Stick Ranger: Cavern Chronicles (also known as SR:CC) is an action RPG mod of the web game Stick Ranger, which was made by ha55ii. The creator of the mod, however, is Poisonshot. Stick Ranger: Cavern Chronicles uses Ivan's Mod as a base, and contains many features included in said mod. The mod was first released on August 8, 2017. It was last updated on April 6, 2019.

The core gameplay of Stick Ranger is not changed in this mod; the player can drag their stickmen around with their mouse, and they will automatically attack enemies provided that they are on the ground and not being dragged. They must beat a large variety of stages by beating their boss screens.

The mod is a "wiped" mod, having replaced every single weapon as well as almost every stage with new content. However, although there are new compo items (most being from Ivan's Mod), the compos themselves have not been replaced. There are also some new options and other improvements added to the mod.

Here is a link to the patch file. You will need a copy of the most recent version of Stick Ranger in order to apply the patch.


Data in Stick Ranger: Cavern Chronicles is not automatically saved, so if you just leave the game and open it again, you will have lost your progress. However, it is possible to save using the Get-Set box, just like vanilla Stick Ranger. Press Get to get your code, save it somewhere, and when you want to load your data, insert the code in the Get-Set box and press Set. Your data will be re-loaded.


There are thirteen classes in Stick Ranger: Cavern Chronicles. Eight of them are from vanilla Stick Ranger, four are from Ivan's Mod and one is unique to Cavern Chronicles. They are:

Icon Class Description Equipment Magic? Creator
Boxer icon Boxer Punches foes to oblivion using various types of gloves. N GloveGloves Yes ha55ii
Pros: Fastest class, generally deals strong damage at a quick rate.
Cons: Lowest range in the game, gets hit a lot compared to other classes.
Gladiator icon Gladiator Slices groups of foes to their death using swords. N SwordSwords Yes ha55ii
Pros: Deals strong damage, slashes can hit multiple enemies, high HP.
Cons: Slower than most Melee classes, often outdone by Boxer in DPS.
Sniper icon Sniper Snipes enemies using various kinds of arrows and bows. N BowBows Yes ha55ii
Pros: Very high range, can deal strong damage with some weapons.
Cons: Not good at mobbing, often misses because of the cave-like terrain and the attack style.
Magician icon Magician Casts a large range of magic spells at foes. N OrbOrbs No ha55ii
Pros: Varied weapons, most of which are strong.
Cons: Slow attacks. Low LP, so usually dies a lot.
Priest icon Priest Supports its allies with AT and DF Aura. N StaffStaves No ha55ii
Pros: Aura is outright overpowered after the early-game.
Cons: Low HP, low damage compared to other classes, sucks in the early-game.
Gunner icon Gunner Uses various guns to shoot enemies, but with a cost. N GunGuns Uses $ ha55ii
Pros: Usually faster than other ranged classes, very high damage.
Cons: Wastes $ each time it shoots, beware of walls since they will make you waste $.
Whipper icon Whipper Whips foes while increasing Bullet to intensify magic. N WhipWhips Yes ha55ii
Pros: Magic attacks can get intense with enough Bullet. Longest range out of melee classes.
Cons: Usually outclassed by the other Melee classes.
Angel icon Angel Throws its halo at foes like if it was a boomerang. N RingRings Yes ha55ii
Pros: Intense magic attacks, can shoot multiple rings and hit multiple enemies per attack.
Cons: Low range compared to other ranged classes, ring needs to come back, high MP costs.
DSwordsmanClass Dual Swordsman A fusion of the Boxer and the Gladiator; slices foes quickly. Iron Dual Sword (art)Dual Swords Yes Ivan247
Pros: Both fast and strong, rather balanced overall.
Cons: Competes for a teamslot with Boxer and Gladiator, low range.
HammerClass Hammerer Whacks enemies away with slow, but deadly swings. Blank HammerHammers Yes Samuel17
Pros: Absurdly high damage, deals knockback to enemies.
Cons: Extremely slow, often has low range, knockback is random and often does nothing.
PredatorClass Predator Deals critical hits and has the ability to use the War Cry. N BlowgunBlowguns See War Cry HankGuideDude
Pros: Can deal massive damage with critical hits, high variety of Blowguns, War Cry is strong.
Cons: Generally low damage without crits, War Cry has an absurdly high MP cost.
WizardClass3 Wizard Uses intense spells at the cost of having a Mana limit. N TomeTomes Mana 1X3B
Pros: Intense damage and effects, high variety of weapons, good range.
Cons: Limited by Mana, often slow.
Torcher Torcher Torches foes - with no MP needed, while boosting its magic. TorchNullTorches No Poisonshot
Pros: Fast, requires no MP, the Kindle mechanic can make its magic attacks very powerful.
Cons: Fragile, especially for a Melee class, and has rather low range - will die a lot.


Although all of the "worlds" are on the same map, the map is separated in multiple "Worlds", each world ending with one Mega Boss and a couple of "Arena" stages. This separation is done for clarity and for ease of editing. At the moment, there are three Worlds implemented in the game.

