Zoshi's Life Story

I was hatched unto King Alexander Isle and Julia Gonzales. My full name is Zachary Isle. I was born the prince of the Kumkwat Kingdom (Sure, our kingdoms are named after fruits, problem?). My father was a stern but kind man, and my mother was quite sweet. I was only nine when our kingdom went to war with the Watermelon Kingdom. Tragically, my father was killed in battle, and later, my mother went missing. Therefore, I was the new king of the Kumkwat Kingdom. I couldn't take the pressure and loss, so I turned the rule over to my uncle. I left the kingom in search of another life. I stopped in a small village where I met a very wise and brave man. He took me in and taught me how to use a sword. I became very skilled at this, perhaps only rivaled by a handful of others. I lived with him for several years, but then I figured I had to move on. I journied all over the world, and sailed for months on end until I found a particular island. I don't know what it was, but I knew this was the place. I found a wonderful town, which grew into the city I live in now.

I decided this was somewhere I wanted to stay, so I built a castle for myself.

Over time I not only developed more fighting skill by training in nearby areas, but I gained a knack for business. My few freinds at the time, Ludicrine, a serrangio, is it? And at the time, Poisonshot (believe it or not.) I was very interested in Ludicrine's newfound adoption center business and asked him if I could take part. I contrubuted so greatly that he eventually promoted me to co-CEO of what became LDZX co. Our business grew into many different divisions, including the Breeding Center, Pet Arena, and Pet Hospital.

At one point I came across a person named Revelian. Ludicrine had told me about him, and they appeared to be friends. We gradually became aquantances. (DMS has no friends, idiot.)

Later, as I became less of a noob, I began to realize Poisonshot's true annoyingness and noobishness. We turned away from each other and went our separate ways. I made friends with several other people like HankGuideDude and Caagr98 (however this fellow turned out to be somewhat unsavory as well.)

My life has not been easy I can tell you, as well as my friends can. We have fought through some of the most rediculous things. A psycotic Dark Matter, Ao Oni, TWICE, some Dr. Sand guy, a chaos lord named Zalgo, and a psychotic pony demigoddess. Yeah...