Crossbows are the weapons that the Crossbowman class uses. They act similarly to the Sniper's Bows, though tend to have high AT, AGI, and range stats. All crossbows shoot similar to the sniper's 'Shot' type weapons.

When crossbows have multiple projectiles per shot, they shoot the projectiles in the same firing pattern as bows like Oct arrow, although the projectiles still have the velocity of sniper's 'Shot' bows.

Flechette Launcher is the only crossbow to accept Bullet's Card

List of crossbows

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT Buy Sell Creator
Crossbow 8-10 80-90 120 Physical 100 12 JWDD

RualStickR (Base image and wep base for 1-2)

Note: Starting weapon.
Flaming Crossbow(JWDD)
Flame Crossbow 1 5-10 80-90 120 Fire 10 6-8 250 31 JWDD
Dropped by Blue X Walker (Opening Street) The Flames from Flame Crossbow act like fire shot.
Steel Crossbow(JWDD)
Steel Crossbow 1 16-20 80-90 120 Physical 500 62 JWDD
Dropped by Grey Smiley Snake (Grassland 1) Projectiles fly slower
Shock Crossbow
Shock Crossbow 1 5-10 80-90 120 Thunder 10 1-33 750 93 JWDD
Dropped by Orange Skull Bat (Grassland 2) Upon full magic charge, shoots a thunder instead of a spear.
Cryo Crossbow
Cryo Crossbow 1 5-10 80-90 120 Ice 10 5-5 (30%) 1000 125 JWDD
Dropped by Blue Boss Fairy Snake (Grassland 4) Upon magic effect creates a slowing flake on impact
Calibrated Crossbow
Calibrated Crossbow 2 10-15 80-90 150 Physical 1500 187 JWDD
Dropped by Green Skull Tree (Hill Country 2) Projectiles pierce enemies, but not terrain
Duo Crossbow
Duo Crossbow 2 8-10 80-90 120 Physical 2000 250 JWDD
Dropped by Tan Skull Bat (Forest 2) shoots 2 clustered projectiles instead of one.
Explosive Crossbow
Explosive Crossbow 2 8-10 80-90 120 Fire 30 10-10x3 2500 312 JWDD
Dropped by Orange Smiley Wheel (Castle gate) Upon magic effect creates a circle of 3 fires on hit which flash after 0.2 seconds damage, and dissapear.
Rapid Crossbow
Rapid Crossbow 2 10-10 40-45 120 Physical 3000 375 JWDD
Dropped by Yellow Skull Stickman (Cavern 3) Fires twice as fast
Heavy Flame Crossbow
Heavy Flame Crossbow 3 10-15 80-90 120 Fire 20 10-12x5 4000 500 JWDD
Dropped by Red Roundhead Walker (Seaside 1) Upon Full magic charge, produces 5 flames which act like fire rise on hit.
Heavy Steel Crossbow
Heavy Steel Crossbow 3 32-40 80-90 120 Physical 4500 562 JWDD
Dropped by Tan Star Stickman (Seaside 4) Projectiles fly slower
Heavy Shock Crossbow
Heavy Shock Crossbow 3 10-15 80-90 120 Thunder 30 1-100 5000 625 JWDD
Dropped by Pink Roundhead Fish (Submarine 2) Upon full magic charge, creates a big thunder on hit that is similar to the big thunder in Magician's Big Thunder 3
Heavy Frost Crossbow
Heavy Cryo Crossbow 3 10-15 80-90 120 Ice 20 5-5, 25-25 (30%) 5500 687 JWDD
Dropped by White Roundhead Mushroom (Mist Grove 1) Upon magic effect shoots a Blue spike that does 25 damage and has a trail of small flakes that do 5 points of damage.
Heavy Calibrated Crossbow
Heavy Calibrated Crossbow 4 20-25 70-80 150 Physical 6000 750 JWDD
Dropped by Yellow Roundhead Fish (Submarine 4) Projectiles pierce enemies, but not terrain
Heavy Duo Crossbow
Heavy Duo Crossbow 4 24-30 80-90 120 Physical 6500 812 JWDD
Dropped by Olive Boss Star Tree (Mist Grove 3) shoots 2 clustered projectiles instead of one.
Heavy Explosive Crossbow
Heavy Explosive Crossbow 4 10-15 80-90 120 Fire 50 30-50x5 7000 875 JWDD
Dropped by Red Box Dragon (Desert 2) Upon magic effect creates a circle of 5 dust clouds on hit which flash after 0.2 seconds, deal damage, and dissapear.
Heavy Rapid Crossbow
Heavy Rapid Crossbow 4 33-33 40-45 120 Physical 7500 937 JWDD
Dropped by Blue Diamond Bat (Desert 7) Fires twice as fast, projectiles fly twice as fast
Blazing X-Bow
Blazing X-Bow 5 15-20 80-90 120 Fire 30 10-12, 4-6 8000 1000 JWDD
Dropped by Red Big Roundhead Spider (Desert 8) Upon full magic charge, shoots a terrain piercing blaze that leaves small dark red mines which fall down slowly and also pierce terrain.
Flechette Launcher 5 Fix
Flechette Launcher 5 10-10 100-110 120 Thunder What Magic? 100-100, 1-33 8500/
1062 JWDD
The Flechette Launcher shoots a burst of 3 flechette projectiles in a similar firing pattern to the '3 Round Burst' gun, which have 50 homing range. After 3 seconds, each flechette explodes into a blue shock, a grey dust cloud, and 3 blue sparks. The blue shock does 100 damage, and the blue sparks each do 1-33 damage. The grey dust cloud does no damage and is just for effect. Adding a Bullet's Card to this item increases the number of flechettes shot. With each flechette added, a shock is added, a grey dust cloud is added, and 3 sparks are added.
