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This is the Cell Center. Here, you can merge cells to create creatures! Each creature requires at most 2-3 cells to create. You may also donate new cells for others to use. Cell supply is unlimited.


You may ask for permission in the comments, but you may or may not be accepted, based on your reputation.


These people cannot, for any reason whatsoever, edit NOR participate in these pages. That includes adopting, adding seeds, etc. Ban time may vary.

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  • If you are inactive for more than two weeks and you have cells not merged, they will be confiscated.
  • You can adopt your cells, but you can't make the result.
  • You must claim your pet.
  • You may germinate a result from anywhere from one to five cells, with two to three cells yielding optimal, healthy results.
  • Any species/heads can be used, although it has better tendencies to create new species/heads than breeding.


  • Code 1: Must have a good reputation or you must be an admin/bureaucrat.
  • Code H: Not compatible with cells that guaranties a head.
  • Code B: Not compatible with cells that guaranties a body.

The Cells

# Picture Name Source Base Genotype Special Adoption Requirements or Notes Creator
1 Ao Cell Ao Cell Ao Oni - Taken from a corpse from an Ao Oni. Look-a-troopa
2 Plant Cell Plant Cell Plant - Based on a plant. Poisonshot
3 Mammalian Cell Mammalian Cell Mammal - Based on a mammal. Poisonshot
4 Water Cell Water Cell Water - Result will live in water. Poisonshot
5 Seaweed Cell Seaweed Cell Seaweed - Based on seaweed. Poisonshot
6 DMCell DM Cell Revelian - Warning: Sheer awesomeness exerted from cell can cause nuclear explosions if fused with faulty cells. Handle with utmost care. Taken from DMS' own DNA. Codes 1 and H DMSwordsmaster
7 Euclid Cell Euclid Cell Abandoned Lab - Used in the past in a secret lab. Nothing is known about how it affects other cells. Look-a-troopa
8 Osteoblast Osteoblast Pile of Bones - These still-living cells were found in a pile of bones. Look-a-troopa
9 Cubic Cell Cubic Cell Unidentified Corpse - Taken from a Corpse in a small underground room along with a cage with ashes inside. Resulting species will be "geometric" (Tumbler, Square, Golem, etc.) Look-a-troopa
10 Castle Cell Castle Cell Castle Boss First Mars Cell! Will always have the palette of Castle Boss, and most time have Skull head. Normally, it have an enlarged version of the usual species. Poisonshot
11 Shrine Cell Shrine Cell Submarine Shrine Boss First Venus Cell! Result will be an Eel. Code B. Poisonshot
12 Pyramid Cell Pyramid Cell Pyramid Boss - Will alternate the resulting species' and heads. Poisonshot
13 Vessel Cell Vessel Cell Oasis Boss DNA + Green Smiley Walker DNA - Pets grown with it are very healthy and are social. Poisonshot
15 Gem Cell Gem Cell Rare Gems from Golems - Taken from a gem growing on a golem. Look-a-troopa
16 Pentagon Cell Pentagon Cell Cavern 5 - Guaranties a Pentagon head. Code H. Poisonshot
17 Vampire Cell Vampire Cell Beach 3 - Guaranties a Vampire head. Code H. Poisonshot
18 Zero Cell Zero Cell Snowfield Cavern - Extremely Cold! Poisonshot
19 Magma Cell Magma Cell Safe Place 1 - Incredibly Hot! Poisonshot
20 Temperature Cell Temperature Cell Uberlands 1 - Can be both Extremely Cold and Incredibly Hot! Poisonshot
21 Alt Troll Cell Troll Cell Part of Hankvi's horn - Gives a greyish skin, yellow eyes, random blood color and adds horns in random shapes and sizes. HankGuideDude
22 Powder Cell Powder Cell Powder (Powder) - The pet will have similarities with the Powder Game powder. Poisonshot
23 Stickplayer Cell Stickplayer Cell Player - The pet will be able of absorbing types or other pets, but the attack produced is very weak. Jumbods64
24 ScribbleCell Scribble Cell Maxwell's cheek - - Jumbods64
25 Nazca Cell Nazca Cell Nazca Colony Drone The pet will have the eye mutation and the arms of Nazcan Creatures. NazcaColonyDrone1288
