Well, one day, I was walking along, Laptop in hand, Homework in bag, and idiocy in head, like always. I didn't realize where I was until it was too late to turn back.

The Forest.

Mushrooms, everywhere, emitting poison gases at me when I touched them. The fumes were so noxious, I could feel my health deteriorating when I breathed them in. All hope was lost...

Until a strange creature came to the rescue. It dug up from under the ground, and uprooted the mushrooms, killing them, and allowing me to arm myself. I found a small, metal tag on its neck: Digug, Male Grey Cyclops Drill, it said.

I decided to follow him.

It led me to a place called the Adoption Center, where I decided to adopt Digug, who had been sitting there for a very long period of time.

I built a house.

I made the gene center.

I established my existence.