Thristel-Immo Altari

Thristel-Immo Head

Demimale (He/Him, They/Them)
Date of Birth
7/22/-802 ADC
Ma’am Immo (Mother)

Minerva (Inner being)

Bulletarrow Shot (Friend)

Poisonmaker Xixa (Friend)

Poisonshot Altari (Friend, Disciple)

Sir Altari the Sixchief (Mentor)

Diana (Foe, Denizen)

Indra (Foe (past), Religious figure)

Willful Calimet (Foe)

Revelian Zeronius (Enemy (past), Friend)

Mainyu (Datefriend)

Luciras Embla (Datefriend)
The Planet's Shadow: Historical Tales of Ludus




Alpha-Unsplit Timeline


Thristel-Immo was originally born partially as a vessel for the remains of the spirit of Minerva, the younger sibling of Indra. The fact of Thristel-Immo's role as a vessel could be viewed physically in their appearance, due to the fact that they had a blue eye, which had an M in place of the pupil. Those who had helped in his birth saw this and recognized it as the Mark of Minerva, and were fearful that the deity who had been killed by their leader, Indra, had returned in this form so as to try and get revenge on their sibling. Furthermore, it was known that Thristel-Immo was, through the fact that Minerva had previously served under Belphegor, a being with the Godslayer status, or one with an affinity for being able to defeat deitic forces. It was at first suggested then that Thristel-Immo be killed because of this, however, their mother, Ma'am Immo, with a bit of a high standing in the small settlement of binarellers, was able to convince them to allow Thristel-Immo to live on and be raised in this place. However, in the least, it was made so that Thristel-Immo's left arm would be cut off, so that they, and, by process, Minerva, may not be able to shoot a bow, because it had been prophesied that Indra would meet their "end" when shot with an arrow through the heart.

Thristel-Immo then grew up in this settlement for some time, more often than not being persecuted by those around them who still perceived them as the future murderer of Indra. After the death of their mother through sickness, the community's targeting of them became even more constant and violent. At some point, they were then attacked by every member of their community, and then left far away in a ditch, bloodied and near death. They were lucky enough then to be found by Poisonmaker Xixa, who had been traveling to a trading market to bring back resources for his young child and wife, and who took notice of Thristel-Immo's heavily wounded form, and then decided to bring him back to his own settlement, where they may be safe.

Once brought into the residence of Bulletarrow* Shot and Poisonmaker Xixa, the parents of Poisonshot, they were given a white shoe, so as to replace the one they had lost during the beaten they had taken. As a sign of thanks to the family, Thristel-Immo, for some reason, decided they would continue to wear such mismatching shoes as they had worn on that day.

Thristel-Immo was introduced to the small settlement of which this new community lived on, which was much more kind to him than his previous community. For a while, he stayed there and would watch over others as he tried to recover from his injuries, and he eventually became a valued friend of the community.

Later, one of the members of this community created a mechanical arm for Thristel-Immo, which bore a symbol they would remain to bear as their own. This mechanical arm proved to be very useful for Thristel-Immo, and would prove as useful in function as a normal arm, though perhaps now truly stronger in some sense.

Thristel-Immo's Bravery

At some point, the leader of the small settlement Thristel-Immo now resided in, Sir Altari the Sixchief, was kidnapped by binarellers claiming to be messiahs of the deity Indra, who were to sacrifice him in the name of Indra. Due to the panic that then settled over the community, Thristel-Immo stepped forward, saying that they would step forward in lieu of Sir Altari as a sacrifice, and save the well-respected member of the community so that he may continue to live and serve the settlement.

Thristel-Immo then set off towards the temple of which Sir Altari had apparently been taken off to. They arrived at the sacrificial chamber right before Sir Altari was to be sacrificed, and yelled out, demanding that he be spared, and they put in their place. However, Sir Altari's captors then revealed that their actions were not because a sacrifice was needed, but more because the ways of Sir Altari gave more freedom and kindness to people, which was perhaps a threat to their own system of beliefs. Then, Sir Altari was stabbed.

