Then who's that beside you? Is that torture, triumph and pure hatred? No. That's the one who's trying to help you. And me? I didn't kill her for torture, triumph, and pure hatred. I did it because I had a job to do.

—Shakespeare, Trix 2: The War


Shakespeare Head

DB UFO, Gamelover, Trix, Sorrow.
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Shakespeare for a while had been a self-made mercenary, and upon the revival of Ao Oni through the UFOs, he was seemingly recruited by them. After an escort mission to eliminate the Yellow Fishes of the Caverns failed, he showed up to eliminate Gamelover. Failing this as well, he silently monitored Trix from a distance instead. When Gamelover freed her from the barrier, Shakespeare warped in and killed her, provoking Gamelover to attempt to kill Shakespeare, however, he soon redeemed himself by giving a pretty deep speech to Gamelover, then promptly betrayed DB UFO. It was revealed as well that Shakespeare was forced to kill the Yellow fishes and Trix, as DB UFO had a special collar on him that allowed him to kill Shakespeare if he didn't do as he told. 

RPG Info

Shakespeare, being a ninja, has incredibly high speed (The highest out of all characters thus far, except for his bizarro counterpart Aristotle), and very poor defenses. His attack and magic stats are both rather adequate. He utilizes primarily dark and ice type attacks.

Shakespeare Stats


  • Although his real name remains unknown, his alias Shakespeare is based off of his quick tongue and poetic nature.

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