World 1


The first world of Stick Ranger: Cavern Chronicles was designed with a "Physical" theme in mind, and thus, most of the stages are the kind of stages you'd expect to see in a cavern with the possible exception of the Rocky Ruins series. There are 24 stages in total in World 1:

World 2


World 2 has more of an "Ice" or "Aquatic" theme in mind compared to World 1, similarly to how "World 2" of vanilla Stick Ranger mostly had aquatic stages. There are 22 stages in World 2:

World 3


World 3 was designed with a "Poison" theme in mind, and thus most stages in this world have a link with poison or pollution. This is a huge contrast to vanilla Stick Ranger's Desert stages. World 3 features 27 stages:

World 4

World 4 is not made yet. Little is known about it besides that it will be based around the Thunder type. The stage order for it has been planned along with some of the new heads and species that will appear in it.

World 5

World 5 isn't made yet either. It will be themed around the Fire type, but nothing else about it is known.

World 6

World 6 is also not made. It will be themed around the Freeze type, but nothing else about it is known.


New Compo Items

New Heads

New Species

The mod introduces a couple of new species and variants on older species:

  • Blank hoverer Hoverer: Hovers slightly above the ground and moves left and right at a decent speed, flipping around when encountering a wall.
  • Blank bubble CC Bubble: Slowly floats down. Upon hitting the ground, rolls a bit, allowing it to float again as it has extremely low gravity.
  • Blank dragon Ghost: Variant of Dragon that moves much, MUCH faster than average.
  • Blank lasher Lasher: Moves similar to a Bouncer, although it's faster. Big Lashers do not spawn enemies when hit, additionally.


  • ha55ii for making Stick Ranger and thus making this possible.
  • Poisonshot for making this mod, obviously.
  • eashy for making the bookmark mod tools, which helped a lot (and still do!).
  • Lightning Lord for making the enemy tool (which is currently used to make enemies).
  • Ivan247 for making his mod, which served as the base for this mod, and for answering questions both directly and indirectly.
  • HankGuideDude for making the Pi and the Cord head, the Mint head (which served as a base for the leaf attack effect), the Dust compo item and the Predator class.
  • ZoshiX for making the Pentagon head.
  • Caagr98 for making the Omega head.
  • RadiantDarkBlaze for Magic Amp's Card.
  • Aeinstein for motivating Ivan about the revival of Rubber's Card.
  • 1X3B for the Wizard class.
  • Samuel17 for the Hammerer class.
  • stixx44 for the idea of Satan's Card's revival (which is currently unused).
  • NNW for Fire Soul 5 and Thunder Soul 5.
  • Majorlee for suggesting the quicker way to invest SP (by holding the SP button)
  • JTF98 for the idea of the Book pages costing 250$/page instead of 1000$/page.
  • Cazaam for making the Burger head.
  • Cola160 for making the Sawblade head.
  • Lazro for making the PC head.
  • RedHardcore for making the Advanced X head.
  • The DB:CB discord for being supportive


Feel free to add screenshots of Stick Ranger: Cavern Chronicles in this gallery.

  • Pre-release teaser of Mud Grotto 1.
  • Pre-release teaser of Mud Grotto 2, introducing the Pi head. Notice the menu color is wrong.
  • Pre-release teaser of Mud Grotto 4, showing the Lamp head. Once again, notice the menu color is wrong.
  • Update thumbnail for V1.9; starting from that update, each update gets an "Update Thumbnail". This one shows off new weapons introduced in said update.
  • V2.0 thumbnail, showing Subflora 4.
  • V2.1 update thumbnail, introducing the PC head and the Power Plant series.
  • V2.2 update thumbnail, showing the Resort along with a few Resort weapons.
  • V2.3 update thumbnail, showing the Oil Ocean series.
  • V2.4 thumbnail, showing the Lasher species.
  • V2.5 thumbnail, showing Flora Altar and the megaboss that occupies it.
  • V2.6 update thumbnail, introducing the Torcher class.

Music Suggestions

The mod does not include music, much like vanilla Stick Ranger. This list of music suggestions has been made for players who want to know what kind of music plays in each stage.

Stage Music Link
Mud Grotto (Odd) Crypteque
Mud Grotto (Even) Mausoleum Mash
Gulf Surrounded Sea
Source Waterfall Cave
Rocky Ruins (Odd) Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1
Rocky Ruins (Even) Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2
Coal Mines Floro Sapien Caverns
Pre-Mega Boss Room Before Boss
World 1 Boss Big Bad Boss
Terra Altar Boss Big Boss
Terra Arena Proto Man's Fortress (Sega Genesis Remix)
Forlorn Falls Dark Crater
Dark Boss Wily Machine 10 Battle
Deep Sea (Odd) Brine Cave
Deep Sea (Even) Lower Brine Cave
Sea Stack Dark Star
Abyss Cave of the Deep
Shipwreck Ghost House
Frozen Cave Dark Ice Mountain
World 2 Boss Boss 2
Aqua Altar Boss Major Bosses
Aqua Arena Vs. Elite Four
Ghost Ship Big Boo's Haunt
Subflora Fungal Funk
Power Plant Mecha Factory
World 3 Boss Boss Theme


  • The worlds in the mod are themed around the 6 types in Stick Ranger. World 1 is based on the Physical type, World 2 is based on the Ice type and World 3 is based on the Poison type.
  • The mod is a heavily upgraded reboot of Deep Cavern, having similar stages. However, for obvious reasons, the stages are not exactly the same. For example, Mud Grotto 4 is relatively similar to Cave Adventure 4. Mud Grotto 1, however, has almost nothing in common with Cave Adventure 1 besides the presence of enemies that can "burrow" in the ground.
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