Green Roundhead Vine Green Roundhead Vine
Location: Jungle 1
LP: 2600
AT: 10-15
AGI: unknown
Range: 80
Strength: none
Weakness: Fire (AT + 5)
LV: 70
EXP: 650
Gold ($): 300
Drops: none
Generation: N/A
Species: Vine
Head: Roundhead
Attack: Lime OneArrow
Head colour: #B5E61D
Body colour: #028E06
Movement: none
Credits: ZoshiX


Even though this enemy is weak against fire, this enemy is problematic due to the fact that it resides on the ceiling. A magician with Fire Rise and good range is effective. A Gunner with the Laser Beam Gun also works well. These aren't much of a threat, but can be annoying in mobs. Their One Arrow attack has moderately decent range for a melee attack, and it does decent damage.