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Welcome to the Tinkering Workshop. Here, you can create mechanic pets. Mechanic pets can have any head, and the species and metal should be chosen from the following selections. When a metal is completely depleted, it will be restocked at the 1st of the month.

Note that the machine's head will be random, so it cannot be chosen.

Pit Stop

The Tinkering Workshop also offers a service called the Pit Stop, where you can have mechanical pets that you adopted or created here fitted with upgrades, new parts, paint jobs and more.

List of species

Blank wheel Wheel Blank drill Drill Blank cart Cart Blank robot Robot Gecko-2 Creeper
Blank tank tfm Tank (TFM) Blank bouncer Bouncer Blank tank lazro Tank (Lazro) Blank train Train BlankBomber Bomber
Blank car2 Car Blank Stickbot Stickbot Blank Spiderbot Spiderbot Blank Warplane Warplane Blank satellite Satellite
New plane Plane Blank Ace Ace Blank copter Copter (Fanon) Blank Slider Slider M2 New species Copter (Canon)
Blank Spinner Spinner Blank Rocket Rocket Blank submarine Submarine Blank wrecker Wrecker Blank rotator Rotator
Blank cannon Cannon Blank turbine Turbine Blank Springbot Springbot Blank chain hgd Chain (HGD) Blank chain tfm Chain (TFM)
Blank pipe Pipe (PS) BlankPipeJMB Pipe (JMB) Blank ufo UFO Subwoofer Subwoofer Blank Walkerbot Walkerbot
Blank Wagon Wagon Blank Claw Claw Blank Bot Bot

Suggest more in the comments.

Material Catalogue

Note: Colors might not be accurate.

////////// Aluminum
////////// Copper
////////// Denim
////////// Gold
////////// Iron
////////// Lead
////////// Mercury
////////// Nickel
////////// Silver
////////// Tin
////////// Titanium
////////// Adamantium (Code 1) *
////////// Carbon Fiber (Code 1) *
////////// Cobalt (Code 1) *
////////// Gelidium (Code 1) *
////////// Mithril (Code 1) *
////////// Orichalcum (Code 1)
////////// Osmium (Code 1) *
////////// Platinum (Code 1)
////////// Thorium (Code 1) *
////////// Tungsten (Code 1)

Suggest more in the comments.


As a secondary means of adoption, you can request the workshop's mechanics to work off of a Print. Prints can be suggested in the comments or added by whitelisted users. As is the case with The Greenhouse and The Hatchery, you are not allowed to request your own prints (bar any eventual exceptions).

# Picture Name Special Requirements or Notes Creator Adopter
1 Dead Sea Scroll 0 Dead Sea Scroll 0 Written in an ancient language, this scroll tells the tale of a girl with many selves. Look-a-troopa Josewong
2 Dead Sea Scroll 1 Dead Sea Scroll 1 Written in an ancient language, this scroll tells the tale of a mother's aspirations. Look-a-troopa
3 Dead Sea Scroll 2 Dead Sea Scroll 2 Written in an ancient language, this scroll tells the tale of a mother's broken mind. Look-a-troopa

Tinkering rooms (Archive)

4/10 Left

  • Owner: A, Mori
  • Request: One (1) Carbon Fiber(#20) UFO
  • Result: Fullerenée

  • Owner: Fire InThe Hole
  • Request: One (1) Lead Tank (Lazro); Named Heavyweight
  • Result: -

  • Owner: Josewong
  • Request: Dead Sea Scroll 0 Dead Sea Scroll 0
  • Result: -

  • Owner: Josewong
  • Request: One (1) Maraging Steel UFO
    • Note: Material not in stock. Result may be cancelled if appropriate substitutions are not found.
  • Result: -

Alloy Fusing

By going to the Breeding Center, you can fuse together the genotypeless pets you get here to make new alloy-based pets. Some of these alloys are purely decorative, but some provide special properties. Alternatively, non-metal materials such as carbon can be provided to enhance your pet at the Pit Stop.

Components Result
Tin + Copper Bronze
Copper + Zinc Brass
Gold + Silver Electrum
Iron + Carbon Steel
Adamantium + Mithril Adminium
Copper + Silver + Gold Hepatizon
Orichalcum + Cobalt Valpurium
Crimtane + [unknown] Cadavrium
Steel Adamantium Carbonadium
Gold + Copper Rose Gold
Gold + Nickel White Gold
GoldPalladium White Gold

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