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The Gene Center

The Gene Center is a division of LDZX Corporations, and deals with fine-tuning your pets to your needs! Gene Center

Added by Lazro. What Pumpkin?


The Gene Center works like this-

  1. You post your pet on the comments and state what you want changed, options are stated below.
  2. We take your pet for a day or two, and modify its genes.
  3. You get it back, freshly modified!

Unfortunately, there are some problems. If you change your pet's gender, they will have no memory of you, and will probably no longer be house-trained. Some things are irreversible, marked in the list below with an (X). Some Modifications may result in unintended side effects, Modifications that may do so are marked with a (?). Some Modifications are automatic, to counter side effects, Modifications that do so are marked with an (A).

Available programs-


In essence using textedit to edit DNA. Very primitive and inefficient.


A basic trait editor, editing DNA to fit traits without messing with anything else. Only a 5% chance of side effects. However, it cannot make any new connections in the brain, making it useless for teaching.

List of modifications-

Can be done indefinitely-

  • Speedy Paint (Changes pet color)
  • Failsafe Counter (Counter a side effect) (A)
  • Fossilize/ Defossilize a pet (?)
  • Random Boing (Allows pet to bounce up in the air once during battle, therefore avoiding a move)
  • Manually teaching a weak move (Takes one week)
  • Living fossil/Defossilize (?) (Fossilizes a pet while still having it be conscious, Maxes defense, harshly lowers attack)

Can be done 5 times per pet-

  • Teaching a weak move (X) (?)
  • Changing Genders (A/?(SEVERE*))
  • De-Genecider (Auto-revives a pet after a loss, but not during battle, a death in battle is a loss)

Can be done one time per pet-

  • Changing Pet Species (?)
  • Maxing a stat other than LP (X)
  • Teaching a Regular/Strong-Regular move (X) (?)
  • Teach nub sprey!!!!!11!1!!!!!1!! (Damage all opponents in arena one time per battle)
  • Teach 1337 4w350m3n355 (Make your pet have maxed stats for one turn per battle)

Currently working:


Jobs Open

Current Wanted Jobs

Artists wanted.

Scientists wanted.

Historians wanted.

Programmers wanted.

Currently Working-

Lazro: Esteemed Owner/Head Scientist/Main artist/Head historian/Head programmer (Inactive)

Poisonshot: Artist/Historian/Current Manager

Ludicrine: Artist/Programmer/Scientist/Historian/In charge of Leveling Station

Fire InTheHole: Artist/Programmer/Scientist/Historian/In charge of Pet Creator


  • 6 scientists-Unlock Hi-Q
  • 8 historians-Unlock Undead Fossil
  • 10 scientists+3 artists+2 historians-Unlock Build a Weak Pet
  • 12 scientists-Unlock Pet Blender
  • 5 scientists+1 programmer- Unlock Invis AT