The Commander is a fictional supporter class for Stick Ranger which is similar to the Priest.


Commander, flutes, itemed flute, and note.



Commander's Aura(image)

Commander uses flutes as a weapon. Every flute can shoot notes as an attack. The note remains for 5 seconds, and damages enemy every second. It means the note can penetrate enemies, but it can't penetrate terrain. It's strong when used Guide's Card, but most flutes' AT is lower (like Priest's staves).

Commander can use an Aura that can protect itself and allies. It looks like a double circle.

  • STR gives ranger a resistance to knockback, slow, freeze (works for effect and time). It means resistance to jamming.
  • DEX gives ranger a block chance like Black Crystal. It's determined separately.
  • MAG gives ranger magical defense like Purple Crystal. It's determined separately too.


Stat effect per SP invested LP
LP Range + 1 +7
STR +1 END(urance) Aura +2
DEX +1 DOD(ge) Aura +2
MAG +1 RES(sistance) Aura +2

Aura effect can be determined from the formula like DEX of Gunner.

Effect = 100 - (100 / 1 + {Stat * 0.005})

It means 200 stat gives 50% aura.




  • long wood bow can play the flute.
  • Range +1 was a effect for STR.
  • Effect of Commander's Aura is similar to Black and the Purple crystal. Priest's one is similar to Yellow and Silver Crystal.
  • Flutes from thunder command flute are unbalanced because feeling crazy in balancing thunder CF with lightning flute.
  • Snow series had a ability which "drop 2/3 snow pellets per 0.5 second" before balancing.


Long wood bow - Creation