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All species' (including Ha55ii's; for reference; separated in a a different table) movements are shown here.

If you'd like to add a new species, then upload the image of a "White Roundhead (insert your species here)", and post it in the comments. Do NOT edit this page before suggesting your idea. Some important rules, however:

  • It should come with 1px border encompassing your species image.
    • Special case goes to 'plant' species and its derivatives which have a ground-guideline with color code #7C643F or similar.
  • If the species is waterborne, then its background (or part of it, depends on the species itself) should be in color code #00559C).
  • Checking if the name of your species hasn't already been taken helps from making crediting mistakes. If you still think of showing your version/interpretation of said species, suggest so in the comments.
  • If possible, refrain from using the much-more-than-vague phrase "Like a real (insert your species here)".
  • How the species move is a MUST, a GIF of a species' movement is OPTIONAL.

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  • Some species can be bred to create other species. These are breeding combinations, and are listed here.
  • The green P marks species as "plants" that are limited to be grown from seeds/beans/nuts in The Greenhouse.
  • The bluish-white o marks species as "oviparous" that can only be cultivated from eggs in The Hatchery.
  • The red M marks species as "mutants" that either classify as species that do not appear in the wild (apart from breeding) or have special properties (such as head refractions). Species with such marking will not have the word 'Mutated' in its taxonomy if nothing else that is out of the norm have been added.
  • For details and instructions for drawing certain species at the top (marked in a blue i), Make sure to check some notes there for specific details (unless stated so in red text nearby).
  • The grid below is split into 5 sections (not including the canonical one), for the sake of adding new species during image updates.

CanonSpecies fix02.png
FanSpecies Part1 fix01.pngFanSpecies Part2.pngFanSpecies Part3 fix01.pngFanSpecies Part4.pngFanSpecies Part5.png

List of all species


# Thumbnail Name Medium Description Notes
Blank walker.png
Walker Ground Walks in a velocity of about 2 px/sec.
Blank snake.png
Snake Ground Jumps around even without an enemy in sight. (O).png
Blank bat.png
Bat Airborne Flies, its wings flapping slightly. (O).png
Blank dragon.png
Dragon Airborne Flies while moving its tail. (O).png
Blank tree.png
Tree Ground (Fixed) Can swing around. (P).gif
Blank wheel.png
Wheel Ground Rolls around quickly, does not move when no enemy is in sight.
Blank fish.png
Fish Waterborne They swim regularly. (O).png
Blank mushroom.png
Mushroom Ground (Fixed) Attacks only when attacked. (P).gif
Blank stickman.png
Stickman Ground Walks around, flailing it's limbs while moving.
Blank eel.png
Eel Waterborne Swims like an aquatic dragon. Some Eels, on the other hand, have the ability to leave water and fly in the air. (O).png
Blank spider.png
Spider Ground Crawls using its legs. Can jump in random intervals. (O).png
Blank cactus.png
Cactus Ground (Fixed) Attacks only when attacked. (P).gif
Blank zombie.png
Zombie Ground Staggers around by moving the leg opposite of the direction it is going. Is much more elastic than regular Stickmen, and tend to move faster than them.
Blank copter canon.png
Copter (Canon) Airborne Flies, a bit faster than a bat. Doesn't change altitude often.
Blank bouncer canon.png
Bouncer (Canon) Ground Acts like a snake, except it doesn't bounce in fixed intervals, and can also move by sliding on the ground like a slug. It also bounces much lower than Snakes do. A fanon version of it is assumed to be the Lasher.
Blank Germ.png
Germ Airborne Extends its limbs and reaches onto an empty space to "grab" onto. Seems to have a bit more friction in water.
Blank digger.png
Digger Ground (Fixed) Alternate between 'dipping' through the ground and rise back up to a tree-like stature.


