Chart of all Elements available for Elemental.

Elements are the weapons used by the Elemental class. They have all 6 types: Fire, Thunder, Ice, Poison, Freeze, and Physical. They have moderately high range and attack, but have a low attack speed. Though none of them have "Element" in their names, their names refer to their elemental type. Instead of naming differences, they have different appearances for each level (look up the Trivia section). It is worth noting that Elements cannot have any Jewels attached even if they are the right type for the Jewel. (This is mostly to prevent abuse of the Water series weapons, which are Freeze type weapons with high projectile counts but only single-frame freeze times, the Poison series weapons, which would become very broken very quickly if a Peridot were to be attached to them, and the Ice series weapons, which have slow rates that could hit or exceed 100% with a high-level Aquamarine attached).

List of Elements

Icon Weapon LV AT AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT Buy Sell
Element 0 Natural Energy 20-20 60-100 100 Physical 100 12
Note: Starting weapon. Sends a small rotating white-grey oval from the Elemental's staff towards the target. Has the lowest AGI of all Elements and at least semi-respectable AT, thus may prove to have it's uses early-game.
Element 1-1 Ember 1 9-15 80-120 100 Fire 250 31
Note: Creates 3 fires which pierce terrain (pretty much like the attack of the Pink Gel Tree from Seaside 3). Each fire lasts for 2.5s. The fires move fast enough to cover 115 pixels by the time they fade.
Element 1-2 Crackle 1 15-20 80-120 100 Thunder 500 62
Note: Creates 2 lightning bolts in a randomly-spread arc above the target's head that travel toward the target. (Think MG1's White Roundhead Mushroom's attack, with two bolts in random positions in that arc travelling toward it instead of up- away- and back down). Does not follow the normal Min AT=1 pattern for Thunder weapons. (This is so that pure MAG users don't get to ride too high on the power of the Thunder series weapons).
Element 1-3 Earth 1 15-20 80-120 100 Physical 8-10 750 93
Note: Shoots a ball in an arc from the Elemental's staff towards the target that splits into 3 pellets that travel in a spread from the direction the ball was moving upon contact with anything. The ball and pellets are both affected by gravity. The only Earth-series weapon which can reliably hit flying enemies.
Element 1-4 Splash 1 4-6 80-120 100 Freeze Freeze 0.02s (1 frame) 1000 125
Note: Shoots 5 pellets that roll on terrain. Though it is of the Freeze type, it's single-frame freeze time means it is still primarily a damaging weapon above all else. Being Freeze type allows it to bypass all enemy damage resistances in the normal game, however it can still be partially blocked in VS Mode by Magic DEF from, for example, a Purple Crystal.
Element 2-1 Poison 2 4-4 100-150 100 Poison Poison time 0.34s 1500 187
Note: Shoots a small poison cloud that poisons the target for a third of a second (17 frames). If STR and MAG both get high enough, eventually it will start doing more damage.
Element 2-2 Shiver 2 10-10 100-150 100 Ice 0-0, Slow 50% 2000 250
Note: Shoots a bolt that slows down enemies, similar to the orb Ice for the Magician. While not nearly as strong as even the level 1 weapons, it is the earliest Ice type weapon to have a natural 50% slow rate.
Element 2-3 Sharp Chill 2 10-10 100-150 100 Freeze Freeze time 2.0s 2500 312
Note: Fires an icicle at the enemy and freezes them for 2 seconds. While this is fairly high freeze time, even this will let the enemy come unfrozen for up to a second at a time around when this weapon is obtained.
Element 2-4 Blast 2 16-22 100-150 100 Fire 8-12 3000 375
Note: Launches a small pellet in a low arc at the target that explodes into 4 heat clouds in a small circle that can pierce terrain. The pellet will typically only hit two enemies for one shot when the enemies are right on top of each other, and the spread of the 4 heat clouds means nearby enemies will only receive light damage.
Element 3-1 Flame 3 4-6 100-140 100 Fire 4000 500
Note: Shoots 3 fires in a stream right at the enemy that last for 2.5s each. These fires have terrain-piercing capabilities and 30 guide range.
Element 3-2 Thunderbolt 3 10-15 100-140 100 Thunder 4500 562
Note: 5 thunder bolts appear one after another right above the target's head and travel towards the target. (While all bolts from the same shot come from the same spot as the first one did if the target moves after the first one spawns then the rest will still move towards the target and not dumbfire downward).
