This is LD. I was in the middle of pursuit of Mr. Schyzo when I noticed a blank picture on my desk and a pinch of sand next to it. Well, today, there was a larger pinch of sand and the picture was this: Freo Petrified Yup. That's my pet, First King Freo, petrified. This guy claims to be called Dr. Sand. He's unpredictable at the moment. We are pooling information right now. Below, if you know anything that may be related to this, say so on the blog.


Dr. Sand's daughter was murdered by Kuipter during the Kuipter Files. Kuipter planned on using him as a backup havoc wreaker in case he died. Sure enough, Dr. Sand went insane and transformed his daugter's pet koala, Kole, into the monster he is. He then started petrifying pets and random creatures he found and kept them inside his house on the far edge of the Desert series. After discovering this, Dr. Sand was attacked by something and has since vanished. After that, DMSwordsmaster's SDXOmega was destroyed by an unknown force. Shortly afterwards, DMS's castle was destroyed by a giant laser.


First King Freo was kidnapped and petrified. A message on the photo says "LONG LIVE THE KING. -Dr Sand."

DMS's pet, Varkain, is missing and has a photo sent in of her being petrified. A message on the photo says "CAN YOU SEE HER NOW?! -Dr Sand."

There has been a breech in Gamelover's base and the deadly compound known as "DEATHGEN" stolen from his research. Some sand was reported in his base.

Dr. Sand has 'taunted' Gamelover and asked him if he was missing anything else. The evidence is here.

Dr. Sand has 'spammed' Gamelover's talk page, telling him a fake story about his pet Joes being petrified.

Dr. Sand was told the truth that Kuipter killed his daughter in order to make him go insane, along with the pet koala Kole. After having a mental breakdown about this, he was attacked by an unknown force and has since vanished. When FB Forces found Dr. Sand's home in the Desert series, they found the petrified but alive bodies of both Varkain and Freo, along with many other pets. Dr. Sand, however, was not found. The place was also wrecked.

DMSwordsmaster's satellite, SDXOmega, was destroyed by an unknown force.

DMSwordsmaster's castle was destroyed by a giant laser similar to the one from SDXOmega. However, that would not be possible because it was blown up. It is also unknown whether or not DMS was killed in the laser or not. (knowing him, probably not.)


Freo --> Freo Petrified

Varkain --> Varkain Petrified

"DEATHGEN" stolen from Gamelover.