# Thumbnail Name Medium Description Credits Notes
Blank roller.png
Roller Ground Its wheels roll like a wheel. Can also jump to clear small obstacles. Ludicrine
Blank copter.png
Copter [ZX] Airborne Flies like a real helicopter - Mostly able to change altitude when not moving to the side. ZoshiX
Blank twister.png
Twister Airborne Flies and spins very quickly, but most have terrible AGI. ZoshiX
Blank ball.png
Ball Ground It bounces in one direction when hit and stops when it hits a wall. Immobile by itself. ZoshiX
Blank drill.png
Drill Ground Drills underground and pops up under enemies to inflict damage, then drills back underground to avoid attack. Slow, but tough. Floats in water, due to there not being ground there. ZoshiX
Blank gorgon.png
Gorgon Ground Jumps and walks very slowly. Poisionshot
Blank diver.png
Diver Waterborne It swims like a SR character. SR123?/Poisonshot?
Blank oyster.png
Oyster Waterborne (Fixed) Does not move. Can close its shell to increase defense. ZoshiX (O).png
Blank mermaid.png
Mermaid Waterborne Can flop around on ground, but swims extremely quickly, making it difficult to hit/dodge. HankGuideDude
Blank jellyfish.png
Jellyfish Waterborne Moves around, inflicting damage as enemies touch its drifting tentacles. ZoshiX (O).png
Blank scorpion.png
Scorpion Ground It uses its legs to walk. Ludicrine (O).png
Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank wrecker.png
Wrecker Ground (Fixed) It points at the nearest player with its body. It is attached to a wall. Ludicrine Improved by ZoshiX
Blank flyman.png
Flyman Ground/Airborne Hybrid It dances like a stickman and can fly like a bat at random intervals. SR123?
Blank alien.png
Alien Ground Walks like a Stickman. Can jump if needed. Poisonshot Improved by ZoshiX?
Blank warper.png
Warper Ground-Airborne Hybrid The part containing the head is stationary and is the part that can be attacked. The other warp attacks and can move freely on any solid surface, including walls, ceilings, and the floor of water. It can move any distance from the head. Ludicrine
Blank tiger.png
Tiger Ground When it sees is prey, it leaps and tears towards them. Otherwise, it sneaks slowly. SR123?
Blank vine.png
Vine Ground Dangles from the top of the screen. They stay rooted to its spot, but can swing around like trees. Does not move. ZoshiX (P).gif
Blank solid.png
Solid Ground (Fixed*) Hence the name, it is as solid as the ground.
*Some can glide around the surface of the ground, but most do not move unless specified.
Blank ghost.png
Ghost Ground-Airborne Hybrid Floats like dragons and move the same way. Can go through terrain/liquid. ZoshiX
Blank ufo.png
UFO (HGD) Airborne Works just like a satellite; orbits around enemies and attacks them. HankGuideDude
Blank satellite.png
Satellite Airborne Flies around in an orbit, just out of the reach of regular melee characters (they are generally shy, like Fairy Bats). ZoshiX
Blank giant.png
Giant Ground The torso stays stationary while the lower body moves identically to Stickmen. Ludicrine
Blank tumbler.png
Tumbler Ground The structure topples (the heads do not) and lands on a head. The pattern is repeated for movement. The Tumbler may also bounce backwards if it is attacked head-on. Ludicrine
Blank cart.png
Cart Ground It moves like a car and summons small enemies, usually walkers (the little heads in the back) when it hits a wall. Ludicrine
Blank l walker.png
Long-Walker / L-Walker Ground Same as walker, but taller. Poisonshot
Chip Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Poisonshot
Blank seahorse.png
Seahorse Waterborne Swims like a fish, but is as fast as a dragon. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank pipe.png
Pipe [PS] Ground (Fixed*) Warps into other pipes on the screen, if available.
*Otherwise, it is immobile.
Blank wyvern cmbk.png
Wyvern [Combak] Airborne Files similarly to a dragon, though could be more aggressive. Combak
Blank devil.png
Devil Ground Walks like a Zombie, but can "dig" into the ground and teleport into the target or near it. HankGuideDude?
Blank rotator.png
Rotator Airborne (Fixed) Rotates around in a circle. Base does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank Bacteria.png
Bacteria Airborne-Waterborne Hybrid Floats in the air or water by waving its tentacles. HankGuideDude
Blank robot.png
Robot Ground Walks using its legs. Also can jump by remaining stationary for some time. ZoshiX?/Poisonshot?
Blank fighter.png
Fighter Ground This species moves like a fighter in Powder Game. Some have AI and will follow to a target and some do not and wander aimlessly but still attack near its target. Poisonshot?
Blank giantdiver.png
Giantdiver Waterborne Swims identically to a Stick Ranger character. Poisonshot
Blank Flower.png
Flower Ground/Fixed Does not move. ZoshiX (P).gif
Blank crab.png
Crab [PS] Ground-Waterborne Hybrid Moves with its legs and pincers, whilst thrusting upwards a little, if in water. Poisonshot (O).png
Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank hermitcrab.png
Hermit-Crab / H-Crab Waterborne Functionally the same as a Walker, though it can close its shell for increased defense. Poisonshot (O).png
Renamed from Walkoyster.
Blank butterfly.png
Butterfly Airborne Flies around like Bats, wings flapping just like them. Combak (O).png
Blank submarine.png
Submarine Waterborne Floats on the surface of water. It can sink deeper into the water, but eventually need to come up again, or they'll die. Ludicrine
Blank turtle tfm.png
Turtle Ground Moves slowly with its legs. Poisonshot (O).png
Improved by TheFanMaster.
Blank hydra.png
Hydra Airborne Floats and moves like dragons; with the center dragon taking control. When one dies, the other heads are still alive and will attack if necessary. Poisonshot (O).png
Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank skater.png
Skater Ground Skates (slides) with its wheels. TheFanMaster
Blank treant.png
Treant Ground Walks and stomps around. Usually very physically strong. Caagr98 (P).gif
Improved by HankGuideDude
Creeper Ground Moves by rolling its wheels. It can also scale walls and even ceilings. TheFanMaster Improved/renamed by DMSwordsmaster.
Blank cage.png
