Archaeological Scientists

This is essentially the whitelist.

  • Poisonshot - Main Archaeologist
  • Ludicrine - Apprentice Archaeologist
  • DMSwordsmaster - Something
  • Lookatroopa - Something Else


  1. When digging up fossils, you must ask another worker to de-fossilize the pet. You may keep the result or donate it to an AC.
  2. When investigating places and items, all non-fossils found are to be donated to research, with few exceptions.
  3. "Technology-based" and "alien-based" pets are not allowed to be found as fossils, with few exceptions.
  4. Non-fossil creatures found here are assumed to be hostile and cannot be adopted or donated.
  5. When in doubt, ask a worker!


These period are fan made. Periods in bold are the main subject.

  1. Stiacton: Micro-organisms such as Bacteria and Plankton appear.
  2. Shieel: Aquatic plants and small aquatic organisms appear.
  3. Subpad: Larger aquatic organisms appear.
  4. Trefm: Plants of all varieties appear.
  5. Wnake: Land creatures begin to appear.
  6. Aldone: Most land creatures arrive, as well as a few flying creatures.
  7. Fanpets: (Current Period) All non-mechanical and non-invasive creatures appear.

Current Artifact Investigation

LunarStone Found by DMS in the frozen lake, a research team is currently investigating the situation. Observations include a larger mass of similar object, showing the stone was just a fragment of a larger piece. Statues resembling equestrians were found as well as strange whispering heard by some researchers. Located equestrians knew nothing about the stone. Celestia, however, refused to be interrogated.

Poison Orb Found by TFM in the Snow shrine. It is a green coloured orb. It has the power to throw a pellet like Time Explosion that bursts into 3 poison clouds each with 2-2 AT and 3 sec lenght. Pellet AT - 10-15. I named it Poison Orb. Type: Poison

Metal Orb Found by TFM in the Snow shrine. It is a grey coloured orb. It has the power to rain 50 metal balls on the enemy like Thunder spear. Metal Ball AT - 10-12. I named it Metal Orb. Type: Physical.

Moth God Legend

This tablet was found by me, Poisonshot. It's quite wierd. There a Skull Moth. After, there Yellow, Orage and Brown Paint, then the Moth make appears what look-like rain, then the Same Paint appears, but with more lively color. Then, a stickman with a Sword is there and the Moth is sliced. An white thing is there too.

Found by LD: I found shield and lance fragments that, when placed together, summon a spirit to take charge of the weaponry. ScornArchLab Scorn, as I learned his name was, is a failed god who was not strong enough to be anywhere close to immortal. Scorn

Current Fossil Investigation


Working on the second of the fossils I found earlier. This one appears to have strange markings on it. They appear to say "EE5" or something along those lines. There are also a few fossils next to it, though those may not be of living beings.

The "something along those lines" is "BBS". I've got no idea what it means, though... What I do know is that the fossil is a Robot. The fossils next to it are emitting some leaked rechargeable energy. This may take many months to decode...

It's alive! Voxatron Voxatron is a powerful robot companion. Besides his regular rapid-laser attack, he can also be equipped with BBS Boxes that change his powers and the like.

  • BlasterBox The Blaster Box allows Voxatron to shoot spheres of pure energy, dealing damage of a completely unknown type.
  • BombBox The Bomb Box releases a shock attack reaching incredibly far distances.
  • BuildBox The Build Box enables Voxatron to shoot chunks of land that merge with the terrain near the area.
  • DuplicateBox The Duplicate Box is charged with dark energy that gives nearby hostile creatures the ability to clone themselves or spawn minions. This one should be kept away from Voxatron...
  • FortuneBox The Fortune Box contains the Sword of Fortune, which enables Voxatron to go into Samurai Mode! SwordVoxatron In this form, he can fire waves of physical energy from his sword as well as use it to slash enemies. This form also increases drop rates of enemies. However, he downgrades back to his original form after taking a bit of damage.
    • When the Fortune Box is merged with the Build Box, the result is an Eternity Box. This looks identical to the Fortune Box, but grants Voxatron the Sword of Eternity. He retains his Samurai Mode and attack powers as with the Sword of Fortune, but drop rates for enemies do not change. On the bright side, he does not downgrade from Samurai Mode after taking damage!
    • The Eternity Box can revert back to the Build Box and the Fortune Box when merged with a Duplicate Box.
  • FreezeBox The Freeze Box creates a stasis field in the nearby area, allowing Voxatron to damage enemies without worry of taking damage. It doesn't last too long, but its effect can stack when merged with other Freeze Boxes.
  • HealthBox The Health Box is the only item that can heal Voxatron. Onigiri and other foods simply don't cut it! It replenishes all his health.
  • MultiplierBox The Multiplier Box increases the gold drop of enemies. Unfortunately, it can't stack with other box effects.
  • TripleBox The Triple Box allows Voxatron to shoot three lasers at a time, three times as fast! It runs out of ammo quickly, though.

