About this template subpage

This template subpage contains a list of coordinates for each of the stages. These coordinates are used to position the stickman marker on the navigation map. The code contains two lists. In the upper section there are the x-coordinates and in the lower section the y-coordinates. Example:
Upper section: |Grassland 3=64
Lower section: |Grassland 3=128
These lines tell there is a stage marker with the center point at position X=64 Y=128. The marker is supposed to be of 6x6 pixel. The Stickman is positioned above the stage marker.

  • To find out the right coordinates open the map in an good image editor. Such a program should be able to tell you the pixel positions.
  • To change positions or add or delete other stages simply edit this page.


Because of the map position in the middle, the coordination is defaulted to the top left of the entire map field, including the borders. To fix that, it is recommended to add up to the x-axis the following formula:

(entire width of template)-(image map width)/2
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