Cage Ground/Airborne Hybrid Has a wheel for a body and a dragon for the tail. Hence that, they can both fly and roll in random intervals. Poisonshot
Blank spring.png
Spring Ground Springs bounce everywhere. Some move, some don't, but all attack only when attacked. ZoshiX
Blank dog.png
Dog Ground Walks with its legs. TheFanMaster
Blank astronaut.png
Astronaut Ground Moves like Stickmen, but hops every few steps. Exclusive to space-based levels, such as the Moon series. ZoshiX
Blank wyvern ld.png
Wyvern [LD] Airborne Files similarly to a dragon, though could be more aggressive. Ludicrine
Blank chain hgd.png
Chain [HGD] Ground Moves similar to a Tumbler. HankGuideDude
Blank slug.png
Slug Ground Crawls like a real slug. TheFanMaster (O).png
Blank chain tfm.png
Chain [TFM] Airborne (Fixed) Hangs like a vine and can stretch a little bit. The base is fixed and does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank moth.png
Moth Airborne Flies by stretching their wings a little. TheFanMaster (O).png
Renamed by HankGuideDude from Butterfly (TFM).
Blank pincher.png
Pincher Airborne/Fixed Pinches about. Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank tank tfm.png
Tank [TFM] Ground Moves very slowly and attacks with its cannon. TheFanMaster
Blank bubble.png
Bubble Airborne Simply floats around. TheFanMaster
Blank bouncer.png
Bouncer [TFM] Ground They bounce like a pogo stick, hence the name. TheFanMaster
Blank climber.png
Climber Ground Like a Walker/Hanger, but it climbs sideways. TheFanMaster
Blank cannon.png
Cannon Ground Throws bullets. Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank plant1.png
Plant [PS] Ground (Fixed) Rooted to the ground, can swing its body like trees. Does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Blank plant2.png
Plant [TFM] Ground (Fixed) Swings around like a tree. Does not move. TheFanMaster (P).gif
Blank hanger.png
Hanger Ground Like a Walker, but with reversed gravity. Poisonshot
Blank tank lazro.png
Tank [Lazro] Ground Moves closer to the enemies until its attacks are in range. May retreat if necessary, but is very slow at moving. Lazro
Blank Ace.png
Ace Airborne Like a plane, but flies faster and stronger. Samuel17
Blank lightning.PNG
Lightning Airborne Travels straight in a linear fashion, but has the ability to turn, usually in 90 degree angles. Bounces when it hits a wall. Poisonshot
Blank stacker.png
Stacker Ground When grouped, it can be separated and re-stacked. Glides on the ground, slightly faster than a Walker. ZoshiX
Blank Ant.png
Ant Ground Walks and mobs enemies with other ants. Ludicrine (O).png
Blank boulder.png
Boulder Ground Like a wheel, but rolls slower, solid, and will hurt its enemies on contact or otherwise slow them down. Thomas777 Modified/Renamed by HankGuideDude from Snowball.
Blank snowman.png
Snowman Ground (Fixed) Similar in structure to a boulder, but does not move. Thomas777
Shock Airborne-Waterborne Hybrid Blinks (teleports small distances) in the air or water. Mildlyridiculous
Blank train.png
Train Ground Glides like Roller, But takes damage if it hits a wall. Lazro
Blank turbine.png
Turbine Airborne (Fixed) Spins in midair. Does not move. HankGuideDude
Blank Spinner.png
Spinner Airborne Spins in the air and if stopped it will start to fall. David7015
Bomber Ground Walks and only throws bombs. (Bomb.PNG). Bombs explode after some time, mimicking Time Explosion 5. TheFanMaster
String Ground (Fixed) Hangs on the ceiling and swings. Mostly found in Cavern-like stages. Length can be sometimes as long as the ground. HankGuideDude Brought up by TheFanMaster with the name Gooey and the argument facilitated by Caagr98.
Rope Ground (Fixed) Hangs from the ceiling to ground. If an enemy gets under it, it will attack (usually by throwing projectiles or sending shocks through the rope). The head can move up and down too. TheFanMaster
Blank new cloud.png
Cloud Airborne Hovers in the air. TheFanMaster
Blank tornado c98.png
Tornado Airborne Flies around in the skies and attacks from above. Often very fast. Caagr98
Seaweed Waterborne (Fixed) Like a tree, but aquatic. Thomas777 (P).gif
Blank spirit.png
Spirit Airborne Floats around, usually have more AI than average species. Often skilled in magic. Caagr98?
Plankton [HGD] Waterborne Swims in small thrusts. HankGuideDude (O).png(P).gif
Blank coral.png
Coral Does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank vase.png
Vase Ground (Fixed) Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank spike.png
Spike Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Damages enemies on contact. TheFanMaster
Blank Coil.png
Coil Ground Bounces around in one spot. When a player gets hit by it while descending, it can blow characters into the distance. TheFanMaster Renamed by HankGuideDude from Spring (TFM).
Blank shrub.png
Shrub Ground (Fixed) Like a plant, it does not move. TheFanMaster (P).gif
Blank car2.png
Car Ground Most face in the direction of the target. A bit faster than a Wheel if moving forward, but slower if in reverse. Mostly found in flat terrain. Thomas777
Blank mole.png
Mole Ground Digs through the ground and pops up somewhere else along the ground (i.e. will teleport if it disappears from the bottom of the screen). TheFanMaster (O).png
Blank square.png
Square Ground Rolls like a wheel/tumbler. TheFanMaster Renamed by HankGuideDude.
Blank Pot.PNG
Pot Ground (Fixed) Does not move. A tree can be planted in it for extra support. Ludicrine Including a tree version: Blank Potted Tree.PNG
Blank Totem.png
Totem Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Thomas777
Blank spikeball.png
Spikeball Ground Bounces around the stage and damages enemies on contact. Cola160
New plane.PNG
Plane Airborne Files like a real plane - flies at a constant speed. SR123? Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank lilypad.png
Lilypad Waterborne Floats there. Like the Ball species - when hit - it moves slowly away from the target before halting. Is solid. HankGuideDude (P).gif
Blank fairy.png
Fairy Ground/Airborne Hybrid Can both walk and fly short distances. CANNOT have a Fairy head due to redundancy. ZoshiX/DMSwordsmaster Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank pixie.png