26 X-Cell X-Cell Grodus The pet will be guaranteed to have a Grodus head, be ♂, and probably have some robotic organs. Code H HankGuideDude
27 Carapacian Cell Carapacian Cell Carapacian - Pets will have a hard, exterior shell and be either completely white or black (dark gray due to background purposes) ZoshiX
28 Ice Cell Ice Cell Ice Castle Boss - Causes created organism to drop three variants of an ice-related item when defeated. May also give other ice properties. Poisonshot
29 Mori Cell Mori Cell Mori See here for details. A, Mori
30 Thunder Cell Thunder Cell Lightning-based organism - Result will most likely be yellow and have lightning properties. A, Mori
31 Spice Cell Spice Cell The Spice Girls - Result will most likely be red and have heat/"spicy" properties. A, Mori
32 Toxic Cell Toxic Cell Poisonshot('s arrows) - Result will have poisonous properties and most likely be purple or green. A, Mori
33 Random Cell Random Cell "An evolved gridmask" - Scrambles and nullifies most properties of other cells, making the result randomized. A, Mori
35 Twilight Cell Twilight Cell Twilight Sparkle Code B, providing an equine-based body. Grants the outcome dark magic abilities. A, Mori
36 Suicide Cell Suicide Cell Valarye Outcome will be dull and depressed, sporting an overwashed color scheme and a sad-looking head. A, Mori
37 Pinkie-Pie Cell Pinkie Pie Cell Pinkie Pie Outcome may have distortion-based powers. Josewong
38 Psychic Cell Psychic Cell Psychic humanoid - Outcome may have psychic powers and a humanoid structure. Josewong
39 Flying Cell Flying Cell Angel - Outcome will be capable of flight, will usually be airborne, or may be a hybrid species. Poisonshot
40 Robotic Cell Robotic Cell Created in a lab - Outcome will have mechanical parts imbued. Poisonshot
41 Aura Cell Aura Cell Priest - Outcome will have enhanced stats and aura. Poisonshot
42 Cherub Cell Cherub Cell Cherub - Outcome will be granted holiness and allegiance to a random Pantheon god. Josewong
43 Reptilian Cell Reptilian Cell Green Skull Snake - Outcome will result in reptilian features or a similar species. No misprints. Ludicrine
44 Adam Cell Adam Cell Adam - Grants the quality of angels, the servants of the gods. Look-a-troopa / Ludicrine
45 Yarn Cell Yarn Cell Unknown Organism - Made out of molecular yarn-based fibers. Josewong
46 Santa Claus Cell "Teleportation" Cell SANTER CLAUS Unknown Organism Taken from a gridmask with teleportation powers. Josewong
47 Trix Cell Trix Cell Trix Taken from Trix the UFO. May cause a pyro-based imbalance in chemical structure. Josewong
48 Card Cell Card Cell Card's Zombie - No misprints. Ludicrine
49 DragonBorn Cell Dragonborn Cell "Dragonborn" - Imbues the result with properties of the various races descended from dragons. (i.e. Dragonkin, Demidragon, Horses) Josewong
50 Windows Cell Windows Cell Windows X - May cause BSODs in the resulting pet. Josewong
51 3 Question Marked Cell ??? Cell Pink Boss Gel Spider - Josewong
52 3 Exclaimation Pointed Cell !!! Cell Pink Boss Coconut Germ - Josewong
53 Sofr Cell Sofr Cell Sofr - May produce colourful, glitch, or insectoid results. A, Mori
54 The Devourer Cell The Devourer Cell The Devourer of Gods - Resulting creature has Cosmic powers and is mostly covered in armored shells. Josewong / Unnamedblockster661
55 Unwheel Air Cell Unwheel Air Cell Unwheel Air - May result in very faste pets Josewong
56 Xirt Cell Xirt Cell Xirt Taken from Xirt the (un)legendary UFO. Josewong
57 Terrarium cell Terrarrium Cell A terrarrium [sic] - Result will be in a symbiotic relationship with a plant/fungus Cass delau

Fusions in Progress (Archive)

Adopter: Manmanofficial
Cells: Nazca + Stickplayer + Cubic + Spice + Ice

(Nazca Cell + Stickplayer Cell + Cubic Cell + Spice Cell + Ice Cell)

Merging expected by: N/A
Expected species: unknown
Note: none
Operator: unsigned
Result: none yet

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