experience gain from enemy

player level EXP
Gold Boss Castle UFO
84- 1
85 1000
86 2000
87 3000
88 4000
89 5000
90 6000
91 7000
92 8000
93 9000
94 10000
95 9000
96 8000
97 7000
98 6000
99 5000
100 4000
101 3000
102 2000
103 1000
104+ 1
Gold Boss Castle UFO Gold Boss Castle UFO
Location: Cliff Shadows
LP: 350000
AT: 12-36
AGI: 80-160
Range: 300
Strength: Mute (Time -100%)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 94
EXP: 10000
Gold ($): 10000
Drops: Gold Gladius 7 (33.33%)
Agility's Card 7 (10%)
Species: UFO
Head: Castle
Attack: CliffShadowsBossAttack
Head colour: #FFC90E
Body colour: #FF0000
Movement: Flying
Credits: NNW


At first glance, the Gold Boss Castle UFO's two-arrow attack doesn't seem like much of a threat, as it drops them vertically downwards. However, the two-arrow attack can stay on the ground for a few seconds after being dropped by the Gold Boss Castle UFO, and is able to home in onto characters by sliding on the ground towards them. Because of the Gold Boss Castle UFO's rather low AGI, the ground may be littered with many two-arrows after a while. Players are advised to move characters to different spots in the map every now and then to avoid taking severe damage, or to use the bait strategy to lead the attacks to a different place. Players should also take note that the dark sky color in this stage makes the two-arrow attacks difficult to spot, so characters should be dragged to a different location as soon as the player notices them taking damage from the homing two-arrows.

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