Pixie Ground/Airborne Hybrid Same as a Fairy, but cannot fly as far and CAN have a Fairy head. ZoshiX/DMSwordsmaster Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank centaur.png
Centaur Ground More aggressive and faster than horses HankGuideDude
Blank Chicken.png
Chicken Ground Walks around and frequently hops. TheFanMaster (O).png
Blank Monkey.png
Monkey Ground Climbs walls and ceilings. Often they steal your carried gold and then attempt to avoid other targets. You can get the gold back if you defeat them. TheFanMaster
Blank Eelskater.png
Eelskater Waterborne Skates underwater. TheFanMaster (O).png
Blank Seasnake.png
Seasnake Waterborne Similar to Eels, but faster and stronger. TheFanMaster (O).png
Blank Waterbug.png
Waterbug Waterborne Skates on water, but cannot go on land. TheFanMaster (O).png
Renamed by HankGuideDude from Skeeter.
Blank Thornbush.png
Thornbush Ground (Fixed) Inherently deals about 8 LP of damage rapidly by touching their thorns. Does not move. TheFanMaster (P).gif
Blank Glider.png
Glider [TFM] Airborne Glides around like a flying squirrel. TheFanMaster
Blank Horse.png
Horse Ground Like a Tiger, but faster. TheFanMaster
Blank Hedge.png
Hedge Ground (Fixed) The "hedge" is the same size as the head, but with this constant pattern. Does not move. TheFanMaster (P).gif
Blank Rocket.png
Rocket Airborne Flies around the stage with bursting red pixels (Fire) from the two nozzles. They try to land on the stickmen with their exhausts. The fire typically drains 5 LP. TheFanMaster
Blank Frog.png
Frog Ground-Airborne Hybrid Jumps and hops both in land and water. TheFanMaster (O).png
Blank Pegasaus.png
Pegasus Ground/Airborne Hybrid Runs like a horse and flies as well. TheFanMaster
Blank Dino.png
Dino Ground Lifts its legs in the air whilst walking. Caagr98 (O).png
Blank Guard.png
Guard Airborne Moves by flying or hovering, depending on their head. Mammoth guards can even make players levitate to make it easier to attack them. Look-a-troopa
Blank Tower.png
Tower Ground (Fixed) Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank Sprout.png
Sprout Ground (Fixed) Does not move. TheFanMaster (P).gif
Blank Parachute.png
Parachute Airborne Glides around the stage. TheFanMaster
Blank Building.png
Building Ground (Fixed) Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank Solar.png
Planet Airborne Only appears in Space-like levels. Moves around, looping at the side of the screen. Poisonshot Renamed from Solar. (?)
Blank bird.png
Bird Ground/Airborne Hybrid When it sits on the ground and the player approaches it, it will fly away. Poisionshot (O).png
Blank C-Shroom.png
C-Shroom Ground (Fixed) Exclusive in cavern-like stages. Does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Pipe [JMB] Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Jumbods64
Balloon Some can fly slowly towards players. Some are tied to the ground and act like trees. Jumbods64
Blank chest.png
Chest Ground (Fixed) The rectangle behind the head lifts up and down. Other than that, it does not move. Poisonshot
Blank Slider.png
Slider Ground Slides on the ground. Has less friction than Wheels/Rollers. Poisonshot
Blank Cyprinid.png
Cyprinid Waterborne Swims the same way as mermaids. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Gravity.png
Gravity Airborne They alternate between going near the top, then near the ground. Poisonshot
Cordyceps Blank.png
Cordyceps Ground Crawls using its legs. Sometimes, it suddenly jumps or sprints. The smaller heads on the big version can be different from the main one. Look-a-troopa (O).png(P).gif
Is considered two different entities, and often has two genotypes to compensate.
2x bigger version: Cordyceps Blank Big.png
Blank Bubbler.PNG
Bubbler Ground (Fixed) Only blows bubbles (
), which has a different attack for different enemies. Does not move.
Blank Mine.PNG
Mine Ground (Fixed) Lays on the ground and waits for someone to step on it. "Attacks" when stepped on. Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank Crusher.PNG
Crusher Ground Acts like the "Thwomp" of the Mario franchise; Drops from the ceiling when target is in close horizontal proximity to, attacks and goes back up. Can deal massive damage from the drop alone. TheFanMaster Renamed by HankGuideDude from Thwomp.
Blank Web.PNG
Web Airborne (Fixed) Sticks on the background. Does not move. TheFanMaster Improved by HankGuideDude.
Blank Snail neo.PNG
Snail Ground Crawls along the ground. TheFanMaster/0176 (O).png
Improved by Thomas777.
Blank Stickbot.PNG
Stickbot Ground Walks like a stickman, but is less flexible. TheFanMaster
Blank Springbot.PNG
Springbot Ground (Fixed) Wiggles its arms and shoots. Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank Spiderbot.PNG
Spiderbot Ground Walks like a spider. But faster. Can jump and stomp. TheFanMaster
Blank Trout.PNG
Trout Waterborne Swims like a fish, but faster. TheFanMaster (O).png
Modified by HankGuideDude from Fishbot.
Blank Warplane.PNG
Warplane Airborne Flies around the stage with its rocket (located at the bottom, not at the wings). Its pattern involve flying towards the player then back up. TheFanMaster Renamed by HankGuideDude from Planebot.
Blank Silverfish.png
Silverfish Ground Acts like an Eel above ground. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Seastar.png
Starfish Waterborne Acts like a walker, but speed is in-between the Walker and the Roller (moderate). Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Reed.png
Reed Waterborne (Fixed) Does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Blank Octopod.png
Octopod Ground A hybrid of the Walker, Hanger and Climber. RisingStar
Naga Blank.png
Naga Ground-Waterborne Hybrid Slithers towards the players and strikes with its arms. When underwater, it will move like an Eel. Look-a-troopa (O).png
Flytrap Blank.png
Flaytrap (regular) Ground (Fixed) Does not move at all until a player is within range. When that happens, it grabs the player with its leaves, immobilizing it until the flytrap is slain. Look-a-troopa (P).gif
Basilisk Blank.png
Basilisk Ground Walks very slowly. Can walk on all terrain. Stands still when attacking. Look-a-troopa (O).png
Blank Lasher.png
Lasher Ground (Fixed) Lashes at its surroundings. Hops slowly when a Stickman is in range. Poisonshot (P).gif