Thristel-Immo, in their rage at the wrongful death that had occurred before them, suddenly unleashed a new power that they had not known of before: the Minerva-Meters, which was a power of lightning-like streams of energy that flowed from Thristel-Immo's eyes, and could be controlled completely by them. As this was their first time utilizing this move, though, they barely knew that they were truly doing it, and, as they then wished ill fate upon the other inhabitants of the room sans Sir Altari, the Minerva-Meters then blasted through all of them, killing the lot of them before Thristel-Immo. The blast also then broke Thristel-Immo's breathing mask.

Then, as a ritual of blood had been carried out, the one who Sir Altari's captors had wanted to sacrifice to appeared: a being that appeared somewhat similar to a cross between Angel and Arachnid, but that had a more gridile head, and another set of gridile arms, and that wielded a golden, glowing bow. The entity then revealed herself as the minor goddess, Diana, who had been posing as the incarnation of Indra and using their following on Binaricka in order to make it so that she would still have followers, and thus, would still be an existing and powerful deity. As Thristel-Immo, who was now weakened due to having no apparatus to breathe in the air of Binaricka, now knew the truth of the matter, Diana then tried to kill them.

However, Thristel-Immo was able to surprise Diana by picking up the mask of a nearby Binareller who he had just slain and putting it on. Thristel-Immo then worked to recover well enough to defend theirself by evading a number of the powerful light arrows that Diana shot at them. However, they were unexpectedly shot with an accuracy arrow, which was guaranteed to hit the intended target, and it pinned them down for a moment. Diana went closer to Thristel-Immo then, but they managed to surprise her by using the Minerva-Meters, which scarred and stunned Diana, causing her to drop her bow. Thristel-Immo then managed to grab the bow that Diana had dropped, and ran across the room from her. As Diana then was no longer stunned, she faced Thristel-Immo as they then shot a light arrow her way—piercing her directly in her heart. It is believed that this may have been a fulfilment of the prophecy which detailed "Indra's death via an arrow through the heart", seeing as Diana had been posing as Indra.

As Thristel-Immo's other breathing apparatus had been, again, damaged in their use of the Minerva-Meters, they began to feel very lightheaded, and came close to fainting. However, at that moment, the fatally wounded Sir Altari rushed over to Thristel-Immo, removed his own mask, and placed it on Thristel-Immo, so as to save them. Thristel-Immo was surprised at this by first, and wished not to have Sir Altari give his life to save theirs, as this was exactly the opposite intent of their coming to this place, Sir Altari assured them that he would die in this place even with the breathing apparatus, as his wound was close to killing him, and he didn't want the both of them to die in this place, so, since Thristel-Immo could be saved, he knew it had to be done.

Sir Altari then fell over, out of strength, and died before Thristel-Immo. Now distraught, and believing to be a failure, Thristel-Immo carried the sacrificial knife, the bottled blood of Diana, the Lumen Bow, and Sir Altari's mask back to the settlement, drawing back to the settlement, where the community was eagerly waiting their return. They approached the community, showing what they had gained, but also expressing sorrow at the death of the leader of the settlement that had shown them such kindness. From this point on, then, Thristel-Immo decided to take "Altari" on as a surname, as a reminder of their disgraceful failure. However, then, to their surprise, the rest of the people in the community then announced that they would also follow in their choice, as their way of regarding themselves as Thristel-Immo's disciples, or children; meaning that, due to Thristel-Immo showing such great bravery, so as to want to put their life in the place of someone they knew the community loved so well, and to fight against a god in order to try and save him, and also because they believed Sir Altari giving Thristel-Immo his mask to live was a sign of giving his blessing, the community had wished that Thristel-Immo would become their new leader.

Thristel-Immo was surprised at first, but, then, they accepted the title, and became the honorary leader of the newly-dubbed Altari "clan".

Prophesied Fate

Shortly after Thristel-Immo explained their newfound ability of the "Minerva-Meters" to the settlement/Altari clan, and also displayed the ability a few times. It is believed that, after this point, either a mask was crafted for them that would allow the move to be used by them freely without breaking, a mask was given that did not cover around their eyes, or they were perhaps given a "cigar-like" model of breathing apparatus, so that, in the future, they would not be without a breathing apparatus after using the Minerva-Meters.

