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Fan Stages made by unknown users

If you're the author of a fan-made series/stage in this list or know who made this, leave a comment below!

0176's Fan Stages

Aeinstein's Fan Stages

Cazaam's Fan Stages

More stages to be announced in the future!

Cooldoodle7900's Fan Stages

  • The Mines

David7015's Fan Stages

DMSwordsmaster's Fan Stages

Dokohne's Fan Stages

Francisco25's Fan Stages

Gamelover101's Fan Stages

To be announced. (Obsolete Archive)

HankGuideDude's Fan Stages

Liam red's Fan Stages

Logologologol's Fan Stages

LOL741's Fan Stages

Look-a-troopa's Fan Stages

Ludicrine's Fan Stages

"Mathgenuius"'s Fan Stages

NutikTehWolf's Fan Stages

Poisonshot's Fan Stages

Popetipap's Fan Stages

RedHardcore's Fan Stages

shad3w44's Fan Stages

Squiddum's Fan Stages

SR780415's Fan Stages

TEHxGUY4248's Fan Stages

ThechosenOne's Fan Stages

interdit Fan Stages

Walten Paperclips' Fan Stages

First of all, Walten Paperclips will have his very own map for his stages. The map will be uploaded later. Now, let's move to his stages. The list is incomplete yet.

XXdragonhellXX's Fan Stages

Zolnerium's Stick Ranger stage ideas

  • Hell Castle (earth superboss stage) same as original hell castle boss except it has 1,000,000 health instead of 999,999
  • Acid Castle (venus superboss stage) LVL: 250 HP: 35,000,000 DEF: 1,000 (spider)
  • Magnetic Castle (mercury superboss stage) LVL:500 HP: 56,000,000 DEF: 15,000 (snake)
  • Gravity Castle (mars superboss stage) LVL:1,000 HP: 63,000,000 DEF: 300,000 (germ)
  • Chaos Castle (jupiter superboss stage) LVL: 2,000 HP: 85,000,000 DEF: 1,000,000 (bat)
  • Cursed Castle (saturn superboss stage) LVL: 3,000 HP: 92,000,000 DEF: 2,500,000 (dragon)
  • Uranium Temple (uranus superboss stage) LVL: 4,000 HP: 12,120,000 DEF: 30,000,000 (zombie)
  • Neptunium Temple (neptune superboss stage) LVL: 5,000 HP: 24,240,000 DEF: 60,000,000 (zombie)
  • Plutonium Temple (pluto superboss stage) LVL: 6,000 HP: 36,360,000 DEF: 90,000,000 (zombie)
  • Master Solar Prism (sun superboss stage) LVL: 7,500 HP: 50,000,000 DEF: 90,000,000 (wheel)


  • Master Void Prism (voidlands superboss stage) LVL: 8,500 HP: 75,000,000 DEF: 95,000,000 (wheel)
  • Great Edge Palace (edgelands superboss stage) LVL: 9,500 HP: 49,500,000 (x2) DEF: 99,000,000 (2 stickmen)
  • Ultra Castle (final level) LVL: 10,000 HP: 100,000,000 DEF: 100,000,000 (stickman)


ZoshiX's Fan Stages

ZoshiX's world map
Jungle 1Jungle 2Jungle 3Jungle 4Jungle 5Volcano TempleZXmap
World Map word
Jungle (1,2,3,4,5)
Sea Cove
Lava World
Volcano Temple
Deep Cavern • Hell • Mars • ZoshiX (Jungle • Lava World • Ocean • Sea Cove • Swamp • Volcano Temple • Woods)

Ideas that have become real

Newest ideas are added to the top.

  • Hell series - Suspected by some fans before it was created.
  • Mountain series - Suspected by loads of fans before it was created.
  • Snowfield series - After long periods of tundra-like stage predictions it appeared.
  • Beach series - Suspected by some fans before it was created.
  • Desert series - Suspected by some fans before it was created.


In here, you can find many, many obsolete ideas that might not worth of reading, but it's there anyway.


The maps are sorted alphabetically by author, and sorted by date within the same author.

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