Flytrap Blank (royal).png
Flytrap (royal) Ground (Fixed) Same traits as the regular Flytrap. Look-a-troopa (P).gif
Blank bumper.png
Bumper Airborne (Fixed) Does not move. "Deflects" the enemies/projectiles when touched. Poisonshot
Blank Ocotillo.png
Ocotillo Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Blank Cholla.png
Cholla Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Blank Grasshopper.png
Grasshopper Ground A slower version of spider. Tends to be shy and jumps approx. 5 times higher than the spider. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Palmtree.png
Palmtree Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Swings slower than the regular tree. Poisonshot (P).gif
Invader Blank.png
Invader Airborne Floats around the stage until it notices a target, when it will charge and attack. Look-a-troopa
Hound Blank.png
Hound Ground Walks towards the player. When there is a large group, it'll walk faster. Look-a-troopa
Blank Clione.png
Clione Waterborne Swims like an eel but much much faster. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Manta-Ray.png
Manta-Ray Waterborne Swims like a fish but slower. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Virus.png
Virus Airborne Flies in the air in a straight direction until it touches a wall or the top of the screen. Then it bounces in another direction. Poisonshot
Blank Fungi.png
Fungi Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Blank Parasite.png
Parasite Ground Sticks on a player/an enemy until either it dies or whom it's attached to. In latter case, it falls back to the ground. Itself, it does not move. Poisonshot (P).gif
Blank Ctenophore.png
Ctenophore Waterborne Propels itself using his tentacles. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Jelly.png
Jelly Ground Similar to the Bouncer, but is faster and doesn't jump as high. Poisonshot
Blank Mutation.png
"Mutation" ??? Hybrid A combination of the Jelly and the Pincher species. Doesn't occur in the wild and only gotten by breeding said species. Because of this, it is a mutant compared to other species. Its taxonomy will not include the word "mutated", however. Poisonshot Not to be confused for Makarus13's "Mutater".
Blank serpent.png
Serpent Airborne The inverse of (most) Eels - They fly, but avoid water. 44hymaster (O).png
Renamed by HankGuideDude from Sky Eel.
Subwoofer FIX.png
Subwoofer Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Its attacks usually have high knockback. Popetipap
Dancer FIX.png
Dancer Ground Moves slowly by "dancing"; always found in packs. Popetipap
Blank Walkerbot.png
Walkerbot Ground Stays in place until a Stickman is near, then it jumps around. Poisonshot
Blank Wagon.png
Wagon Ground Moves about much like a roller, but even faster. Poisonshot
Blank Claw.png
Claw Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Is assumed to be fixed at the top part to a ceiling and attack using the head. Poisonshot
Blank Corruptor.png
Corruptor Airborne Hovers around targets and keeps a decent distance while constantly facing in the direction of the target, almost as if there was an invisible bubble around the target. Occasionally lunges forward, then resumes pattern. ZoshiX Corruptor Size Tooltip.png
Blank Golem.png
Golem Ground Walks about rather slowly and heavily, capable of making the targets to spring up by causing small tremors. Look-a-troopa
Blank Worm.png
Worm Ground Members of this species vary greatly in length and mostly move only in the ground, sometimes coming out of the ground to enter a new land mass or attack. Their motion is quite like an Eel, except it is "swimming" through land instead of air, and the movement is less frenzied in a way. ZoshiX (O).png
Blank Bot.png
Bot Ground Moves on ground, by walking around on its legs. It's torso isn't stationary but moves much less than the other body parts. It attacks by hitting the player with its arms. A, Mori
Blank Slime.png
Slime Ground Moves by bouncing up and down. They can stick to walls and ceilings. When a Slime comes in contact with any liquid, the body will dissolve and only the head will remain, unable to move but still able to attack. Pet Slimes who have lost their body will regenerate it on the next screen. Taken from Stick Ranger 2. Ludicrine
Blank Cube.png
Cube Ground Can be pushed around by other players and enemies, sliding across the screen until it hits a wall, at which point it bounces back a bit. A, Mori
Blank Ouroboros.png
Ouroboros Waterborne (Fixed) Counter-productively spins around in a circle as though fixed to a center point. A, Mori (O).png
Blank Tarantula.png
Tarantula Ground Is identical to the Spider. Look-a-troopa (O).png
Blank monster-tree.png
Monster Tree Ground Moves similarly to a Walker. A, Mori Inspired by DMSwordsmaster
Blank Angel.png
Angel Ground/Airborne Hybrid Runs like a Zombie and occasionally switches to flying. A, Mori Initially suggested by TheFanMaster as a stickman with halo.
Blank Titan.png
Titan Ground Can move its arms around and can be pushed around by other players and enemies, sliding across the screen until it hits a wall, at which point it bounces back a bit. BrokenMartyr (as NazcaColonyDrone1121) Modified by A, Mori
Blank Wave.png
Wave Waterborne Slides on the water. Poisonshot
Blank Chesspiece.png
Chesspiece Ground Slides or hops for a certain length and inflicts damage by touch. They react mostly after being attacked to simulate a turn-based attack system for each attack the player inflicts on them. Their movement is predetermined in relation to the chesspiece's head. A, Mori
Bee (proto).png
Bee [DMS] Airborne Passively hovers in one place and aren't fast or aggressive while having low range of sight. The body rotates to the enemy's direction around the head (which doesn't rotate). Normally they attack with needle-based attacks which can have a variety of effects. DMSwordsmaster (O).png
It is made to be the prototype version.
Bee LAT.png
Bee [LAT] Airborne The array of heads align to point to the target's direction - with the main head being the farthest. Functionally, it acts the same as DMSwordsmaster's version. Look-a-troopa (O).png
Added as a suggestion to DMSwordsmaster's Bee species.
