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Originally Poisonshot, now run by other users.


Here you may add your pets to be educated, regardless of age! You may speak to an active teacher to request a spot in the education program. By graduating certain levels of education, pets are eligible for occupations, new moves, and other such skills after completing courses. The main aspect of the Pet School, at its heart, is to provide short pet-interaction stories for the entertainment of the readers and writers, though skills of the pets are considered enhanced after courses.


Codes that may occur during a class. Depending on the code, students and teachers may have to evacuate the school.

  • Orange: A natural disaster is imminent (about to happen)
  • Blue: A severe injury has occurred in the building
  • Green: A gas leak or other toxic force is present
  • Yellow: A notable threat may be outside the building
  • Red: An immediate threat is in the building


See also: Pet School: The New Generation, a story by User:DMSwordsmaster.