The Martian Series or simply Mars is a fictitious series in Stick Ranger. The series was first suggested by Ttttta, created by HankGuideDude, and now co-owned mainly with NNW. These series are somewhat similar to the Moon Series, but the gravity is halved as compared to any original Dan-Ball series (roughly the same falling speed as in water).

Classes & Weapons

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Classes that are supported include the original SR classes, alongside the fan classes Lumberjack and Bomber.

Weapons that belong to these classes are dropped by enemies in this series. The weapons featured in the Martian Series may be different as compared to the weapons dropped by enemies in the original Stick Ranger series.


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Items are dropped by enemies when they are killed. Items include Weapons, Onigiris, gold, and Compo items. The Martian Series features a separate line of cards from the original Stick Ranger series, though many similarities can be seen between the two.

List of Stages

Stage Navigation for ver3.0
World map of Mars
Martian BaseSeabed 1Seabed 2Seabed 3Dust Ground 1Dust Ground 2Dust Ground 3Crater 1Crater 2WastelandRebel ModuleRocky Road 1Rocky Road 2Rocky Road 3Seabed 4Seabed 5Seabed 6Martian ColonyCliff ShadowsOlympus MonsDeep ImpactMars map
Mars word
Martian Base
Olympus Mons
Seabed (1,2,3,4,5,6)
Rebel Module
Deep Impact
Dust Ground (1,2,3)
Rocky Road (1,2,3)
Martian Colony
Crater (1,2)
Cliff Shadows
Deep Cavern • Hell • Mars • ZoshiX (Jungle • Lava World • Ocean • Sea Cove • Swamp • Volcano Temple • Woods)

Once arrived to Mars, the journey begins on the Martian Base, located on the top-leftmost orange module. Available stages are linked in the map.


Enemies are present throughout the stages of the game, and it is the job of the player to defeat them. While The Martian Series includes species and heads from other series in Stick Ranger, new species and heads are introduced here. Species unique to the Martian Series include the:

  • Martian (Copy Stickmen)
  • Mars Ship
  • Mars Lizard


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The Martian Series incorporates a weather system that changes from season to season. Depending on the time of the year, snow may have a higher chance of falling, or the sky may turn brighter. The weather has no effect whatsoever on the attacks dealt by both players and enemies.

Art (old)

  • An outdated and old screenshot.

Version History

Version Thumbnail Date New features and changes
3.0 MS ver3.0 18/12/2015 Everything else added.
2.0 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 11/12/2015 Mars Map revamp. Stage addition (Seabed 3). Stage removal (Cliff Shadows) 1st Weapons addition for Gunner, Lumberjack and Bomber. 3rd Weapons addition for Sniper and Boxer. Cold Gladius sword addition. Rapier sword removal. Compo item addition (Halo Card). Rebalancing of enemy stats and drops.
1.9 BETA MS ver1.9 10/01/2014 Compo item addition (LV 7 Jewels, Radar Card, Projectile's Card, Shockwave's Card).
1.8 BETA MS ver1.8 03/01/2014 Stage addition (Cliff Shadows).
1.7 BETA MS ver1.7 27/12/2013 2nd Weapons addition.
1.6 BETA MS ver1.6 20/12/2013 Stage addition (Dust Ground 3).
1.5 BETA MS ver1.5 29/11/2013 Stage addition (Dust Ground 2). Weather system implementation.
1.4 BETA MS ver1.4 22/11/2013 Compo item addition (LV 7 Stones and Crystals, Agility's Card, Gladiator's Card, Sniper's Card, Piercing Card).
1.3 BETA Martian Series 1.3 08/11/2013 1st Weapons addition. Stage addition (Martian Base).
1.2 ALPHA N/A 28/07/2013 Stage addition (Dust Ground 1).
1.1 ALPHA N/A 24/06/2013 Stage addition (Seabed 2).
1.0 ALPHA N/A 17/06/2013 Stage addition. (Seabed 1).
- N/A 08/06/2013 Reboot by NNW.
- N/A 04/01/2011 Creation in HankGuideDude's Dan-Ball Wiki Userpage (might have been as early as late 2010).

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