Welcome to the Pet Item Store! Here you can get food, drinks, toys, and more for your pets!



  • PoisonshotSR2Poisonshot
  • LudicrineGodTierSC
  • HankGuideDudeHGD SRTroll


None, except those in the Adoption Center.


Currently, all refreshments are made by PS.

  • WaterDrink Water: Normal Juice
  • MilkDrink Milk: Reinforces Bones
  • PrudniotDrink Pruniot Juice: +6 Range


Currently, all fruits are made by PS.

  • Prunoit: +3 Range
  • Apple: Restore 6 LP
  • Orange: +3 AGI



  • Neutral OrbString Ball: Toys for Roundhead pets. Made by PS.
  • Marble Marble: Warning- Contains small parts. Sold in sets of 10. Made by LD.
  • Nerf Gun Nerf Gun: Great for kids 8-12. Made by LD.
  • Rubber Ball Rubber Ball: The classic. Made by LD.
  • CARD Trading Cards: Great for kids from 8-12. Made by LD.
  • Zzzzzz Plush Toy: Uh... hidden narcissism? Oh well. >./ Made by LD.
  • DMS Idle Interactive Plush Toy: Good for demoralizing pets! Comes with 10 different insults lines! Lines include:
  1. What the f/ck are you? You look like something Poisonsh/t sh/t out of his /ss when he finally got inspiration!
  2. Wow, you think you can BURN ME? I'm FIRE PROOF, B/TCH!
  3. HAH! Your little knife can't cut through me!! You're so pathetic!
  4. Wow, what the f/ck are you doing? Are you trying to dryhump yourself or something?

And many more! Made by DMSwordsmaster. Actual toy does not come with censors. Good gog why would you buy this anyway.

  • Dark Matter NEO Interactive Plush Toy 2.0: The newest version of the HIT TOY by DMSwordsmaster! Updates include the new version of DMS, more insults lines, and the removal of a particular bug where the pet would be catapulted through the ceiling suddenly torn apart! We think we got rid of it, anyways. New lines include:
  1. I'm baaaack!! Didja miss me? No? Then eat pigsh/t, you c/nt.
  2. Hah! Put that drill down before you hurt yourself.
  3. Eat me and you'll get lead poisoning!
Order NOW and you get the next big toy...
  • File:LunaToy.gif The Luna Plush! This is meant as a stress toy. It will re-inflate after any and all abuse, getting no forms of scuff marks whatsoever! Looks creepy as hell, though.
  • Green Smiley Walker (OS) GSW Plush: A cute plush of a Green Smiley Walker. Nothing special about it at all.
    But would you like to know what happens when you burn this plush?
  • Cyan Smiley Walker CSW Plush: A cute plush of a Cyan Smiley Walker. Waterproof!
  • Red Smiley Walker RSW Plush: A cute plush of a Red Smiley Walker. Puffy!
  • Blue X Walker BXW Plush: A cute plush of a Blue X Walker. Heavier than the GSW, BSW and RSW plushies.
  • Grey Boss Smiley Walker GBSW Plush: A cute plush of a Grey Boss Smiley Walker. It have all of the above plushies effect!
  • Green Skull Snake GSS Figurine: Cute Figurine!
  • Blue Fairy Snake BFS Floater: Would like to swim with a Blue Fairy Snake?
  • Green Smiley Walker (HC1) GSW Floater-Figurine: Combine the two above toys!
  • Blue X Walker Xal Figurine: Base-Level Xal!
  • White Castle Stickman(SF3) C'mas: Base Level C'mas!
  • White X Walker Cold Xal: Level 2 Xal. Happens in Snowland.
  • White Castle Stickman(SF2) White C'mas: Level 2 C'mas. Happens almost anywhere.
  • Metal Xal Metal Xal: Level 2 Xal. Happens on Moon.
  • Grey Big Castle Stickman Big C'mas: Level 3 C'mas! Happens almost anywhere.
  • SR Luna Luna Action Figure: An action figure in the form of a box-headed stickman with a horn and wings.... and a gun. Made by HGD.
  • Wet-Dry JellyWet-Dry Jelly: Some jelly. When you touch it, it's look wet, but the part that touched it is dry! It is not alive, too. Recomended for Gel pets, but can be accepted among other pets.

Video Games

  • Game-pet advance Gamepet Advance: Comes with SR Lite, PG 3.0, and Tetris. Good for older kids. Made by Lazro.
  • Tagamini Tagamini: Keep a human healthy and happy with this Tagamini! Preferred by female pets. Made by Lazro.
  • GSWCardridge1 Green Smiley Walker 1: First of the long Green Smiley Walker Series! Made for Gamepet Advance.
  • GSWCardridge2 Green Smiley Walker 2: Can be played Multiplayer, but have different gameplay than the prequel.
  • GSWCardridge3 Green Smiley Walker 3: Can be played Multiplayer, include a whole arsenal of new character!
  • PGSCardridge1 ??? Land: Take away from King Submarine Shrine Boss the stolen food of "???"!