Deep Cavern is a fictional series in Stick Ranger created by Poisonshot. It is located in a tunnel near Snowfield 9, unlocked after completing Ice Castle as an alternate route.


Deep Cavern world map
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Deep Cavern word
Bug Nest
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Cave Adventure stage landscape
Source and Deep Sea Stage Landscape


  • Warehouse
    • You can stock up to 24 items in this stage. This is very useful to keep rare items like Cards without wasting inventory space.
    • Money can also be stocked. Up to 500000 gold can be stored. This isn't very useful, but it can be used as some sort of "Emergency Gold" for Gunner teams.
  • Cave Adventure 1-8
    • A series taking in a cave filled with mud. This is less dark then other cave stages, but still has the darkness effect. Some screens have a lot of creatures in them.
  • Source
    • A bright cave flooded with water. This is the first underground stage with no darkness. This place is optional to go to, but has the some of the strongest charms in the game. A new tileset is introduced here. It looks identical to the Snowfield tileset except without the snow.
  • Underaltar
    • An forgotten altar.  A beast known as the Underaltar Boss can be found here. It is one of the series's Mega Boss stages.
  • Deep Sea 1-7
    • A stage taking place in a dark cave flooded with water. This stage has a lot of enemies in a lot of it's screens, making it known to be very hard.
  • Shore
    • A shore near the Deep Sea. Like some other stages, it is optional. It has the same tileset as Cave Adventure, but the ground is less erratic and there is much more water. It is also open.
  • Arch
    • The exit to the deep cavern. A beast lives here, the Arch Boss. This is the second Mega Boss stage in the series.
  • Underjungle 1-5
    • A jungle that has grown under the ground. The ground is flooded by water. Ooze Jungle 1-2 is at the beggining of "World 3" while Ooze Jungle 3-5 is after Powerplant. The tileset is the same as the one in the canon Forest 3+.
  • Powerplant 1-5
    • A factory in the middle of the Ooze Jungle. 1, 2 and 4 have low water while 3 and 5 are filled with it. The tileset is new, beign mechanical.
  • Bug Nest
    • A nest found under the ground. A giant bug lives in it. This stage is the third (and last) Mega Boss stage in Deep Cavern.

New Species/Heads


  • Blank drillDrill
  • Blank GravityGravity
  • Blank crabCrab
  • Blank wyvern cmbkWyvern


  • Lamp HeadLamp
  • H F87Pi
  • (TBA) Jelly
  • H F56Omega
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