Comparison with heads: Bees Comparison.png
Droplet Ground Starts in air, falls down, then "splashes" to the side.Elaborate NutikTehWolf
Lemonwheeler Ground Functions similarly to a car. NutikTehWolf (P).gif
Glider [NTW] Airborne Behaves like a Bat, but hangs to the "wind". NutikTehWolf
Toppler Ground Rolls on its two wheels, but then rotates depending on which direction it goes and uses the wheels that were on the side. Cannot climb. NutikTehWolf
Skateboarder Ground Similar to a Train. Poisonshot Although introduced by Poisonshot and only intended as a one-time species, it was later suggested by NutikTehWolf as the Boarder species - which was then standardized.
Blank Stong.png
Stong Ground Movement varies from being able to move like a walker to not moving but being able to be pushed around and slide. Poisonshot Suggested by A, Mori.
Werewolf Ground Behaves as a Stickman at first but then lunges like a Tiger towards the enemies with great speed. Makarus13
Archane Ground It walks like a Stickman, occasionally jumping. It can climb and hang on to walls. Makarus13 2x bigger version: Archane Big.png created by Look-a-troopa.
Snow Giant.png
Snow Giant Ground Stays anchored in one spot until a player is within range, at which point it will inch and hop towards them. The amount of segments is variable. Makarus13 Renamed by Fire-in-the-Hole from being named Snowman.
Blank Plantwalker.png
Plantwalker Ground Crawls around. TheFanMaster (O).png(P).gif
Blank Octopus.png
Octopus Waterborne Can easily grab its enemies in place. Poisonshot (O).png
Blank Wheelbot.PNG
Wheelbot Ground Skates like a Roller but also has a drill that can be used as a melee attack method. Could have more modules as its arms. (?) TheFanMaster
Blank Treebot.PNG
Treebot Ground (Fixed) Looks like a tree, but has a different look. Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank Spewer.PNG
Spewer Ground (Fixed) Functions similarly to a Cannon; throws bullets. Does not move. TheFanMaster
Blank Mirror.PNG
Mirror Ground (Fixed) Does not move. Due to the head refraction, it is a mutant compared to other species. Its taxonomy will not include the word "mutated", however. TheFanMaster
Blank shark.png
Shark Waterborne Swims around, but is much quicker especially if in near proximity to enemies. TheFanMaster (O).png
Skeleton Ground Walks just like a Stickman but much faster. When it dies, the bones will stay in the ground until player will go to next stage. TheFanMaster
Forcefield Hybrid The four corners (the holders) are fixed to the background (and thus are randomly placed (?)), and the head can move freely within the holders. The wider the margins of those holders, the greater the range the head can move. TheFanMaster
Fern Ground (Fixed) Does not move. TheFanMaster (P).gif
Grasper Ground Its hands appear from the ground and can capture the enemy one per hand. By then, the body will slowly approach its prey and attack it whilst releasing it afterwards. Normally has two hands but can be allowed to have more. TheFanMaster
Blank Stationary Monster Tree.png
Stationary Monster Tree Ground (Fixed) An immobile version of the Monster Tree species, which is evident by the fact that it is forced to hover above its original ground. A, Mori Inspired by DMSwordsmaster
Blank Stationary Monster Tree Alt.png
Stationary Monster Tree (alternate) Ground (Fixed) A differing version of the above Stationary Monster Tree species that has the ability to swing under the land that it was originally on. The land that it was originally on it actually considered a part of it. Though the species can not move of its own accord, it is possible that it could be pushed or forced to a different spot, unless rooted to the ground or to a platform by a pot. A, Mori Inspired by DMSwordsmaster
Blank gargoyle.png
Gargoyle Ground Hops around until they're in the range of sight of the player, at which point they will idle. A, Mori
Blank Kappa.png
Kappa Ground-Airborne Hybrid Potent swimmers, sub-par ground movement. Will generally float near the surface of the water, though when attacking they won't hesitate to dive. Look-a-troopa
Blank Cotton Ball.png
Cotton Ball Ground-Airborne Hybrid Rolls or floats around. Bounces off of terrain, player characters and enemies. Look-a-troopa (P).gif
Blank Sheep.png
Sheep Ground Just grazing. Predominantly, they're passive as enemies, and used for resource harvesting as pets. Look-a-troopa
SR wisp.png
Wisp Airborne Moves in a zippy manner. It is almost as fast as bats. TEHxGUY4248
Blank Ammonite.png
Ammonite Waterborne Swims around at slow speeds, constantly sinking and having to correct itself during pathfinding. Can retract into its shell, ceasing all movement and generally speaking raising defense. Look-a-troopa
Blank Crab (CMBK).png
Crab [Combak] Ground Moves similarly to a Walker, pinching about. Combak (O).png
Blank Crab (CMBK)-alt.png
Crab (alt) [Combak] Ground Moves similarly to a Spider, pinching about. Combak (O).png
White Roundhead Turret.png
Turret Ground (Fixed) Shoots horizontally either to the left or right. Itself it can't move. James1011R
Blank Walrus.png
Walrus Ground-Waterborne Hybrid Swims quickly towards the target when underwater, and slowly strolls when above water. Look-a-troopa
Blank Plankton (LAT).png
Plankton [LAT] Waterborne Moves away from the target, in all directions. Look-a-troopa (O).png(P).gif
Blank Swamp Monster.png
Swamp Monster Ground Slowly strolls towards the target, and can walk over water. Look-a-troopa
Blank Undead.png
Undead Ground Remains completely still until its target is in a certain range. When that happens, it quickly rushes towards it and attacks. Look-a-troopa
Blank Rat.png
Rat Ground Walks around fairly quickly. (?) BrokenMartyr
Species meleer.png
Meleer Airborne Floats close to the ground and cannot float more than 2 tiles/16 pixels above the ground. Slashes with its attack (in this case, a white spear) similarly to a Gladiator. Sometimes accompanies Guards. jumbods64
Mutater Ground? (initially) Crawls similarly to a Snake, but when it touches the target, said target's A.I. replaces the Mutater's movements (e.g. If a Mutater touches a Dragon, it gains aerial properties.) Makarus13