Thristel-Immo also made note of their ability to kill the minor god Diana, something that they had previously believed was only because they had wielded the Lumen Bow, however, it was recognized by some of the wiser members of the Altari community that any average mortal would not have been able to truly slay Diana if they had done the same as Thristel-Immo, and came to recognize them as a wielder of the Godslayer status. This information had not been shared with Thristel-Immo before, despite it being known to others, though it brought to light more of a reason as to why the members of their former community had targeted them so much, beyond bearing the Mark of Minerva. The binareller people did care for the deities very much, with a greater emphasis on Indra for the most part, though also with a care for Gaia and other kind deities—as they bore the apparent "blessing of demons", that would be another reason for hatred to be (unrightfully) held towards them.

They also were informed that, though the name Altari formally meant "followers of Indra"*, it could also be loosely translated to "Indra's end". They found it to be a terrible coincidence that they were beginning to take on images of the roles they had been prophesied to have, and that they were attacked for filling.

Thristel-Immo later received the report that Bulletarrow Altari, who had been outside of the settlement to visit parents, had been killed by people who knew of the Altari community, and who wished to spite them in the name of the continuance of Indra's rule—but who did not dare to go directly to the settlement where the revered Thristel-Immo lived. Thristel-Immo felt a pain of sadness as the young Poisonshot Altari went to them and questioned why the Altari clan had to suffer in the name of Indra. They answered the child saying that they didn't know why. Poisonshot then asked if their suffering would ever end, to which Thristel-Immo had no answer.

But, after a short time, Thristel-Immo then decided on something: they would slay the deity Indra, and thus put an end to all their followers who enacted ill will upon the Altari community—thus ending their suffering. Thristel-Immo announced this to Poisonshot, along with the rest of the Altari community, and explained that they would truly come to embrace their destiny as the killer of Indra the Enigmatic Bowmaster.

Thristel-Immo made this promise, and then set out, leaving Poisonmaker as leader in their absence. They knew little or nothing about the location of Indra or how they would come to get there, but, through the will of Minerva that discretely worked within them, they were guided to one of the eight edges of the planet, where one of the ten tentacles of Indra jutted out of the misshapen earth, with a deep hole that continued on to the very core of the planet. Thristel-Immo, gripping the Lumen Bow tightly now, then went on through the part of Indra's body, to the place where Indra's center resided.

Thristel-Immo underwent a journey of nearly a month, where they somehow were able to survive on little sustenance. In this time, they were granted energy and blessing, as they were being watched over by Minerva, who rested inside of them, and Mainyu, a dead being who had been observing their life for some time, having known of Thristel-Immo through Minerva. Soon, Thristel-Immo's long journey came to an end, as they eventually found a large, dark flower-like orb, from which eight tentacles came out from, in directions of the cubic planet's points. Thristel-Immo called out for Indra, and then stated their intention, to fulfil the birth-given prophecy of being their killer, so as to put an end to the binarellers who wished to be the voice of Indra on Binaricka. At first, Thristel-Immo was not answered, so, they slowly and shyly pulled the string of the Lumen Bow, which conjured up a light arrow to be shot at Indra.

However, suddenly, Minerva caused the light arrow to disappear in a blue flash, surprising Thristel-Immo. Then, the Minerva-Meters was activated throughout Indra's chamber, and I then flowed throughout Indra, but it did not bring any harm to the deity at all. Rather, it then brought power to the deity, and then caused them to awaken.

Indra presented their inner form to Thristel-Immo, and then spoke with them. Indra apologized for all the suffering that Thristel-Immo had endured in the past, but also explained that they could not have done anything, because they had been weakened for some time. They also explained that they may be able to revert their following back to listening and obeying their truth, instead of coming up with falsehoods that fit them. However, Indra believed that they would need Thristel-Immo to do something else first before this could be done. Thristel-Immo immediately pledged that they would try to do whatever it is that they were tasked with; finding relief in the fact that there would finally be peace for the Altari community. And so, Indra then informed Thristel-Immo of the great Ludusian Dragon, Willful Calimet. The Enigmatic Bowmaster explained that they would have tried to defeat the dragon that created storms on the planet, though they were bound to the core of Binaricka, so as to keep the planet sustainable, so they required another being to defeat it.

Thristel-Immo then accepted the task, to be the one who would defeat Willful Calimet.

