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List of chests and keys and their icons.

Chests are fictional items always dropped by the currently-listed high-ranked megabosses: Behemoth, Chronos, Gaia, and Chaos.

They cannot be sold or used by regular means, but must be opened using a color-matched key. It can be dropped by any enemy in that respective megaboss's realm, although there is a chance of 1:2000 (0.05%) that it would be dropped.

Once opened, it will randomly select an item going along its theme (e.g. Chests from Chronos will yield Time-themed weapons).

Hell chest contents

Hell Chest Hell Key These chests will provide a fire weapon that is exclusive from the standardized weapon list. It is unknown how many there are. They are dropped by the Behemoth up to three (each with 33% drop rate).

Icon For Class Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT Additional Details Creator
Strange Aeons Wizard Strange Aeons ? ? ? ? Unknown ? ? ? Look-a-troopa
Note: Placeholder.
Celestial Orbs Magician Celestial Orbs ? ? ? ? Unknown ? ? ? Ludicrine
Note: Lore listed here.

Chronos chest contents

Chronos Chest Chronos Key These chests will provide a weapon that can alter the time in different ways. Most items from here are LV.T items with type Time. It is unknown how many there are, but currently there are three. They are dropped by Chronos for two at most (with 50% drop rate each).

Icon For Class Weapon LV AT AGI Range Bonus AT Creator
StaffofTimeIdea Priest Staff of Time 5? 5-10 1000-1000 70 Speed -50% (5s) HankGuideDude
Note: Slows the enemy down along with their AGI.
Technodeus Gladiator Technodeus T ? ? ? ? Look-a-troopa
Note: ?
Temporal Crowbar Clubber Temporal Crowbar T ? ? ? ? Look-a-troopa
Note: Bears similarity to the "Juju Breaker"... to an extent.
L'öür Gunner L'öür T ? ? ? ? Look-a-troopa
Note: ?

Gaia chest contents

Gaia Chest Gaia Key These chests will provide a weapon with unknown capabilities, assuming mostly related to nature or even its opposite. All of these items are LV.G and is unknown how many there really are, but currently there are two. They are dropped by Gaia for two at most (with 50% drop rate each).

Icon For Class Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT Additional Details Creator
Seafarer's Naufragio Hammerer Seafarer's Naufragio G ? ? ? Poison/Marine ? 1-1 (∞) ? Ludicrine
Note: The Hammerer must be underwater for it to be usable. Upon each hit against strictly-aquatic species, the enemy will randomly change its movement (swimming to flying and walking, to digging and teleporting, etc.) As a bonus, it places nearby enemies under a weak, permanent poison upon full charge if not immune to it.
Tenacious DiVinity Gunner Tenacious DiVinity G ? 70-80 60 Physical ? ? ? Ludicrine
Note: Lore states that "the weapon is aimed by Gaia herself, and as such, is guaranteed never to miss". When fired, a hit will automatically connect with the closest enemy on screen similarly to a Priest's standard attack. This weapon relies on user LP rather than Gold for its bullet costs, and is capable of killing its user if the player is not attentive enough.

Chaos chest contents

Chaos Chest Chaos Key These chests will provide "artifacts" that are mostly themed with dark-light conflicts. All of these are LV.C items and there are at most 42 different artifacts. Chaos will always drop one chest at a time.