Not to be confused for Poisonshot's "Mutation".

Blank Molecule.png
Molecule Airborne? The middle head controls its position, while the secondary heads can move around but will still be attached to said middle head. Can connect with other molecules. StickkPlayer11 2x bigger version: Blank Molecule x2.png
Abducting U.F.O. Species.png
Mothership Airborne Flies around and "pulls" the target by using its Tractor Beam and then tends to gain altitude, forbidding the target to attack and tend to be attacked by other mobs. Can only hold one target and when killed will release the captive target back down. Usually don't attack. (?) StickkPlayer11 Abducting U.F.O. Species (abducting).png
222 Blank Ape.png Ape Ground Walks around slowly. When in range, charges with greater speed and throws punches with its arms. Also capable of climbing objects attached to ceilings. ZoshiX
223 Blank Gear.png Gear Fixed Rotates. Other nearby gears which are interlocked will also spin accordingly. Entities on top of gears will be pushed in the direction of their rotation. ZoshiX

Has two different usable sprites, which can be used to display two or more interlocking gears.
Also has a specific big sprite Big Blank Gear.png and mini versions Blank Mini Gears.png which are compatible with normal sized gears.

224 Blank Angler fix.png Angler Swimming Swims like a Fish, but slower. Some Anglers shoot their attack from their smaller head / 'light' JWDD (O).png
Has a larger version, 2nd head functions similarly to cordyceps. Blank Angler x2.png
225 Blank Station.png Station Floating Flies like a UFO, but moves at the speed of a Walker. Most have attacks with high AGI and damage, and some have spawning attacks. JWDD Larger versions do not have larger heads, EG: Blank Station x2fix.png
226 Blank Object Lineup.png Object Walking/Floating Walks and flails it's arms like a stickman. Some don't have arms, while some don't have legs. Legless objects fly like bats, and flail their arms. JWDD
227 Blank Leaf.png Leaf Fixed/Falling Sticks to a wall. Once it reaches 50% health, it starts falling. When falling it glides in an arc, switching it's direction between left and right after every arc. Once it hits the ground, it just lies there. CapeMan1008 (and Cass Delau) Smaller version Blank Mini Leaf.png
228 Blank Pogo.png Pogo Ground Resembles a pogo stick. Moves around by bouncing off of it's bottom. They tilt to control direction. Can climb walls if it's bottom is on the wall and it is facing slightly upwards. CapeMan1008
229 Blank Gripper.png Gripper Ground It walks on ceilings, and once it gets attacked, it immediately falls to ground and tries to grab one of the players that attacked it, draining their HP. The player has a chance to escape the Gripper's grip if lucky. Sometimes it may grab two players, draining one before moving to the other. Manmanofficial
230 Squid.jpg Squid Waterborne Swims at the same speed as a fish, spits ink at the nearest character, causing characters with ranged weapons to attack erratically for 15 seconds. TheGoldenGuest778
231 Pufferfish.png Pufferfish Waterborne Acts like a regular fish, but inflates when attacked, and will shoot poison needles in all directions (it will inflate if the player gets near it too). TheGoldenGuest778
232 Tetrimino.png Tetrimino Airborne-Fixed hybrid Falls from the sky, then becomes immobile upon landing. If at least 3 segments get lined up horizontally, the lined-up segments are destroyed. If all segments are destroyed, they are defeated instantly. TheGoldenGuest778
Phoenix 1.png
Phoenix Airborne Will spit fireballs that act like the Volcano Orb (from SR) while flying like a Dragon, has 45% chance of dropping fire-related items/weapons upon defeat TheGoldenGuest778
Angry Sun and Angry Moon.png
Angry Sun and Angry Moon Airborne-Ground hybrid Will stay still in the top of the screen, will start chasing the player when he gets past the first half of the level, Angry Sun is replaced by Angry Moon on night-themed levels