I'm keeping Voxatron in my custody for the time being, though I will be sending him to a proper Adoption Center once I figure out where the appropriate place would be.


Ruby FossilJust found a... roundhead walker? Or is it an Oyster? Wait... that means it's a H-Crab!

HerimpleResult: Herimple, the Male Red Roundhead H-Crab!

Zero FossilOh my... Extremely Cold Fossil! Let's revive it!

AttrapmadFinished: Lives in the North. He is Cold, and named Attrapmad.

GL7fossilUh. It will be hard, but easier due to it being in dirt.

EDIT:The fossil will be put on a wait. Sorry.

Finded somes fossil seeds. Let's Un-Fossilise them!

Done! The result are:

  • The Gravel Seed Gravel Seed
  • The Sand Seed Sand Seed
  • The Dirt SeedDirt Seed


I found bones of a stickman lying on the ground - Fossil 3. I placed the bones and spear correctly -Fossil 3-2. And the result is Guarder - Guarder - ♂ - Multicolored Shiny Skull Stickman - Has a spear in his hand.


Ancient Nazca-Esque Skull I've found a Nazca-Esque skull under the forest near the Royal Hex Land. Judging by its status, it's thousands of years old, dating back to the time of the ancients. This seems kind of unsettling to me, especially since NCD1288 has been saying that this world has a "history" with Nazcans. I'll try to revive it on the Northern Continent, away from the current military activities.

Barcaz I've revived the skull. It seems that it is indeed a Nazcan, but it appears to be one from a different tribe. I'll keep it under custody.

Current Place Investigation


I found a place by digging left of Snowfield 4. I named it Snow Shrine.

Snow Shrine

There are small puddles of frozen water. There is a statue holding two orbs. And there are bones of a stickman and a spear.


I found some sort of aweso҉́me temple while looking for fǫssils. I'm trying to uplo̽҉͎̰̪̦͔ad an image o҉̸̸̶f it, but there seem tǫ̸͖̼̮̦̺̃̉ͩͩ͒ͥ̄ͮ̑͗̐̽ͫ̐̋ͮͤ̒ͨ͝͞ be só͔̺̭̱̞̹͍̙͡me cͬ͐̾̐͂̓̎̍ͨ͒҉̛͈͈̮̱ͅȍ̶̸̖̤̲̹̜̞̮̯͖̼͈̺̱̼̝̲͈̪̜ͣ̎ͤ̌̂̍̈ͮ͘m̨̩̩̗̱͚̼̬̯̙͚̼͎̣ͨͬ̍̃̅ͧ̅ͧ̆ͣͩ̇̒̈́͠p̧̋̏͌͂̏͌͛ͬ̔͏̸̻͇͍̞̟͍̟̜̗̭̖̫͠ͅl̴̃̈̐̑͛̋͊̐̎ͩ̽̽͛̃̃̕͢͞͏̞̳͇͔̥̭̘̪͙̬͚͎̯̞̪͚͔̯ͅî̏͗ͬ̏̄ͦ͠͝҉͕̝̟̼͔̰̤̞c̨͇͙͚̭͍̈ͮ̔̾̿̔̿ͮ̿̿̿ͮ͐̓͂͛̊͘͢͜a̢̛̫̗̠̰̳͕̪̻͍̳͓͕̥̖̪̯̰ͮ̒̿̍ͣ̂̊ͬ̊̉̇̆͡ͅt̨̢͎͕̪͍̩͈̬̖͙̝̫̤̱̟́ͩ̍ͬͩ͊̍̽ͥ̓̓i̴̥͍̞̞̩̩̰͉̟̟̗̣̖͊̋ͮͧ͒ͥ͋̽ͮ̈ͧ͑̓͘͜͡ỏͤ̏͗̎͊̽̄̄͡҉̸̩͓͍̟̩͍̠̰́͞ͅn̵̶̨̳̟͍̰̗̬̥͖̈̾̆̌͌̓̋̌ͨ̒͌ͦ͠s̶̢̧̛͖̲̫̠̜͓̳ͮ͐̿̑͑͡...

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