Defeating Calimet

Thristel-Immo then started to learn the lore of Calimet from members of the Altari community who knew about the great dragon. It was said that Calimet was a dragon with great magic powers of lightning and electricity, and that it was over a mile long in size, theorized to be many miles long, though it was unknown what reports were accurate as to size. It was also known that Calimet drew a great power from the cyan gemstone that it adorned on its forehead. Thristel-Immo was slightly apprehensive, believing the beast to be of a great power, but they were not fearful. So, before going to challenge Willful Calimet, they went to the Altari community and requesting for anyone who believed they were strong enough to fight by the side of Thristel-Immo against Calimet to do so.

Now aided by a number of members of the Altari community, Thristel-Immo then traveled to the location where Willful Calimet was believed to be. Along the way, Thristel-Immo was seen on the way by many other Binarickan communities, and some members of those communities, learning then of their intent to defeat Calimet, decided to join them, too.

Thristel-Immo then arrived to where Willful Calimet was, in a deep sleep due to having lost quite a bit of its essence and life. As they had been instructed by Indra, Thristel-Immo poured the blood of Diana onto the Lumen Bow, so as to cause it's arrows to be coated with an aethereal toxin, thus making the light arrows it fired deal fatal blows to most when they hit. Then, Thristel-Immo and their helpers approached the mighty beast, ready to attack it.

At that moment, however, Calimet then awoken, and took note of the binarellers ready to attack it. So, it then unleashed blasts of lightning to attack those around it. Thristel-Immo attempted using the Minerva-Meters to dispel an equal force against the lightning, and it seemed to work, at first, though Calimet, feeling challenged, then decided to use a greater power of lightning, which ended up killing many Binarellers, and dispelling the Minerva-Meters. Thristel-Immo then pointed the Lumen Bow at Calimet, ready to try and slay the creature, but Calimet then surged forward, and swallowed Thristel-Immo.

The Lumen Bow was then dropped down Calimet's throat, and its form destroyed by the uranium core within Calimet. Thristel-Immo clung onto Calimet's teeth, as Calimet then flew far away from the group of binarellers. As Calimet opened its mouth again, Thristel-Immo was able to dodge out of the dragon. Calimet flew around and tried to strike Thristel-Immo with lightning, though Thristel-Immo was able to dodge most of the attacks.

Thristel-Immo was without a weapon now, and they did not know what they would do then. But, then, a voice communicated with them from across the void, telling them that they could once again wield the Lumen Bow, if they were to will its power into being. Thristel-Immo was apprehensive, but they held out their hands as they would to wield a bow, and then, the Lumen Bow appeared before them, with a light arrow, an accuracy arrow, and a pierce arrow, all ready to be shot. As well, Thristel-Immo heard that the shot would be blessed by Indra's power.

Calimet knew that, if it was struck with the shot, it would surely die. So, it began charging towards Thristel-Immo, streaming out blasts of lightning towards them. However, Thristel-Immo was able to surprisingly dispel the lightning with the Minerva-Meters, and then succeeded in firing the arrows--thus performing the move that would be known as "Indra Triple Pyramid Shot". The arrows, leaving a trail of poison and electricity, shot forth and pierced Calimet. Calimet then struggled, but fell to the ground in agony, as the greatness of the attack then incapacitated the being.

Thristel-Immo then approached the head of Calimet, and noticed the cyan gemstone that was implemented atop its forehead. As they remembered having heard that Calimet drew a great power from the gemstone, Thristel-Immo then rushed to try and remove it, but couldn't get a good grip on it at first. Then, Thristel-Immo remembered that they still carried the sacrificial blade that had been used to kill Sir Altari, which was done as a reminder of their failure, but Thristel-Immo believed that it may be used now to take out Calimet's gemstone. Thristel-Immo was able to remove it from Calimet's forehead, but the knife then shattered in the process.

Calimet's form then began to decay rapidly, having lost its main source of power and life. Thristel-Immo watched as the dragon then met its true end. Thristel-Immo knew very little about the stone, but it then revealed itself as the Will Fragment of the Mindstone. It then requested that Thristel-Immo placed it on their head, so that it may become closer to their mind. Thristel-Immo did so, and then allowed the Will Fragment to be implemented into them.