Titanium X-Bow
Titanium X-Bow 5 64-80 90-100 120 Physical 8500 1062 JWDD
Dropped by White Roundhead Snake (Snowfeild 1) Projectiles fly slower
Energized X-Bow
Energized X-Bow 5 15-20 80-90 120 Thunder 40 1-200 9000 1125 JWDD
Dropped by Pink Big Castle Stickman (Snowfeild 2) Upon full magic charge shoots a pale yellow laser that shoots sparks which do 1-30 damage in random directions, and increase in velocity as they travel. The laser pierces enemies, but not terrain. The laser can only damage enemies once per hit.
Crystalized X-Bow
Crystalized X-Bow 5 15-20 80-90 120 Ice 30 25-30, 60-60 (30%) 9500 1187 JWDD
Dropped by Pink Gel Tree (Snowfeild 3) Upon magic effect shoots a Blue ball that does 60 damage and upon hit turns into 10 blue needles in an explosion pattern, which each do 25-30 damage.
Calibrated X-Bow
Calibrated X-Bow 6 25-50 70-80 180 Physical 10000 1250 JWDD
Dropped by Pink Roundhead Dragon (Snowfeild 5) Projectiles pierce enemies, and terrain.
Duplicate X-Bow
Duplicate X-Bow 6 48-60 80-90 120 Physical 11000 1375 JWDD
Dropped by Orange X Walker (snowfeild 6) shoots 2 clustered projectiles instead of one.
Detination X-Bow
Detination X-Bow 6 15-20 80-90 120 Fire 80 500-500 12000 1500 JWDD
Dropped by White Big Vampire Snake (Snowfeild 7) Upon magic effect creates a large orange ball almost 100 px across that flashes red, and does MASSIVE DAMAGE to everything within it.
Rapid X-Bow
Rapid X-Bow 6 55-55 40-45 120 Physical 13000 1625 JWDD
Dropped by White Boss Demon Eel (Beach 4) Fires twice as fast, projectiles fly four times as fast.
Blazing Balista
Blazing Balista 7 20-25 80-90 120 Fire 30 10-12 15000 1875 JWDD
Dropped by Orange Roundhead Snake (Hell 3) Upon full magic charge, shoots a fast moving blaze, that on damage produces 3 pellets that shoot into the air, then fall down and turn into 3 blazes each in a fashion similar to volcano 4. The blaze acts like a fire attack and does not disapear when it hits an enemy, and can damage them multiple times per hit.
Titanium Balista
Titanium Balista 7 128-160 90-100 120 Physical 16000 2000 JWDD
Dropped by Grey Boss Box Stickman (Hell 5) Projectiles fly slower
Energized Balista
Energized Balista 7 20-25 80-90 120 Thunder 50 1-100 17000 2125 JWDD
Dropped by Yellow Triangle Bat (Hell 6) Upon full magic charge, causes 40 sparks to appear on hit, centered on the target, the sparks shoot outwards in four groups, with each group acting similarly to the orb lightning 7
Crystalized Balista
Crystallized Balista 7 20-25 80-90 120 Ice 40 0-0, 30-50 (40%) 18000 2250 JWDD
Dropped by Cyan Gel Tree (Cavern 7) Upon magic effect shoots 3 dark grey dust clouds into the air above the target which do no damage and pierce enemies, but they cause a residue of small blue bolts to fall down from them in a manner similar to the orb Blizzard 2. The bolts last for 3 seconds each, and instantly disapear on hit. the bolts also bounce off terrain and have a guide radius of 10. The dust clouds last for 5 seconds each.
Calibrated Balista
Calibrated Balista 8 50-100 70-80 210 Physical 25-25 19000 2375 JWDD
Dropped by Yellow Cap Tree (Cavern 8) Projectiles pierce enemies, but not terrain. Every time it damages an enemy, it produces a red two-arrow attack that moves at the same speed as the arrow, and pierces enemies. Both attacks can only damage an enemy once per hit.
Quadruplicate Balista
Quadruplicate Balista 8 48-60 80-90 120 Physical 20000 2500 JWDD
Dropped by Brown Big Box Wheel (Hell 7) Shoots 4 clustered projectiles instead of one.
Nuclear Balista
Anti-Matter Balista 8 20-25 80-90 120 Fire 110 20-25x50 21000 2625 JWDD
Dropped by Grey Big Mask Eel (Hell 8) Upon magic effect creates a blast of 50 dust clouds in a very wide radius on hit which last 3 seconds and deal fire damage. A guide's card can be attached, and the clouds will become homing.
Supersonic Balista
Supersonic Balista 8 99-99 20-25 120 Physical 22000 2750 JWDD
Dropped by White Skull Stickman (Hell Gate) Fires four times as fast, projectiles fly four times as fast.


  • With a Bullet's Card 5, the Flechette Launcher would shoot 9 flechettes, 9 shocks, 9 dust clouds, and 27 sparks. If all projectiles hit, it would have a minimum damage of 1017, and a maximum damage of 1881.

Photos for Flechette Launcher

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