This template embeds a tooltip into a text which can be used to display notes upon placing the mouse cursor on said text. It can be distinguished from normal text by the dotted underline beneath it. Optionally, color can be applied for added contrast from the rest of an article's text.


{{Tt|<visible text>|<tooltip text>|<color>}}


  • <visible text>: The text that is shown.
  • <tooltip text>: Hidden text that is only shown upon hovering the mouse cursor over.
  • <color>: Color of the visible text and underline - can be either a color name (e.g. cyan) or hex triplet including the hash (#) symbol preceding (e.g. #0080FF).


  • Quotation marks do NOT work in the tooltip parameter and will not result in the tooltip being shown as intended.
    • A workaround would be to use double apostrophes. ('')
    • A more elegant approach is to use &#34; or &quot; to literally display the quotation mark.
  • Normally #0080FF is most recommended for generic purposes.
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