Later, they regrouped with the binarellers who had survived. Among them was Poisonshot, who stated that his father had been killed by Calimet's lightning. Thristel-Immo Altari and the other members of the Altari community then returned back to their settlement, and the other assorted miscellaneous binarellers returned to their own homes, spreading the word of Thristel-Immo's great victory, and their demand for peace on Binaricka in the name of Indra.

At a later point, Thristel-Immo was given the nickname of Tiom-neuf* by Poisonshot, who they essentially adopted within the Altari community.

Zeronius Invasion

Thristel-Immo was outside of the Altari community, when, suddenly, a number of worker dark matters appeared before them, so as to attack and kill them. Thristel-Immo was able to defeat them easily, though they noticed other dark matters flying around in the skies above Binaricka, as well as a "black, moon-like body" in the sky. Worried for their community, they then quickly rush back to the settlement.

There, they find Revelian, who is holding Poisonshot up by his arm, and holding a sword in his other hand, apparently ready to cut through him with it. Poisonshot cries out for help, while Revelian laughs at him. Then, Thristel-Immo rushes forward and does a surprise attack on Revelian, knocking him away from Poisonshot. Thristel-Immo demands to know what is going on, to which Revelian answers that he is part of the Zeronius clan, who are going to conquer the planet. Revelian says that this part of the invasion is only the first wave, meant to thin out the herd of "strong, disobedient fighting individuals", leaving the rest of the population to be slaves. Revelian then tries to fight, defeat, and slay Thristel-Immo in battle, in front of the Altari community. However, even without using the Minerva-Meters, the Indra Triple Pyramid Shot, or the Will Fragment, Thristel-Immo proved to be nearly a match for Revelian. Revelian may have been able to keep fighting with Thristel-Immo longer to try and kill them, though he believed that if he did, he may then have left himself weak enough to be slain by any other fighter present in the Altari community. So, he then decided to retreat back to the Dark Star, saying that he and his forces would return for the Altari community soon enough.

Before this time, Thristel-Immo then decided to communicate with Minerva, who instructed them to bring together all the binarellers that they could to one of the points of the planet, so that Indra could use their power to teleport all the binarellers to the Divine Realm, a different plane of existence, where they would be safe from the Dark Matters. It was known that it would take a lot of energy to be able to do this, so the power of Indra, and perhaps also that of Thristel-Immo and the other binarellers, if they could, would be required to make it so.

Thristel-Immo then quickly sent groups out to gather all the binarellers on the planet Binaricka together, and then to bring them to one of the points of the planet. In their haste, Thristel-Immo managed to be able to do this fairly quickly, though as they saw one of the planets eight points in the distance, they also noticed the Dark Star had once again sent out dark matter forces to the planet. So, they quickly rushed to the end of one of Indra's great tentacles, and then requested that their power be channeled through it into them. Indra replied by infusing Thristel-Immo with a power, assisted by Minerva. The process was said to take a bit, but Thristel-Immo then decided to put their own power into the process, so as to make it go by more quickly. However, this would come to be at the cost of Thristel-Immo's life, as they could not provide a great enough power within their life force to make up for their end of the process.

Just in time before the dark matters were about to draw first blood, all of the binarellers were then teleported to the Divine Realm. Once there, though, Thristel-Immo then experienced a spontaneous combustion from auric overuse, and died.

Afterlife Interactions

Shortly after dying, they awoke in the plane of Heaven, now slightly transparent and with a golden halo above their head. They were in a bed of what looked like a five-star hotel, and, after a short look around, they went out to the balcony of the room, and viewed a beach resort with a view of the beach, on the fifth floor. They were slightly calmed by what they had seen, but they were also confused as to why they were here.

Then, they noticed a blue, gridmask-like figure sitting in a lawnchair next to them, who then introduced themself to Thristel-Immo as a dream-image of Belphegor. Thristel-Immo asked where they were, and Belphegor responded simply that this was "Heaven", which Thristel-Immo recognized as the binareller term for "final paradise/reward". Belphegor then said that, because Minerva, a servant under Belphegor, still had their spirit inside of Thristel-Immo's soul, s/he would have to take Thristel-Immo to the plane of Hell, as that was where the spirit of Minerva belonged. Belphegor then used a form of sleep spell on Thristel-Immo, and sent their unconscious body to Hell.

