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Deep Sea 2 is the second stage in the Deep Sea series and the 13th in the Deep Cavern map.


  • This stage was made by Poisonshot.
  • The diggers in this stage can dig below the screen.


enemy count
Enemies Grey Big Vampire Snake Red Jelly Eel Red Big Triangle Digger Green Boss Jelly Gravity
DS2: 1 0 5 0 0
DS2: 2 0 3 3 0
DS2: 3 1 7 5 0
DS2: 4 0 0 50 0
DS2: 5 1 10 10 0
DS2: Boss 0 0 49 1
Total 2 25 117 1


There are no known drops for the stage yet.

General Strategy

This is a rather easy stage, really. Most enemies have rather predictable patterns; go above the eels and don't get close to those diggers. The main threat, until the boss, are those giant vampire snake. They throw a piss-weak shock...which explodes into heat, likely killing anyone inside the shock. Also, you can't outrange them, so you'll have to do some baiting. They only appear in two screens through. They can't hit enemies inside them either. Heck, they're almost minibosses, as some consider it stronger then the boss itself.

About the boss, it is basically a "space battle". There's barely any space to move, but the boss's attack simply limits more space. The diggers are also in the way. Don't get close the boss and the diggers and you should be fine.

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