Element 3-3 Tremor 3 25-35 100-140 100 Physical 20-25 5000 625
Note: Spawns a brown 30-pixel long stationary laser with a Knockback of 10 (Knock-up more like it) on the ground perpendicular to the ground with one end just beneth the Elemental's feet and the other end towards where the target is, instantly causing 5 brown pellets to fly in random arcs with random amounts of momentum towards the general direction of the target. The stationary laser will rarely hit anything due to the range and where it spawns. Not all the pellets will always make it to the target, and rarely ever hit flying enemies. Useful if the Elemental is dragged right up to an enemy or if an enemy comes right up to the Elemental, otherwise surprisingly unreliable weapon for it's AT and AGI.
Element 3-4 Creek 3 6-10 100-140 100 Freeze Freeze 0.02s 5500 687
Note: An improved version of "Splash", shoots 8 pellets that roll on terrain and ignore enemy damage resistances.
Element 4-1 Venom 4 0-0 125-175 100 Poison 5-5 (0.34s) 6000 750
Note: Fires 2 poison needles straight at the enemy from the staff (with a longer delay between needles than most multiple projectile weapons) that do no damage but poison enemies for 0.34s. No matter how much STR and MAG there is only the fire rate will improve, not the poison damage. Thus in theory Poison 2 may well have more damage potential after STR and MAG climb high enough.
Element 4-2 Hail 4 10-15 125-175 100 Ice Slow 40% 6500 750
Note: 7 ice-blue bolts rain down from the sky at a fixed (135/225) degree angle (diagional-down towards the enemy). Spawn pattern is otherwise similar to Thunderstorm 2 and Blizzard 2 in that they spawn from one point or another on an invisible straight horiziontal line, though due to the angle of fire the line is just to the left or right above the enemy, not directly above.
Element 4-3 Frostbite 4 5-10 125-175 100 Freeze Freeze time 2.5s 7000 875
Note: Spawns 5 small terrain-piercing freeze-blue needles in star formation around the target that travel inward toward the enemy and usually hit all at the same time to freeze the target for 2.5s. Another enemy may be hit by one needle if there is another enemy really close to the target. Though the needles are terrain-piercing, they do not last long at all- a complete miss (should one ever somehow occur) would make it appear that the tips of all the needles met at the center of the star just before fading.
Element 4-4 Heatblast 4 10-15 125-175 100 Fire 10-15 7500 937
Note: Launches a small pellet at an enemy that splits on contact into 6 small waves travelling in the same direction as the pellet was (rather similar in behavior to the real Wave Cannon 6 except not affected by gravity). Will typically only hit two enemies for the price of one shot when the enemies are practically on top of each other.
Element 5-1 Blaze 5 3-4 120-160 100 Fire 8000 1000
Note: Shoots 20 heat clouds that pierce terrain in a spreading stream (with a very wide spread- good for scorching large spread-out flying crowds, maybe not so much single targets though those can take pretty good damage too if they come too close).
Element 5-R Energy Beam 5 500-600 480-640 100 Physical 8500/85000
(1/2 compo slot/s)
Note: Fires a 30-pixel wide terrain-piercing light purple laser at the enemy from the staff that deals very high damage, is 520 pixels long (will always go off the edge of the screen to give the appearance that it goes on forever past where it cuts off), and has multi-enemy hitting capabilities. Will hit the target and any enemies behind it from the Elemental's position. Being the Element with the single highest AT and AGI, could be considered to be the Elemental's true ultimate weapon, though other weapons will likely still manage better DPS when STR and MAG are still too low. Will hit all opposing characters every shot in VS Mode due to how it works and also works wonders on large ground mobs on fairly flat terrain.
Element 5-2 Lightning 5 15-25 120-160 100 Thunder 8500 1062
Note: 6 thunder bolts that look the same as the bolts from Thunder Spirit 2 though travel noticeably faster are shot at the enemy in extremely rapid succession from a single point somewhere in the upper half of the Elemental's range.
Element 5-3 Quake 5 100-120 120-160 100 Physical 40-50 9000 1125
Note: A stationary brown laser 80 pixels long with a Knockback of 20 (Knock-up more like it) will spawn on the surface of the terrain perpendicular to the terrain centered right under the target's position, instantly causing 15 brown one-arrows to fly upward out of the laser (not necessarily the contact point, but actually where the laser once was) in random upward directions with random amounts of momentum. The one-arrows will occasionally hit a flying enemy, though ground enemies (or flying enemies hanging out closer to the ground) will get it much worse.
