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Is your pet not feeling well, or is there a serious medical condition? If so, you are in the right place. Here at the hospital, if your pet has a problem, we will try our very best to get them back to health, whether that means healing an illness, providing prosthetics, or even attempting revival with some shady magic. If you need care, place a request on the talk page, and someone will get your pet to care as soon as possible.

To view past hospital visits, check the archive.

Current Patients

Owner: Poisonshot
Patient: Grasshopper, Green Roundhead Spring Grasshopper
Date: unknown
Problem: Suffering from poisoning
Cure: Unknown until we find out what disease this is.
Notes: none
Operator: Look-a-troopa
Result: Grasshopper Cured We've stuck a potion infused with lunar magic or something to her head. We're sure she'll be fine.