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This is the Pantheon of gods for the SR World. You can state that you follow a god in the comments, or that one of your pets decides to follow a god. By following a god, you may grant your pets various abilities by "praying" (in the comments). Having your pets follow a god without you doing so allows your different pets to worship different gods and may grant them abilities by "praying" (again, in the comments), or by undergoing complete devotion to a god at the Leveling Station. It is important to note that it is very unwise to follow gods of conflicting viewpoints, or origins. Potentially negative or unwanted results of following a god, as well as restrictions, are marked with italics. New gods can be suggested and can be added if approved by Look-a-troopa.

Creation Trio

Associated reading: The Book of Creation

The Creation Trio are, according to ancient gridmask legend, the three gods born out of darkness who created the universe first, beginning with Chaos, then Gaia, and lastly Chronos. They assisted in the creation of various other gods and the sealing of the Gods of Epon. Their powers revolve around their respective realms and often involve mutations and immense power.



Powers: Time-Based

Grants followers: Chronomancy, potential clockwork mutations

Known followers (Users): Look-a-troopa, Ludicrine

Known followers (Canon): Mercuron

Known followers (Pets): Timfa

Sign: Krono



Powers: Life-Based

Grants followers: Druidic powers, superanimation, potential botanic mutations

Known followers (Users): Poisonshot

Known followers (Canon): Ludicrine

Known followers (Pets): Uvee

Sign: Hai



Powers: Disorder-Based

Grants followers: Necromancy, potential erratic mutations

Known followers (Users): HankGuideDudeZoshiX, Lemurboy07. A, Mori

Known followers (Canon: Hankvi, Zoshi, Mori, Crescent, Ellona

Known followers (Pets): Valarye, Schypozoa

Sign: Khao

Nope Trio

Associated reading: The Book of Creation

The Gods of Nope, formerly known as the Gods of Epon*, are three demonic creatures born by the absence of the very concepts that created them. After Gaia explained their existences to them, they feared themselves and downgraded into virtually harmless yet irritating gods. Their powers revolve around their respective realms and often drive their disciples into a state of insanity.


Powers: Vocal-Based

Grants followers: Vocalmancy, minor teleportation, insanity

Known followers: ESTMMotRS,b, Chin Chin



Powers: Elastic-Based

Grants followers: Elastimancy, regeneration, slight insanity

Known followers: Xzibit


Powers: Digestion-Based

Grants followers: Digestimancy, teeter-totter-off-the-rocker-level insanity

Known followers: -

Fact/Fiction Duo

The god Captium and his twin sister Alísceia are gods born from Gaia. According to ancient gridmask legends, they commonly interfere with the daily activities of mortals, pushing them to make decisions that are either self-righteous or righteous. They have a love for all living creatures. The powers of both of these gods revolve around their realm of truth and lies and may alter their disciples' personalities.



Powers: Lie-Based, Ignorance

Grants followers: Deception and illusion abilities, slight egotism

Known followers (Pets): Neuqtes Neuqtes



Powers: Fact-Based, Forethought

Grants followers: A sense of fact and fiction, slight depression

Known followers (Users): Lazro

Known followers (Canon): Lazro

Known followers (Pets): Neuqtes Neuqtes

Anger Duo

The Angry Siblings are two gods of unknown origin, consisting of Zeus and his sister Neptunus. Ancient gridmask legends say that they were two gods who assisted Chaos at times, though ancient skygod songs tell of three siblings, two of which are identical to Zeus and Neptunus save for their names. Their powers revolve around their respective realms, angelic or aquatic mutations, and skill in weapon crafting.



Powers: Lightning-Based

Grants followers: Divine traits, weapon crafting

Known followers: Masa



Powers: Water-Based, Charm-Based

Grants followers: Omnispeak/Charming, aquatic mutation/adaptations, weapon crafting

Known followers: -

Swift Trio

The Swift Gods consist of Thondor, her cousin Ebisu, and Ebisu's friend Lucifore. According to ancient gridmask legend, these gods were created by Chronos for unknown purposes. Ability-wise, they seem to have no relation to each other besides the fact that they boost the dexterity of their followers in all that they do. Their powers revolve around their respective realms, along with a green pigment to indicate the disciples' boost in speed.



Powers: Luck-Based, Charm-Based

Grants followers: Charming, luck and good fortune, speed, aesthetic mutations

Known followers: -



Powers: Weather-Based

Grants followers: Weather control, a courageous attitude, speed, aesthetic mutations

Known followers (Users): Samuel17

Known followers (Canon): Samuel



Powers: Brightness-Based

Grants followers: Blindness, loss of morality, speed, aesthetic mutations

Known followers: -

Central Duo

The Central Gods, consisting of the siblings Hotei and Tiamat, are gods that are incredibly self-centered and jealous. Ancient skygod songs tell of these two and how they would punish those who would worship anyone but them. Their powers revolve around their respective realms and instill an intense sense of devotion in their disciples, making them incapable of following other gods and causing potential insanity.


Powers: Alchemy, luck

Grants followers: Fortune and potential wealth, potential insanity

Known followers: Pyqq'zis


Powers: Water-based

Grants followers: Physical and magical power, water and darkness abilities, potential insanity

Known followers: -

Bizarro Gods

These gods hail from the Bizarro World. As there are many of them, this section only catalogues the ones that have been identified so far, in no order and with little understanding of their realms or related gods. As such, these gods may only be followed by those hailing from the Bizarro universe.

Seren Anghenfil

Seren Anghenfil

Title: The Beast of Beyond

Affinity: Rock, Space

Follower Powers: Astrology

Followers: Codeam

Kiril Gluu'tonh

Kiril Gluu'tonh

Title: The Maw of the Abyss

Affinity: Dark, Poison

Follower Powers: Severe mutations, regenerative limbs

Followers: Sigil'aey Sigil'aey

Llygaid Gwir Anhrefn

Llygaid Gwir Anhrefn

Title: The Eyes of True Chaos

Affinity: Light, Chaos

Follower Powers: Dislocation

Followers: Neptunel, Hunny

Unassorted Gods


Title: The Enigmatic Bowmaster

Affinity: Lightning, Precision

Follower Powers: Permanent bonding to an object, Expertise in aim, Incredible armstrength

Followers: Poisonshot


Hörus Horüs

"Brothers with a high aim,
Children of the damned, twin kings of their land,
The reigning of the sky, through space they would fly,
Traitors to their liege, heaven's under siege,
For their crimes of god, to the abyss they trod,
Gods of time they became."

Affinity: Time, Death

Follower Powers: Submission to wrath, A strategic mind, Empowered endurance to pain




Title: God of the Wonder Jungle

Affinity: Poison, Ice, Fire

Follower Powers: Elemental resistance, immense luck, grotesque mutations

Followers: Ishtar


Nicknamed "The Brothers of Evil"

Affinity: ?

Follower Powers: Immortality, Eternal youth



Sofr HD

Affinity: Moth

Follower Powers: Moth

Followers: Moth

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