The Kernelsprites have been prototyped. The effects will take place upon entrance.

DMSwordsmaster (Knight of Space): DMS Prototyped Kernelsprite - Luna Doll

HankGuideDude (Page of Chance): HGD Prototyped Kernelsprite - Trinket

Lazro (Stooge of Light): Lazro Prototyped Kernelsprite - Ink Squid Pro Quo + Badly Made Problem Sleuth Figurine

Look-a-troopa (Chief of Time): LAT Prototyped Kernelsprite - Antique Clock + Red Uranium | Adamantium Revolver

Ludicrine (Seer of Heart): Ludi Prototyped Kernelsprite - Black Silk + Caladrius Down

Poisonshot (Rogue of Life)PS Prototyped Kernelsprite - Poison Arrow + Peridot 5

Samuel17 (Scribe of Mind): S17 Prototyped Kernelsprite - Weather Stone + Combat Orb

ZoshiX (Heir of Hope)ZXPrototypedKernelsprite - Knight Helmet + Fancy Suit | Basketball signed by Charles Barkley

  • After all prototyping - BarkleySprite
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