Lucifer Head

Unknown (over 3,000 years)
The Seven, Aradia (Daughter)
Alternate Aliases
The Prince of Pride


Lucifer is the Prince of Pride, one of the seven Princes of Hell. Like the others, he led factions of Epon sympathizers, was absorbed by Arca Mala, and later escaped in the infernal chaos of the Separ. Lucifer is apparently the strongest among the Seven in terms of power, though perhaps only slightly.

Lucifer is apparently oblivious to the feelings that Asmodeus has for him.

In Stick Ranger

Lucifer Lucifer
Location: First Throne
LP: Lucifer: 1000000000
Clones: 7777
AT: Spawning 7 Lucifer Clones
7 Lasers - 77-111
Pentagram Shield - 777-777
AGI: unknown
Range: Spawn: ∞
Laser: ∞
Shield: 45
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: unknown
EXP: 171717
Gold ($): 0
Drops: none
Species: (unique)
Head: (unique)
Attack: Lucifer Clone Lucifer Pentagram Lucifer Laser
Head colour: #8000FF
Body colour: #5500AA
Movement: Levitating/Teleporting
Credits: Look-a-troopa

The final Prince of Hell, and the final boss of the Infernal Castle.

At this point of the game, the enormous amount of LP is unsurpassed by any other linear bosses (Though some bonus bosses have had more). Since there are no weaknesses to exploit, this battle might take a long time.

Once every seven seconds, Lucifer will spawn 7 clones that don't attack. These can be a nuisance, however, as they distract the stickmen from their actual target. No clones will be spawned if there are already 7 present.

Lucifer will occasionally fire 7 lasers in 7 directions. The lasers deal 77-111 damage and bounce off walls. It's best to absorb the hit with a tank stickman, as the lasers will never dissipate.

When stickmen come within a 50 pixel radius of Lucifer, he will slowly spawn a pentagram shield, preventing melee stickmen from landing hits without sustaining serious damage.

Once defeated, any remaining clones automatically suffer 7777 points of damage, inevitably killing them.


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