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2 Stick Ranger 2
This page is about a fictional, fan-created sequel to Stick Ranger. Nothing from this category pertains to the official Stick Ranger 2 released in 2018. While the project is open to new contributions, please refrain from making any "fixes" to pre-existing ideas with the sole intent of making it more similar to the Dan-Ball game of the same name.

What the title screen would look.


This is and Poisonshot and Lemurboy07's idea.

It is suggested the creators find willing animators, coders, pixel artists and starting a Kickstarter page.

List your identity in Jobs Section if you want to participate. (This offer may be unavailable)

Known or Considered Features

Title Screen and Subsection

  • New Game: Create a new file.
  • Load Game: Load a file.
  • World Generator: Make landscape and world maps. You can save the pictures. Has no gameplay interraction and serves only for ideas.
  • Multiplayer: Play with strangers or friends to take on quests or tackle hard bosses.
    • Arena: Fight with others using only one of the people on your team and be able to team up with others.
  • Three files maximum.


  • Speed: Change Game Speed. (Make all players, enemies and NPCs move slowly or super quickly)
  • All original Dan-ball options.
  • Effects: Add or remove effects in stages. (The ability to turn off fog, etc.)
  • Style : Change between turn-based and real-time


  • All Original Stages
  • Castle Series, Includes an Armory that will have free weapons and/or crafting items
  • Pyramid Series, Includes a tomb with 3 free jewels or shards.
  • Submarine Series, Includes an underwater cove with treasure.
  • Hell Series, Includes rooms with fire-based items.
  • ??? will be revamped, more secret levels, and some Secret Bosses with very rare but powerful items.
  • Igloo Series, Includes rooms with slow/freeze-based items.
  • Storm Castle Series, Includes rooms with lightning-based items.


  • Controllable characters moved by W,A,S,D and can choose which to control with I,J,K,L or the arrow keys. Optionnal.
  • Multiplayer, so you and a friend can tag along on a stage by choosing either two or one of your characters if you play with 4 players.
  • On World Map, areas leading to other areas (sub-maps) are fought in classic S.R. battle style.
  • Otherwise, game plays out in four-directional set-enemy areas. This is played in turn-based style.
    • Stats for items and weapons are balanced accordingly to accommodate both styles.
    • Mounts that can be purchased from the Resort.
    • Weather and day and night system.

Assigned Roles

Lemurboy07: Coding, Creator.

Poisonshot: Might do a major part of conception. (Conceptioner, First Volunteer, Pixel Artist)

Special thanks to everybody else.


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