Element 5-4 Brine 5 3-5 120-160 100 Freeze Freeze 0.02s 9500 1187
Note: Shoots 20 small gravity-affected pellets with 20 guide range in an randomly-spread arc (aimed such that at the peak of their arc they will typically be only just below the enemies' position (and thus guide into the enemy)) that will roll on terrain should they hit terrain (which due to the somewhat wide random spread just a few should each shot). The first Water-series weapon to be able to handle aerial enemies fine.
Element 6-1 Toxin 6 2-2 150-200 100 Poison Poison time 0.18s 10000 1250
Note: 12 terrain-piercing poison clouds slowly spiral outward from a point within 30 pixels of the target. In the case of ground enemies, inside the terrain counts as a point within 30 pixels of the target, thus why the clouds pierce terrain. The Poison time is short enough that as long as no other enemies get in the way, the target will typically be poisoned 12 times over for 6 frames each time, the clouds spiral that slowly.
Element 6-2 Tundra 6 18-24 150-200 100 Ice Slow 66% 11000 1375
Note: 6 small stationary terrain-piercing snowflakes with 66 guide range are spawned randomly inside the Elemental's range, slowing down any enemies they hit by 66%. Said snowflakes last for up to 66 seconds if need be. (ha55ii- I know much much you like 666. Don't know why you haven't started going by "ha66ii" yet). ;P
Element 6-3 Glacier 6 18-24 150-200 100 Freeze Freeze time 1.32s 12000 1500
Note: A freeze-blue quote-on-quote 'laser' 95 pixels long and 95 pixels wide covers the Elemental's entire range for but a moment, hitting and freezing one enemy in range for 66 frames.
Element 6-4 Megablast 6 10-15 150-200 100 Fire 6-10 13000 1625
Note: Fires a small terrain-piercing pellet straight at an enemy at a simply unbelievably fast speed (at least triple the speed of Thunder Spear 4) that will send 18 large (20 by 20 pixels) terrain-piercing heat clouds in completely random directions upon contact with an enemy. All clouds will instantly hit the target if it is still alive. Can easily hit nearby enemies due to the size and spread of the clouds. Though it does create an initial projectile which can technically miss.... due to just how fast the projectile is, props to anyone who ever witnesses a miss with this weapon for any reason other than the enemy dying just before it can connect.
Element 7-1 Fireball 7 6-9 140-180 100 Fire 4-6 14000 1750
Note: Shoots 7 heat clouds that last for 4s, have 70 guide range, and continuously spawn identical-looking heat clouds that have 70 guide range but deal less damage and only last for 1s. This attack is like a cross between Inferno 5 and Charge Ring 2, with some innate guide range thrown in. It shall burn stuff.
Element 7-2 Megavolt 7 125-175 140-180 100 Thunder 12-18 15000 1875
Note: Shoots a large thunderbolt at the enemy which leaves behind 7 small terrain-piercing bolts identical in appearance to the bolts from Thunder Spirit 2 with 60 guide range. These bolts will act like mines and thus appear to linger traveling across the enemy multiple times before finally hitting. ("Jolted" status from KH 358/2 Days, anyone? But cooler-looking)?
Element 7-3 Landslide 7 375-475 140-180 100 Physical 16000 2000
Note: A single large brown needle as long (big?) as the Elemental's range that can hit multiple enemies will spawn just underneath the ground facing the direction of the target, top side of the needle perpendicular to the surface of the ground, back side (flat end) just in front of the Elemental's feet. It will move in the direction that the pointy end of the the needle is pointing to give the appearance that the land is sliding up and in the direction of the target, and even have an innate Knockback's Card 4 to even show the enemies moving with the ground they stand on. Some "Big" or "Boss" Snakes may evade this attack if it occurs right at the peak of their jump.
Element 7-4 Geyser 7 3-5 140-180 100 Freeze Freeze 0.02s 17000 2125
Note: 45 gravity-affected pellets with a Knockback of 5 (Knock-up more like it) rise from the ground in 3 lines of 15 each only just slightly apart from each other directly under the target's position.
Element 8-1 Saxitoxin 8 0-0 175-225 100 Poison 8-8 (1.0s) 18000 2250
Note: A pellet is fired at the enemy. Upon contact, it causes 8 stationary poison clouds that have 40 guide range to spawn in an even circle 80 pixels away from the contact point so as to poison many enemies. (The pellet itself can poison too).
Element 8-2 Sheer Cold 8 25-35 175-225 100 Ice Slow 80% 19000 2375
Note: A single stationary ice gas the size of the Elemental's range will spawn and slow all enemies in range by 80%.
