Imagine here your Stick Ranger game. (What?)

Stick Ranger Wii U

Stick Ranger for the Wii U? This will be cool! First the game will be in 3-D!


  • Town
  • Resort
  • Village
  • Camp
  • Pet Zone


  • Weapons Shop
  • Compo Shop
  • Junk Shop
  • Pet Shop
  • Breed Shop
  • INN
  • Pet INN
  • Stock Shop

Series (not in order)

  • All original stage series


There is only one Stickman. Walk around using the Directional Pad. Use 2 to attack and 1 to jump.

If you have a nunchunk, you can play with two player. Player 2 will use the Joystick to move, Z to attack and C to jump.

Both players may as well use a Wii U tablet.

Stick Ranger for the I-Pod/I-Pad

Gets updates when Dan-Ball gets updates.

Stick Ranger Tower Defense

A tower defense game based on Stick Ranger. Updates in the same time as original Stick Ranger.


Player buy Stickmans with a certain weapon, and on the top appears enemies. Enemies can damage stickmans and destroy them, so be careful. With out-game money, you can buy new weapons and compos.

Like this:


One player, Gr1 wave 1

Anti-SR Tower Defense

Credits Samuel17 entirely. The story is that the Castle Boss has been kidnapped! Save it!


  • Green Smiley Walker
  • Blue X Walker
  • Green Skull Snake
  • Red Skull Snake


  • Brown X Walker: Main unit.
  • Purple X Walker: Has a more fast AGI.
  • Grey X Walker: Shot 4 ball.
  • White Boss X Walker: Shot a big ball.
  • Green Cap Mushroom: Can Poison.
  • Purple Cap Mushroom: His Poison more powerful.
  • Green Boss Cap Mushroom: Shot 10 ball!
  • Purple Boss Cap Mushroom: Shot a ball that make poison.
  • Red Skull Stickman: Shot a ball that release fire.
  • Sub-Castle Boss (The Special): Shot a Huge Arrow!


  • Tan Stickman
  • Brown Stickman
  • Tan Zombie
  • Green Zombie
  • Brown Zombie
  • Tan-Green Zombie
  • Brown-Green Zombie
  • White Skull
  • White-Black Skull
  • White Skeleton
  • White-Black Skeleton
  • Tan Boss Stickman



Castle Gate wave 3.

  • Castle Gate
  • GL1
  • GL2
  • GL3
  • GL4
  • GL5
  • GL6
  • F1
  • F2
  • CV1
  • CV2
  • CV3
  • Boss Stage 1 (Village)



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  • Stick Ranger Tower Defense

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