Note: Angry Sun is immune to fire and ice, the only way to damage it is by using Thunder weapons;

also, Angry Moon can only be damaged by Fire weapons, being immune to Thunder and Ice

Asian dragon.png
Asian Dragon Airborne-Ground hybrid It flies in a U-shaped pattern, but be careful, because it loves eating Onigiri! (It will try to steal dropped Onigiri.) The best way to avoid being bitten by it is by standing in the screen's lower corner. Inspired by Asian mythology. TheGoldenGuest778
Magnet Fixed This little guy is attached to floors, walls and ceilings; it will pull any players who are using metal-based weapons. It can be briefly stunned by thunder-based attacks. TheGoldenGuest778
Hedgehog Ground Runs very fast, jumps high, and will occasionally do a Spin Dash (becoming immune while doing so). Its behavior is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. TheGoldenGuest778
Clown Ground It uses a unicycle as a vehicle and it is always seen juggling balls, which it throws if the player gets too close. TheGoldenGuest778
Dry snake.png
Dry Snake Ground An undead, skeletal version of a regular Snake. Due to being made of bone, Dry Snake is immune to fire, ice, poison and freeze weapons. Physical attacks will cause Dry Snake to disassemble temporarily, reassembling after a few seconds. The only way to defeat Dry Snake is by using thunder weapons. Inspired by the Dry Bones enemy from the Mario franchise. TheGoldenGuest778
Spy Ground Can become invisible, then attempt to backstab a character, killing it instantly. Can also shoot from its pistol at random times. Position can be revealed by a Priest's staff. Inspired by the Spy from TF2. TheGoldenGuest778
Scout Ground It's always seen running, can shoot with its shotgun at random times, it will attack with its baseball bat if the player gets too close, pushing the player away, it can also do a double-jump.

inspired by the Scout from TF2

Frankenstein's Monster Ground Moves like a Zombie, but without "Tripping" Has a very high level of resistance, requiring a obscene amount of attacks to defeat it, if it touches the player, it will grab the player and slam it to the ground, dealing massive damage, however, strong attacks will cause its body parts to fall off TheGoldenGuest778
Bomberman Ground Walks around, will occasionally place a bomb, which explodes, releasing flame clouds in a cross-shaped pattern, inspired by Bomberman, the protagonist of a game franchise with the same name

Inspired by TheFanMaster's "Bomber"

Aqua snake.png
Aqua Snake Waterborne Jumps out of water in a arch-shaped pattern, starts moving insanely fast for about 8 seconds if attacked, will knock the player away on collision. Behavior inspired by Serris (one of the bosses from Metroid Fusion), other inspiration from TheFanMaster's "Seasnake" TheGoldenGuest778
Plane soldier.png
Fighter Airplane Airborne-Ground hybrid An airplane piloted by a soldier, it constantly shoots with the machine gun attached to the plane, once the airplane gets destroyed, the soldier will jump out of the plane while using his parachute,upon landing, the soldier will start fighting on foot, constantly shooting with its rocket launcher .

Inspired by the Metal Slug game franchise and TheFanMaster's "Warplane"

Beetle Ground Walks like a spider, but slower, can climb on walls and ceilings, attacks by latching on the player, draining 1 lp per second, they get loose if the player is dragged around
Cockroach Airborne-Ground hybrid Walks around, doesn't hurt the player, however, like real life cockroaches, it will steal dropped food, but don't worry! you can recover your stolen onigiri by attacking them, causing to fly away, dropping the stolen onigiri
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