Element 8-3 Flash Freeze 8 8-8 175-225 100 Freeze Freeze 3.0s 20000 2500
Note: A single stationary freeze shock the size of the Elemental's range will spawn and freeze all enemies in range for 3 seconds.
Element 8-4 Nova 8 6-10 175-225 100 Fire 21000 2625
Note: 30 large terrain-piercing heat clouds appear randomly with at least their edges touching the target. Will not miss the target no matter what and will quite likely hit at least a few other enemies nearby.
Element 9-1 Eruption 9 8-10 160-200 100 Fire 8-12 22000 2750
Note: 3 lines of 4 fires that last for 3.6s and continuously spawn small stationary heat gases that last for 0.72s 'erupt' from the ground directly underneath the target in the same fashion as Geyser 7.
Element 9-2 Exavolt 9 15-20 160-200 100 Thunder 23000 2875
Note: 20 thunder bolts that look identical to the thunder bolts from Thunder Spirit 2 only slightly bigger and have a guide range of 100 will spawn very quickly one after another randomly within the Elemental's range and head in random directions.
Element 9-3 Catastrophe 9 45-65 160-200 100 Physical 25-45 24000 3000
Note: 5 needles identical in appearance, size, and behavior to the needle of Landslide 7 spawn rapidly one after another each facing randomly left or right centered on a random spot on the ground within the Elemental's range, each spawning 5 one-arrows identical in appearance, size, and behavior to the one-arrows from Quake 5.
Element 9-4 Tsunami 9 6-10 160-200 100 Freeze Freeze time 0.02s 25000 3125
Note: 40 small ovals rotating either left or right at random with random amounts of momentum in their rotation are shot along an invisible path that starts on the ground in the back half of the Elemental's range from where the target is and is about 190 pixels long that will stretch and contort in such a way that it will look as though the ovals are pulling back and forth and up like water in a real tsunami would. The Elemental is 'trained' to make sure the main upflow part of the wave that makes it tall like a tsunami comes down on the target's position. The ovals roll on terrain, however if the line encounters terrain then the shot will not work like it's supposed to and will probably (at least almost) completely miss the intended target if it's aerial since encountering terrain would mess with the physics of the invisible path.
Element S-1 Zyklon B S 0-0 200-250 100 Poison 450-500 (0.02s) 26000 3250
Note: Fires a small dark green bullet that does nothing but poison an enemy for a single frame. For massive damage. (Sorry but the Elemental cannot ever equip any Jewels to any weapon. That means no Peridots can be attached to this weapon. Tough luck would-be game-breakers out there). It seems the user of nature's immense power has discovered the power of one of nature's worst enemies- pesticides.
Element S-2 Diamond Dust S 0-0 200-250 100 Ice 30-60, Slow 30% 27000 3375
Note: A large harmless terrain-piercing snowflake that lasts for 4s is shot straight to the enemies' position (regardless of whether the enemy is still there or not (similar to the behavior of White Boss Vampire Fish's attack)) where it will stay and launch tons of small super-fast (double Thunder Spear 4 speed) snowflakes that will bounce off terrain in completely random directions at fast enough a rate to keep at least 20-30 snowflakes on-screen at any one time. Woe be the enemy incapable of moving away on time.
Element S-3 Ice Age S 0-0 200-250 100 Freeze 10-10 (Freeze 1.5s) 28000 3500
Note: A small, transparent, harmless snowflake drops to the ground.... where it becomes a ice gas 1000 pixels big. Get both Min and Max AGI down below 75 and it really will be the Ice Age so long as there's nothing resistant to freeze on the screen.
Element S-4 Supernova S 10-15 200-250 100 Fire 9-12 29000 3625
Note: 9 stationary terrain-piercing heat clouds 90 pixels big will spawn randomly all over the Elemental's range, and any that come in contact with either terrain or enemy will create 3 more 60 pixel big terrain-piercing stationary heat clouds randomly on top of each enemy hit (meaning a cloud that hits two enemies will spawn 2 batches of 3 more clouds, so on and so forth). Though a couple clouds may miss now and then, it's a given that the majority of the clouds will hit and devastate enemies.


  • The appearance of the Elements are actually part of their staff;
    • Level 1-2 elements look like a simple 4-point star with an empty space in the middle.
    • Level 3-4 elements are slightly different, having the same basic shape, but having 4 small points in-between the large points making them look like they are shining.
    • Level 5-6 elements have larger secondary points than those of the previous level, and the space in the middle is filled.
    • Level 7-8 elements have two tiny points jutting out from around the bases of the secondary points, making them look like miniature swords.
    • Level 9-S elements have a ring surrounding them.
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