s) in this timeline could do. Note that I've pretty much already come up with the major roles in this, though.

    In the Mu timeline, in lieu of the regularly-used ADC, standing for Anno DeCurro, the years go by ADG, meaning Anno de Gridmasque. This is standing for the fact that, instead of Ludicrine being coronated as emporer on a certain date, a member of the de Gridmasque family is. This is a bit of a big spoiler for the story though, as this detail isn't touched upon for a whi…

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  • A, Mori


    November 12, 2015 by A, Mori

    So here's me talking about an idea I had in the only way I now how I guess

    Luciras Emlba, character meant to be the replacement of Gonzales Isles Jr. Her colour is , and she was born 3/06/-907 ADC

    Technically speaking she is the [great * x] aunt of Zoshi, though he regards her as a chosen ancestor of sorts (kind of like Hankvi and Hankvl, or Leviathan and Leviathan, or Ludicrine and Sanford, etc.). She also kind of prefers that Zach call her aunt, though he would mostly call her Lucie or aunt Lucie sometimes I guess

    She was originally a Dragonkin born on Ludus, who joined a military force that protected the Isles Kingdom from cultist/terrorist Dragonkind and Twinfeelers/monsters that wondered off from the Wonder Jungle, and she was a great wa…

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  • Specterbird

    D I S G U S T I N G

    November 7, 2015 by Specterbird

    Goodbye until further notice. 

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  • JWDD

    nonchalantPessimist   Has began pestering concealedDragon .

    NP: hey, hey man.

    NP; i've done a thing man.

    CD: What is it?

    NP; i've finnally set up a fan-ball account!

    CD: What are you gonna do with it?

    NP; well i'm finnaly gonna progress my story, and i'm gonna make you help me!

    CD:What should I do, then?

    NP; make a profile, don't be a shit, and follow these rules: 1 don't mess with DMS, 2 check with me before you do anything so we don't break any rules, 3, post some of your characters and stories, 4, there isn't a rule four.

    Np; M'kay?

    CD: I don't really feel like it.

    NP; what if i post Ong Pong Mong,[fakethreatisfake]

    CD: Oh shitoshitohshitt ok fine.


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