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Add your ideas for Stick Ranger map objects here! Please provide a description with your ideas and a thumbnail of how it would look like in the SR world map. If you have ideas for objects and the sort inside the stage, go to Ideas for Stick Ranger Terrain and post it there.

  • Cactus: Appears around the Desert Series.
  • Lava: Appears near the Volcano series' stages.
  • Mushroom: It's in some way a warning that there will be poison-type enemies.
  • Seaweed: Appears near underwater stages.
  • Water Rock: Water Rock is an item that is a rock in water with two stalks (seaweeds). They come in grey and pink.
    • Portal Water Rock: This is the pink variation of water rock.
  • World Map Editor: All players who defeated final boss can make their own map! You can make your own world in World Map Editor, with Towns, Stages, Bosses, Secret pathways, and more!



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  • Water Rock
  • Portal Water Rock
  • Mushroom
  • Seaweed
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