Thristel-Immo once again awoke, now in the plane of Hell, somewhere close to Belphegor's throne room. They had been placed in Mainyu's bed by Mainyu, who greeted them as they awoke. Thristel-Immo asked who Mainyu was and why Thistel-Immo was here. Mainyu replied that it was the child of Belphegor, and that not only had it known Minerva before, it had dated them, as well as the one named "Luciras". Mainyu also explained that Thristel-Immo was now in "Hell", which Thristel-Immo recognized as the binareller term for "final prison/punishment". Thristel-Immo then remembered their short time spent in Heaven, where they had met an instance of Belphegor, who also explained why they had to now be in Hell.

Thristel-Immo was very upset over this, though Mainyu tried to calm them, and assured that it would try to give Thristel-Immo a better experience in Hell than most, which it could promise due to it being the child of one of the seven rulers of the plane. Thristel-Immo then expressed being upset over separation from their binareller friends, but Mainyu also said that they would be able to deal with loss, and that it could be able to help them.

Mainyu then explained that it had been separated from Luciras, who it had deeply cared for, when it had been killed by Sanford, and that, though Luciras could have used necromancy to revive Mainyu, it had refused for it to be done, and it would continue in having Luciras be alive, and for Mainyu to be dead. Mainyu also explained that in distance from loved ones, new loved ones could be found: exampled by the fact that Mainyu and Luciras had also both developed feelings for Minerva in the time that they had been separated by Belphegor's orders.

Thristel-Immo was still fairly confused and melancholy, though they decided to accept their fate of death at this time, and the decision that they would be helped by Mainyu. For most of their time in Hell, they followed Mainyu around, and spent some time joining in with the "dream conversations" it had with Luciras. After perhaps a decade spent in the plane of Hell, Thristel-Immo came to admit that Mainyu had been right so long ago in saying that, in loss of loved ones, new love can be found: their way of saying that they had feelings for Mainyu and Luciras.

They were also informed that the binarellers they had helped save would remain safe in the Divine Realm, until the angels of Zeus would decide to return them to safe places, or locations of planets where they could warn beings of the coming of the Zeronius clan, to have them be prepared for later invasions.

And, as was dictated by chance and fate, the remains of Thristel-Immo, along with Poisonshot Altari, would be sent to Binaricka after two decades had passed since the event of Thristel-Immo's death. Once this happened, Poisonshot used his ability of blasphemous vitamancy in order to restore the form of Thristel-Immo back to life.

Revival and Revelian

Thristel-Immo, now in a living form, greeted their beloved young disciple. Thristel-Immo asked why Poisonshot had not aged in all the time they had not seen him (being twenty years in the time of the plane they were both in now, and a relative 240 years for Thristel-Immo, being compared to Separ time), though Poisonshot explained that the relative time in the Divine Realm was but a small fraction of passing time in comparison to that of the average universe, making it only around a year or so that Poisonshot had been away.

Thristel-Immo then remembered that, as Luciras had informed them, the planet Ludus-Prime and its population was still suffering from the Zeronius invasion. So, they then decided that they would do something to help it, as well as to help the enslaved Dragonkin population. They also wished to help Poisonshot in some way, by bringing Poisonshot to a place where the dark matters could not possibly hurt him, so, they would entrust Luciras to be able to take Poisonshot somewhere safe.

Thristel-Immo then brought themself and Poisonshot to Ludus-Prime via a magical surge of power done by Thristel-Immo that propelled the both of them to the nearby planet. Here, they landed safely on the shore of an island to the right of the Faeric, near where the Isles castle was located. Here, they met up with Luciras Embla (for the first time "in the flesh"), and requests that she take Poisonshot to a safe place. Luciras knows that the far future on Ludus is planned to be a safe place, and then offers to bring him there. Poisonshot, however, wishes to stay with Thristel-Immo for a bit longer, which Thristel-Immo allows.

The group of three then travel to the continent of Helc, where many of the living Dragonkin then are being forced into work. Thristel-Immo knows that, at this point, it will be far too dangerous for Poisonshot to stick around, so they instruct Luciras to take him to safety in the future. Poisonshot is upset, but still says his goodbye to Thristel-Immo, before being taken to the future.

