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The Moon Series (a.k.a. The Moon or simply Moon) is a fictional series in Stick Ranger. Normally, you can't get there, but from somewhere, the stickmen found a rocket ship, activated it by accident, and crash landed to the Moon Base (the first place you start off from there). Now, they cannot return to the previous world map and must find a ship that will lead them back to earth. There is a lot of mountains on the moon. Also, the Moon is the first series that the gravity is different (other than in the water). Gravity is approximately 1/6 of the rest of the previous series (This goes with the item drop, enemies, the character's jump and etc.).

Defeat the Moon Peak Boss and the Moon Crater Boss to get a can of fuel each (100% drop). This will enable you to get out of the Moon and come back any time.


Moon landscape
Moon landscape (for 1, 3, 5, 7)
Moon landscape (for 2, 4, 6, 8 and yes, they're both mirrored -_-')

List of Stages

Stage Navigation for ver BETA
World Map of The Moon
Moon BaseMoon 1Moon 2Moon 3Moon 4Moon RidgeMoon SlopeMoon 5Moon 6Moon 7Moon 8Moon PeakMoon CraterIce PlateauMoon ColonyLunar RocketMoon Map
Moon word
Moon Base
Moon Peak
Lunar Rocket
Moon (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
Moon Crater
Moon Ridge
Ice Plateau
Moon Slope
Moon Colony
Deep Cavern • Hell • Mars • ZoshiX (Jungle • Lava World • Ocean • Sea Cove • Swamp • Volcano Temple • Woods)

The first stages that are accessible are the Moon Base, Moon 1 and Moon 2. Click on a stage on the map above to navigate there.

Version History

Version Thumbnail Date New features and changes
BETA N/A 17/01/2014 Unexpected reboot by NNW. (Stage addition of Moon 1).
ALPHA N/A circa. July 2010 Creation in HankGuideDude's Dan-Ball Wiki Userpage (might have been as early as late-summer of 2010).


  • The Current List of the Moon Series enemies (reboot is required).
  • Fictional stage "Moon 1"; consisting of a few Blue Gel UFOs and Red X Zombies.
  • Another art, now with Blue Big Mask Trees and Yellow Gel UFOs.
  • The Red Boss Gel UFO... Where did he get the Counter's Card from?! Oh well, too bad it doesn't reflect elemental damage.
  • The Moon Map, thanks to Poisonshot and NNW for their support!
  • Moon 2, another fictional stage in a fictional series... with Hangers! and a new Inventory Scrollbar!
  • No, Lumberjack, NO! (Maybe use the Gravity's Card?)
  • Can anyone say: "Moon-Tastic"?
  • The Moon Peak Boss! Greatly improved too!
  • The Moon Crater Boss! Starring: Fire!
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