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The Pit Stop focuses primarily on the repair and upgrading of electric, motorized, or otherwise wheeled pets, as listed below. Services from paint jobs to weapon improvements and gender drives can be done according to the species of the pet and the difficulty of the task.

Species List

Blank wheel Wheel Blank drill Drill Blank cart Cart Blank robot Robot Gecko-2 Creeper
Blank tank tfm Tank (TFM) Blank bouncer Bouncer Blank tank lazro Tank (Lazro) Blank train Train BlankBomber Bomber
Blank car2 Car Blank Stickbot Stickbot Blank Spiderbot Spiderbot Blank Warplane Warplane Blank satellite Satellite
New plane Plane Blank Ace Ace Blank copter Copter (Fanon) Blank Slider Slider M2 New species Copter (Canon)
Blank Spinner Spinner Blank Rocket Rocket Blank submarine Submarine Blank wrecker Wrecker Blank rotator Rotator
Blank cannon Cannon Blank turbine Turbine Blank Springbot Springbot Blank chain hgd Chain (HGD) Blank chain tfm Chain (TFM)
Blank pipe Pipe (PS) BlankPipeJMB Pipe (JMB) Blank ufo UFO Subwoofer Subwoofer Blank Walkerbot Walkerbot
Blank Wagon Wagon Blank Claw Claw Blank Bot Bot Blank roller Roller Blank cage Cage
Blank spring Spring Blank Coil Coil Blank tumbler Tumbler Blank skater Skater Blank Cube Cube
Blank Octopod Octopod Blank spikeball Spikeball Blank Eelskater Eelskater Blank Glider Glider Blank Tower Tower
Blank Building Building Blank Bubbler Bubbler Blank Mine Mine Blank bumper Bumper Blank Parachute Parachute
Invader Blank Invader Blank square Square Blank Crusher Crusher


Depending on what the species of your pet is, we can do:

  • Paint jobs: Changes the color of pets. Cannot be done on organic parts of species. Takes 1-2 days based on size.
  • Minor repairs: Repairs pets from minor ailments and damages. Takes 1-2 days based on severity.
  • Custom logos: Prints a customized logo or image on a pet. Cannot be done on organic parts of a species. Takes 1-3 days based on complexity.
  • Customized parts: Replaces an existing part of a pet with a new, customized one. Can only be done on bionic species. Takes 2-4 days based on size and complexity.
  • Added parts: Adds a customized part onto a pet. Not recommended to be done on organic parts of species. Takes 2-4 based on size and complexity.
  • Chromosome work: Fits a pseudo-gender drive into pets in order to make them compatible for breeding. Available in ♂, ♀, and ⚥. Can only be done on bionic species with no organic parts. Not recommended for pets with existing breeding capabilities or those not listed as genderless. Takes 1-2 days, with additional processing time afterwards in which the pet should not breed.
  • Pit repairs: Can be claimed prior to entering the Pet Arena by one individual per tournament. Replenishes the stamina and repairs all bionic parts of a pet once during the tournament.
  • Oil change: Can be claimed prior to entering the Pet Arena. Replenishes the stamina of bionic pets lacking organic parts once per tournament.
  • Other services may be suggested for private work, though these may not necessarily be accepted.


Most recent orders are on the top. Operations that are already done can be seen here.