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Syntax: {{Stage-nav|<series>}}

Where <series> is the shortened name of a series of your choosing. Refer to the list below:

List of Series

Maintaining this template

Template Hierarchy

This template uses an advanced sub-template system by entering the <series> parameter.

Each sub-template of a series is then divided into the following sub-templates:

Current Stage Position

Stage List

Stage Exists

Previous Stage

Next Stage

Stage Color

Text Color

Version Title

Image Map Stage Positions


Includes which map is going to be used (written as filename)

Default Title

A title that appears only in articles that aren't recognized as stages within Stage Exists.



The horizontal list containing all series to a possible degree. Accessible here.

Comments for Coders

The position of the stickman is adjusted starting from the stage position by 8 pixel to the left, and 22 pixel to the top. The 8 pixels correspond to the center position of the stickman in the stickman image (Stickman Word Map.gif), measured from the left border. The 22 pixel correspond to the sum of the height of the stickman image, which is 19 pixel, and the half size of the red and white stage marker dots, which are 6x6 pixel (19 + (6/2) = 22).

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