Beware the wrath of a lazy man.



Redesigned Gregor

Splationian (Gridmask Form)
Gregor91 (Brother)

Mr. and Mrs. Gregor (Parents)

Mavelus Soflini (Associate (Against will))

Codeam Lidraz (Former Associate)

Waldo Wavre (Associate, Business partner)

Raptor Isthmus (Former Associate)

Coherine Antigram (Former Associate)

Neptunel Lea (Former Associate)

Toxicrebound Marttel (Associate, Acquaintance)

Deryn Haniko (Associate)

Adamant's Parents (Former Associates)
Valleyforge City

Gregor is the Bizarro counterpart of Samuel. He is a Class-A citizen due to his lineage and wealth. His pesterchum tag is coolingEngine.



Gregor was once an employee at Raptorco., but due to his extreme laziness, he was fired on his first day of work. After this, he swore revenge on Raptorco., but was too lazy to enact it.

Later on, Hunny hired him to DH Ind., and he ended up supervising an area of the company that was never used. Due to the lack of any form of observation on him, he occasionally "works" with Waldo to engage in plans to attack Raptorco. They never go well, and he is usually always captured and beaten up in humorous fashions.

Some time later, Toxicrebound was fired from Raptorco, and the two formed a very tenuous alliance.

Events of Chronicles

When Mavelus was forced into working for Raptorco, it was Gregor who found him. After attacking Mavelus, Tox shows up and invites him into their group, much to Gregor's chagrin. Gregor mostly serves as comic relief, though he does prove himself to be a rather talented hacker, able to hack into and obtain information on some of Raptorco's activities.

RPG Info

Gregor is inherently very slow, but has a strong attack and defense. He is basically Raptor-lite.

Gregor Stats


  • He had formerly attempted to beg Mavelus to aid him in his plans to take down Raptorco. After getting pushed to his limit after saying no repeatedly, Mavelus brutally shot his offer down, saying "You ain't nothin' but a lazy, dumb prig who can't do nothin' right 'cause yer too damn lazy to tell yer mouth hole from yer asshole." Gregor then swore revenge on Mavelus as well, but has made even fewer attempts to go after him.
  • He got the scar on his face after he splashed a botched "anti aging cream" experiment on Toxicrebound's face. (Read that incident here) Coherine, in a fit of stuttery fury, took the nearest sharp object (a bit of broken glass) and attempted to stab Gregor with it. He wound up slashing through Gregor's eye, causing it to go blind. In addition, Gregor's own exposure to the cream caused him to appear slightly older than his age would make one believe, as well.