Co-op is a mode in Stick Ranger that allows up to four players to connect and start an adventure together. Co-op can change the game experience by encouraging teamwork and allowing each player to focus on one stickman at a time.

Multiplayer Configurations

  • 1 Host, 1 Friend

Each player controls two stickmen and has respective privileges regarding both. 

  • 1 Host, 2 Friends

Host controls two stickmen, each friend controls one.

  • 1 Host, 3 Friends

Each player controls one stickman.

Host Privileges

The game host (or "leader") has access to the following properties that are unavailable to the other players.

  • Control of World Map Stage selection.
  • Control of the Entrance and Exit of stages (Host cannot exit Shop stages until all players have completed Shop transactions, however).
  • Movement to the Next Sign (moves to player 2 if host dies).
  • Ability to Kick players that are not being helpful or are antagonizing.

Other Notes

  • Tags are displayed above each player's stickman so that they may keep track of thier own stickman/men.
  • Because it is unlikely SR could be equipped with an effective chat function, it is heavily suggested that co-op players find an outside means of communication to work together effectively.
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