Player attributes

  • Torch player-Leaves a trail of torch.
  • Clone player-Can solidify itself into clone. Can turn back as well, inheriting the element the player touched.
  • Metal player-Press down and you are more heavy.
  • Wood(Seed) player-Throw Powder and Seed
  • Wood(Sand) player-Throw Sand and Seed
  • Wood(Vine) player:Throw wood that is generated by Vine.
  • Vine player-Throw Vine.
  • Glass player-Turn invisible.
  • Fuse player-Releases a trail of spark
  • Pump player-Can solidify itself into pump. Can turn back as well, inheriting the element the player absorbed.

Ball attributes

300px-Special atributes

Special attributes.

  • Superball balls 
  • Ant balls
  • Thunder Balls (Exists)
  • Laser balls
  • Vine balls
  • Mercury balls
  • Fuse balls
  • Metal balls (Exists)
  • Glass balls (Exists)
  • Spark balls
  • Stone balls (Exists)

Box attributes

  • Powder box
  • Water box
  • Seed box
  • Fire box
  • Gunpowder box
  • Fan box
  • Ice box
  • Clone box
  • Metal box
  • Magma box
  • Virus box
  • Torch box
  • Gas box
  • Soapy box
  • Snow box
  • Salt water box
  • Nitro box
  • Stone box
  • Acid box
  • Salt box
  • Bird box
  • Mercury box
  • Ant box
  • Spark box
  • Thunder box

Mine attributes

  • Bomb mine
  • Torch mine
  • Laser mine
  • Virus mine

Fighter attributes

Any non-solid elements on the powder game and the non-solid elements are going to be in the next Powder Game updates.

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