See also: User:HankGuideDude/Makeshift Museum#Chaos Artifacts
Icon Weapon For Class LV AT AGI Range MP Bonus AT Additional Details Creator
Axe of chaos Axe of Chaos Lumberjack C 666-999 80-90 25 420 60-90 ×42 /
1-623 ×42
1% LP
- HankGuideDude
Note: Emits 42 of either mid-powered light bolts that have homing capabilities, or variably-powered dark bolts that have repelling capabilities, when activated. It also creates a grey cloud of Tenebrae that deals 1% LP to any entity (including characters) that travels from the contact point of damage in a random direction, so caution should be advised as to avoid unnecessary health drops during prolonged use.
Chaos Dual Sword(art) Chaos Dual Sword Dual Swordsman C 30-48 34-40 20 300 20-40 ×24 /
100-200 ×12
- Ivan247 (unofficially)
Note: Shoots 12 Dark Lasers or 24 Light Lasers depending on the Sword that hits the enemy when MP is fully charged.
Disorder's Demihammer Disorder's Demihammer Hammerer C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? HankGuideDude
Note: ?
Impure Souls Impure Souls Wizard C 1-198 /
350-400 150 Mana: 166(*2) HankGuideDude
Note: Launches two balls with different forms of attack: The ball of light travels in a wave, faster, and weaker than the darker ball. The dark ball travels straight, and has more power. Both leave after images behind and pierce through walls. If the wizard happens to have less than 334 (but more than 166), either the light or the dark ball is summoned.
Eye of Lodin Eye of Lodin Cyborg C ? ? ? ? ? / ? Block rate +25% HankGuideDude
Note: ?
Dao Arm Dao Arm Cyborg C ? ? ? ? ? / ? Block rate +25% HankGuideDude
Note: ?
Dao Leg Dao Leg Cyborg C ? ? ? ? ? / ? Block rate +25% HankGuideDude
Note: ?
Scythe of Chaos Wither's Wrath Reaper C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? ZoshiX
Note: ?
Abyss Splitter Abyss Splitter Gladiator C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? Look-a-troopa
Note: ?
Orb of Genesis Orb of Genesis Magician C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? HankGuideDude
Note: Doubles as an Exchanger, where stats will be randomized each time the screen changes.
Illithid Moonshine Illithid Moonshine Brewer C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? Look-a-troopa
Note: ?
Mace Of The Fallen Mace of The Fallen Valkyrie C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? HankGuideDude
Note: With each swing, a random spirit (either light or dark), will be spawned from the edge and through terrain, aiding the team by attacking the attacked just once before disappearing. The light spirit (An actual spirit with a random head chosen) will shoot a ray of light, "blinding" them. The dark spirit, however, will approach the enemy and explode into an explosion of darkness in point-blank range of 30 PiD.
Bizarrolord's Ring Bizarrolord's Ring Angel C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? HankGuideDude
Note: Depending on Karma[?], it can launch a light ring that travels near-instantly, or a dark ring that does tremendous damage. Allows free travel to the Bizarro World without switching anything.
Duality Pickaxe Duality Pickaxe Miner C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? HankGuideDude
Note: Digs out minerals very fast. Raises or lowers the value of minerals randomly from +1000% to -100% of it.
Chaos Mask Chaos Mask Masker C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? A, Mori
Note: ?
Chaos Dunk Chaos Dunk (Basket)baller C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? ZoshiX
Note: ?
Duality Pike Duality Pike Spearman C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? StickyS (unofficially)
Note: ?
Penalty Kick Penalty Kick (Foot)baller C ? ? ? ? ? / ? ? HankGuideDude
Note: ?
HeidrunV2 Heidrun Priest C 2-42 ×1-8 /
20-25 ×1-8
Spawn: 5-10
80-90 230 (512 for Spawn) - - - Blueboy0807 (semi-officially)
BrokenMartyr, Mori & HankGuideDude (sprite update and modifications)
Note: In ranges over 230, it will spawn a Stickman Boxer with AT 5-10, AGI 15-20 and with 50 LP, of which can receive upgrades through the compo items the staff carries. There can be up to 96 of them in one screen (or less to total with the 100 entities) after which that attack becomes unavailable.
Otherwise, it will attack with either a light arm or a dark arm reaching towards the enemy and grabbing it, dealing damage up to 8 times. The light arm will deal either low or high damage but are quick damaging, while the dark arm will heal the user for 5% of its damage value.
A different version of this can be seen here.
Cross of Duality Cross of Duality Crossbowman (JWDD) C 66-99 80-90 120 999 *Unexist* - JWDD
Note: Upon full magic charge, any enemy that isn't a boss just doesn't exist anymore, and instantly disappears. If it is a boss, the enemy takes 666 damage, and is frozen for 10 seconds, this freeze effect cannot be resisted..
PocketSpaceTimeWatch Pocket Space-Time Watch none? C - - - - - - HankGuideDude
Note: ?
Canon Items
Generic white card
N Charm
N Crown
N Crystal
N Medal
N Spirit
N Stone
Fanon Items
Anti-Freeze Charm (Art)
Anti Charm
Card Booster
C. Booster
N Chest
White Dust CP
N Exchanger
Light Feather
Fuel Can
Fuel Can
Gold Onigiri
G. Onigiri
Horse Armor
H. Armor
Onigri pack
Item Pack
N Key
N Magic
Bright Pendant
N Pillar
N Elixir
N Shield
Cobalt Big Star
Tea white
N Transform
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