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An example to 3-D Powder Game

Used for make all objects in 3-D, at the cost of a little lag!

How it works: 9 darker copies of the environment (not including the normal one), each one 2 pixels smaller on the edges as it goes. This will simulate a 3D effect.


Clouds appear when an element apear.


This BG makes the whole Game Screen turn right 90 degrees. This is if you want your upload turned sideways. The gravity will pull towards the bottom of the screen. It will have a switch next to the word the says 90. If you click that, it will turn a additional 90 degrees.


Creates a "pulsating" effect on the whole screen; creating "after-effects" that move a few pixels before they disappear. Simulates drunkenness. Inspired by Terraria. By HankGuideDude.


Makes a white outline around everything, but unlike BG-toon, it don't increases pixels size.


Elements changes between different colors.


Makes a line behind anything that move. Disappear after some time.

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