Now, with Poisonshot safely away from danger, Thristel-Immo unleashes a version of the Minerva-Meters that is increased in power by the Will Fragment, thus becoming the Minerva-Miles. Thristel-Immo uses this powerful attack to do as much as they can to kill off the worker dark matters, while Luciras then worked to free the Dragonkin in the meanwhile.

Thristel-Immo's actions would result in the Zeronius clan returning to Ludus in order to defeat the threat that they posed, as well as to try and re-conquer the planet in its state. Before the Dark Star itself returned, waves after waves of worker dark matters were sent to fight Thristel-Immo, as they continued to fight using the abilities they had. Thristel-Immo continued to fight for a week, at which point, the Dark Star arrived, and worker dark matters were no longer sent to fight him.

For, at this point, the Zeronius Elite Revelian showed up, ready to once again do battle with Thristel-Immo. Thristel-Immo would most likely have been able to defeat Revelian in different conditions with the powers they possessed, however, due to having been fighting for a week, and having utilized the power of the Will Fragment to such an extent that it had been at some expense to their heart and soul, they were weakened greatly. As well, Revelian had become stronger in the last twenty years, and pledged not to fail while Lord Zeronius was watching from above (being symbolized as the Dark Star above their location then had a large red eye).

Thristel-Immo's defeat was imminent, though, in their fight, it came to be that they broke through the morals that Revelian had previously held, rattling his mindset and loyalty to Lord Sauphara Zeronius, and teaching him of the will to do what he wished as a choice. Revelian, however, did not realize the truth that rang behind Thristel-Immo's words, until after he had dealt a fatal blow to the binareller, through plunging his sword through their heart. The eye that was on the Dark Star then faded, and Revelian then begged Thristel-Immo to forgive him for doing all that he had done, to Thristel-Immo personally, and to all the others who he had killed in his conquests, in the name of Lord Sauphara. Thristel-Immo's lasts words were accepting his regret, and being happy that he now had a chance for light. Thristel-Immo also then bestowed Revelian with the Will Fragment, knowing that they would not need it in death, and also knowing that it may give Revelian the will he needs to truly be free and decide his own fate.

With this, Thristel-Immo passed away.

Alpha-Doomed Timeline

Upon the year 0 Anno De Curro, The CREATOR came to the grave of Thristel-Immo, and used the powers bestowed upon him by Chaos to revive Thristel-Immo, as an act of repayment for his ancestor, Luciras, having helped him many times before. When Thristel-Immo's revival occurred, it was then that the remains of the souls of Minerva and Indra became Inner Beings of Thristel-Immo.

Now, Thristel-Immo sought to travel to Agape-Prime, where they would attempt to undergo a process to also absorb the soul of Melinoe, so as to unite the siblings torn apart by Indra, and become a unity as the true ruler of Agape.

Alpha-Saved Timeline

SigmaOne Timeline

In the SDANB Session, their planet was one similar to the planet Binaricka they grew up on, but with different structures and inhabitants. It was later revealed that Diana had been revived and turned into the Denizen of their planet, such creating a faux-Binaricka planet, mirroring how she had been a faux-Indra in her previous life.

Thristel-Immo's quest was first to go to Diana, so as to be given details as to how to bring the planet to salvation and glory. The act of doing so was described by their Denizen as bringing light back to their planet, which previously had to exist with a gloomy darkness over it. However, after clearing the skies, Diana then left her previous domain and rode up in a chariot named Gahiel into the sky. The chariot Diana rode in then became a moon, which was done so as to eclipse the "sun" (the light from Skaia), and putting the planet in danger because of her absence. Thristel-Immo then had to quickly go to Diana and slay her so that she would be moved and light could once again be given to Thristel-Immo's planet. Thristel-Immo then returned Diana's corpse to the domain it originally lied within, so that the remains of energy it contained could be used to sustain the planet, at least until the end of the SDANB Session.

Thristel-Immo eventually managed to ascend to God Tier.


  • Thristel-Immo's aura colour is 960364. All of the digits in the hexcode, except for the third one, are three more than the respective digits in Poisonshot's aura colour hexcode (630031). It's been stated that this was intentionally done by the creator.
  • As Poisonshot notes, Thristel-Immo closes his blue eye when aiming an arrow. Poisonshot additionally theorizes that this is because of the grief that his community used to give him about his suspected connection to the killer of Indra.