I originated from a planet named Splationia, which is located a few light-years from Ludus.

One day, the scientists discovered Ludus. It was very apparent that life was present, so naturally, they sent people to explore the planet. Among those people were me, my twin brother and many other kids. The trip took years, and during that time, extensive studying was made in order to be able to make analysis about Ludus. As a matter of fact, my interest in space, weather and other fields of science comes from this. Physical training also had to be done, as the negative effects of zero gravity would have occurred otherwise. Outside that, there was enough of everything to survive for years.

The arrival

When I finally arrived to Ludus (I was 9 at that time), the analysis started. The tasks were pretty much split up; Some went outside to explore, and others stayed there with their analysing shenanigans. I eventually stumbled across LDZX Corporations and its surroundings and eventually met a winged Dragonkin named Zachary "Zoshi", a Dark Matter named Revelian and a Serrangio named Ludicrine and quite a few more people. I settled on a house at the Beach series (but eventually moved to the Mountain area), and was taught the art of taming monsters, selling them as pets and adopting some of my own too.

After getting an egg that hatched into Ecast, his faster-than-light speed became incredibly practical for a wide variety of uses. The almost entirety of the crew went back to Splation, but I decided to stay with my friends and live there.

"Splationian" Humans

Splationian Humans are an offshoot of humans. How humans ended up on Splationia is a very obscure and poorly known subject, but it is widely accepted that Splationian humans turned into roughly what they are today when they started colonizing the planet.

Splationian humans are obviously very human-like, but have their own quirks to their appearance. Most famously known would be their head, which are large and circular and lacking a lot of facial features. The ears and nose are absent, but they still can hear and smell (they do so very poorly for the latter). They also lack eyebrows (but oddly enough still may have other forms of facial hair, such as beards), and have small "black-bead eyes". While their eyes are indeed small, they still work properly, as the pupil takes the almost entirety of the visible eye, and analysis show they indeed have scleroses behind.

Aside from their heads, they are very few differences in the body, save for an overall thinner body frame.